Fashion Styling is a specialised art of curating clothing and accessories to communicate a desired specific look or image or stories or personality. It entails comprehension of different fashion trends, fabrics, textures & colour schemes etc. and then utilise this learning to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outfit or look. A fashion stylist is known for their ability to predict trends and is a trusted source for fashion related advice. He understands the client’s (public figures, celebrities, models, influencers etc.) body type, their personal preferences and the overall desired look and he then creates sublime ensemble in order to accentuate their physical attributes. He works with designers, photographers, models, writers, directors etc. to create distinct looks.

Benefits gained:

Enhanced Creative Capabilities: This aids the fashion stylist in envisioning the colours, patterns, textures, tones, forms of clothing, accessories, that will complement and/or enhance the client’s personality in accordance with his body type, desired persona to be portrayed & event requirements. Additionally, a fashion stylist must possess a keen eye for detail and be open to experimentation.

Problem Solving Approach: He must adopt a problem-solving mindset and should learn to keep calm and think on his feet since unexpected circumstances may arise and demand professional & prompt handling. Meeting tight deadlines and staying positive during crises is essential. This will facilitate a fashion stylist in building their credentials establishing himself as a capable leader.

Communication & Networking Capabilities: Strong communication abilities will aid fashion stylist to comprehend the client’s need better, communicate their creative concepts in detail & also range of styles with them, effectively conveying their vision. With proficiency in networking, he will be able to secure more business, negotiate for a better deal & collaborate with different teams & stakeholders to accomplish the desired outcomes. Through his interactions with other fashion designers, he will build valuable connections & gain insights into market trends.

Job Prospects: Masters in Fashion Styling Course will open doors to multiple career opportunities. We are listing few of the careers as under:

Fashion Show Stylist: He is accountable for set designing, casting of models, selecting and coordinating the clothing, accessories, identifying the apt music, the apt look with apt makeup and hair styling of models etc. during fashion shows or any other event. He works closely with designers, photographers, makeup artists, and other stakeholders to create cohesive and stunning presentations of the apparel collection. He must possess keen eye for style, display comprehension of fashion trends and excellent communication & organisational capabilities in order to bring alive the client’s vision for the show.

Visual merchandisers: He is accountable for developing attractive & effective visual concepts and strategies at retail level to promote products and services so as to drive sales. He utilises his artistic abilities and knowledge of design principles to arrange products and other elements so as to showcases products & engage customers, thereby encouraging sales. He is also responsible for maintaining inventory level & monitor sales so as to ensure availability of products in right quantity at the right time at the right place.

Personal Shopper: He is a professional who assists individuals by offering styling service and wardrobe recommendations, including selecting and purchasing clothing, accessories, and other items to enhance their personal style and meet their specific needs. He works with private clients or departmental stores or retailers or photographers for shoots etc., comprehends their preferences, budgets, lifestyle, objectives etc. and utilise their understanding of fashion & market trends, to suggest wardrobe & accessories that satisfies their clients requirements. He must possess strong communication and customer service capabilities in order to build relationships with clients and provide customised service.


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