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Celinni Diamond Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of love, commitment, and the promise of a future together. As you embark on the journey to find the perfect engagement ring, you’ll undoubtedly come across a world of diamonds. In your quest for the ideal diamond, let the Celinni Diamond Guide be your trusted companion.

Discovering the Ideal Diamond:

Selecting the right diamond for an engagement ring is a personal and intimate experience. The Celinni Diamond Guide helps you understand what makes each diamond unique, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly represents your love story.

Understanding the Significance of the 4 Cs:

The Celinni Diamond Guide starts with an exploration of the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. These four characteristics play a pivotal role in determining the quality and value of a diamond.

  • Cut: The cut of a diamond affects its brilliance and sparkle. You’ll learn about various diamond shapes, from classic round to exquisite emerald cuts, and how they influence the diamond’s overall beauty.
  • Color: Diamonds come in a range of colors, from colorless to fancy hues. Understanding diamond color grades will help you choose the shade that resonates with your style and preferences.
  • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity grade measures its imperfections, or lack thereof. Discover how clarity impacts the diamond’s beauty and value and how to make the right choice.
  • Carat Weight: Size matters, but it’s not the only factor. The Celinni Diamond Guide explains how carat weight influences a diamond’s appearance and price.

Personalizing Your Engagement Ring:

Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your unique love story. Our guide delves into the world of customization, from selecting the perfect setting and metal to choosing complementary gemstones. We help you make decisions that make your engagement ring truly one of a kind.

Ethical Sourcing and Certification:

At Celinni, we’re committed to ethical sourcing, ensuring that the diamonds we offer are conflict-free. The Celinni Diamond Guide provides insights into diamond certification and what to look for when ensuring the ethical origin of your diamond.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips:

With the Celinni Diamond Guide, you have a trusted resource to turn to for all your diamond-related questions. Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your engagement ring journey is filled with confidence and excitement.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring is a significant decision, and the Celinni Diamond Guide is here to make that journey smooth and enjoyable. We understand the emotional and financial investment you’re making and are committed to guiding you towards the diamond that perfectly symbolizes your love. Visit Celinni today and let the Celinni Diamond Guide be your compass on this remarkable journey.

Dr. Nadia Correia, an eminent figure in the medical field, stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise

Dr. Nadia Correia is a Mental Health Specialist that has been making a significant impact in the field of mental health. With a decade of experience in mental health settings both in the United Kingdom and abroad, Dr. Nadia has become a respected figure in her profession.

Dr. Correia’s journey into mental health began with a focus on clinical psychology, mental health, forensics, and psychiatry. In addition to her expertise in these areas, she holds a degree in law, which gives her a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the legal aspects of mental health. This interdisciplinary knowledge allows her to approach her work from multiple angles and provide comprehensive care to her patients.

One of Dr. Nadia’s strengths lies in her ability to lead and support her team effectively. By drawing on her years of experience, she empowers her staff to deliver the best possible care and support to their patients. Dr. Nadia is a firm believer in utilizing resources such as Recovery Action Plans to guide the treatment process. She also promotes an integrative mental health approach that takes into account the physical, psychological, and social aspects of a person’s well-being. By incorporating health-promoting lifestyle changes into her practice, she strives to improve the overall quality of life for her patients.

Dr. Nadia’s dedication and exceptional work have not gone unnoticed and she has been nominated for several Awards in Health and Social Care.

Dr. Nadia Correia continues to be a shining example of excellence in the field of mental health. Through her expertise, experience, and compassionate approach, she is making a significant difference in the lives of individuals facing complex mental health challenges.

Dr. Nadia Correia, an eminent figure in the medical field, stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. Recognized far and wide, her remarkable contributions have made her one of the most well-known doctors in the United Kingdom. We are honored to announce that Dr. Correia has been invited as a distinguished speaker at the prestigious International Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health Disorders in New York on 28th January. Dr. Correia shares her invaluable insights on promoting mental wellness and breaking barriers in the field.

Dr. Correia was also invited to be a guest on the Roku TV Spotlight Show! She will share her invaluable insights on promoting mental wellness and breaking barriers in the field. Stay tuned for an empowering conversation that will leave you motivated and uplifted.

What motivated you to specialize in Clinical, Mental Health, Forensics, and Psychiatry, along with having a degree in Law?

Psychiatry and Psychology are great careers, uniquely requiring an understanding of a patient’s brain, body, and background. I would urge anyone deciding which specialty to settle on to choose psychiatry or clinical psychology. In relation to my degree in law, I believe that this achievement helped me to provide the framework for cooperation in many fields of international relations including gaining more knowledge surrounding Human Rights which has been beneficial to my career in mental health.

Could you explain the concept of Recovery Action Plans and how they are utilized in your practice?

The recovery Action Plan is a tool that can aid an individual’s recovery and its underpinning principles support the recovery approach. This approach is a way of monitoring wellness, times of being less well, and times when experiences are uncomfortable and distressing. It also includes details of how an individual would like others to support them at these different times.

