Democrats examined the entrails of the 2004 presidential election and came to the conclusion that they need to mention Jesus more often to siphon some of the religious voters from the Republican Party.

To inject Jesus or any other deity in partisan politics is a wretched and divisive act. For a politician to cover himself with a mantle of religiosity is as unseemly as a prostitute sporting a “virginity pledge” pin.

Some Democrats who don’t know a Bible from a paper weight, all of a sudden are citing chapter and verse like a Pentecostal preacher on crack.

Sure you can find Bible verses that support liberal ideas like helping the poor, feeding the hungry and freeing the oppressed, but you can also find verses supporting every political ideology and philosophy including genocide and slavery.

Democrats should stop searching the Bible for “sound bite verses”, and pick up a copy of the Constitution and reacquaint themselves with the important doctrine of separation of church and state.

Democratic Senator Barack Obama recently delivered a speech to religious progressives that was very well received by the press and most Democrats.

The senator from Illinois criticized liberals who dismiss religion in the public square as “inherently irrational or intolerant.”

Obama is dead wrong, it’s religion in the public square that leads to irrational acts and intolerance of gays and anybody else who is perceived as not towing the fundamentalist line.

Obama was praised for speaking honestly and eloquently about his faith. I condemn Obama for injecting religion in the political sphere. For a politician to talk about his faith in public is as out of place as talking about his sex life.

We live in a pluralistic society, we need politicians to make more references to the Constitution and less references to the Bible.


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