Mexico is getting a little taste of U.S. 2000 this week.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Election workers across the country began a marathon review of vote tallies Wednesday to determine whether conservative candidate Felipe Calderon really won Mexico’s tight presidential race, while his leftist challenger insisted he was the victor and denounced what he called widespread irregularities.As the recount began, the Conservative Party accused the Leftists of trying to trash the election, reports CBS News’ Adrienne Bard. The Left is implying the vote count was rigged in some way.Ibelieve in Mexicothey don’t call it a “recount,” but rather “stoppage time.”

Here’s another item that may sound familiar to U.S. voters:

Lopez Obrador aide Claudia Sheinbaum said Wednesday that the party found “very grave inconsistencies” in at least 50,000 polling places, including 18,646 in which votes cast outnumbered registered voters. Federal electoral officials had not had a chance to respond.

Americans are increasingly worried about illegals coming to the United States and turning the place into Mexico, but it sounds like the reverse is happening, at least as far as elections go. The Mexicans seem to have the American voting system down pat, so at least that’s one thing they won’t need to learn once they get here.

Now it’s down to which candidate, Felipe Calderon, or Lopez Obrador, won California.

“Every time I think I’m out, they keep pulling me back in!”

Late addendum: Welcome Farkers! There’s a discussion thread on this post at one of my favorite site’s for gathering stories, Thanks to whoever got it green-lit for posting. And yes, that is in fact a weak MS Paint job of a mustache. Trying tocreate a hispanic version of a Broward County recounterwith no computer editing skillswas truly a bitch.

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