 How do you incorporate an integrative mental health approach that looks at the physical, psychological, and social aspects of care?

Integrative Mental health is broadly defined as an approach to medicine that takes the whole person into consideration and involves the development of a multi-faceted treatment plan, incorporating all appropriate treatments that may include lifestyle modifications, complementary medicine, and conventional treatments. If you are diagnosed with more than one mental illness, the first step is working with your healthcare provider. A provider may want you to try several therapies – potentially, a combination of medication, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), support group therapy, high-impact cardio exercise, yoga, and/or meditation.

What qualities do you believe are essential for a mental health specialist in providing high-quality care to individuals with complex needs?

Empathy and understanding are critical skills that will make all the difference in a career in mental health. These ideas relate to the ability to understand what a person is experiencing, and the feelings that they are experiencing as a result. It is also important to have good interpersonal skills and being trustworthy, flexible, hopeful/optimistic, culturally sensitive, and self-aware.

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the field of mental health and forensic services today?

The biggest challenge is the lack of resources within the community setting leading to an increased risk of realize in patients with a long history of hospital admissions under the mental health care act. Delivering the best possible support and care, typically closer to their own communities, means better patient experience and outcomes. Savings realized can be reinvested in meeting growing demand and more innovative, community-based services.

In transforming services for forensic patients, we should be setting specific objectives including:

introducing consistent care pathways and protocols, repatriating 150 patients over five years,

reducing new forensic referrals placed out of the area, introducing a shared-bed management system to make the best use of our capacity and ensure south London patients can better access south London beds, investing in new services and enhanced facilities in the community to further increase step-down and rehabilitation rates, and reduce lengths of stay, taking a system-wide view to ensure patients are supported to move into less restrictive settings, establishing a small, central operational hub including a clinical team to review and assess out-of-area patients and manage new forensic referrals.

How does it feel to be nominated for several Awards in Heath and Social Care?

The fact that someone has taken the time to nominate me for an award implies an intention or desire to see me recognized. This in itself is important, makes me feel proud, it also helps me figure out what I do well and why so that I can carry on doing it and use it to shape my career for the better.

You can reach out to Dr. through her social media accounts as follow:



Snitkovsky’s Art Estate at Auction in Dubai: Jose Mauricio Mendoza Invites You to this Great Event

Palm Springs, California, 28 June 2023 – Emmanuel Snitkovsky’s legacy will be exhibited and auctioned in Dubai beginning a day after the United Arab Emirates,(UAE) national holiday, beginning  December 4.  Some of Snitkovsky’s artwork in the past has been auctioned off at Southeby’s and Christie’s, two of the world’s top auction houses. This news has attracted a lot of attention as Snitkovsky’s collection is one of the great works of art of the 20th century and has few opportunities for auction. The art world is buzzing with excitement that the iconic Kidnapping of Europa will be put up for auction. The exhibition and auction will provide art lovers in Dubai with a rare opportunity to view and potentially acquire Snitkovsky’s rare artworks in person.

A vivid depiction of the bull’s abduction of the innocent goddess Europa, based on Greek mythology

The sale of a series of artworks from the collection, including several paintings and a sculpture, was so rare that their sale attracted a great deal of attention from the art world. Remarkably, the vast amount of the proceeds from all the artworks sold will be used for reconstruction work in Ukraine. This act of kindness makes Snitkovsky’s art not only a cultural and artistic treasure but also a humanitarian mission.

Emmanuel and Janet Snitkovsky: the legendary creative journey of an artist couple

Emmanuel and Janet Snitkovsky were a husband and wife artistic team of painters and sculptors whose works were sold with great success at prestigious auctions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Janet always insisted on working in oils, while Emmanuel sadly passed away in 2005, but he left behind an impressive collection of artistic treasures.

Jose Mauricio Mendoza Janet Snitkovsky

Born in Ukraine in the 1930s, the Snitkovskys worked on magnificent public sculpture projects in the Soviet Union to commemorate the heroes who died in World War II. In 1978, the Snitkovskys left the Soviet Union for the United States and embarked on a new life in New York. During their New York years, Emmanuel and Janet achieved excellence in painting and sculpture and held many successful exhibitions, gaining a reputation not only in the United States but also in Europe.

Janet Snitkovsky 50 years ago in contrast to today’s photo

The couple’s style of painting and sculpture has been described as a ‘Renaissance Revival’, subtly combining contemporary and classical subjects in a distinctively realistic style. The stylized elements of their work echo the artistic style of the American vernacular master Thomas Hart Benton, with hints of Sandro Botticelli, and the Snitkovskys’ superbly detailed work is both personal and commercially appealing.

Snitkovsky’s famous sculpture “Sonny Bono” commissioned by Palm Springs in 2001

Snitkovsky’s rare art collection is to be presented at top Dubai’s top auction houses.

The highly anticipated Snitkovsky art collection will be exhibited and offered for private sale  The collection, which includes several paintings and a sculpture, will take Dubai audiences on a journey into the world of art.

Even more exciting is the fact that the Snitkovsky estate includes all of Emmanuel’s unsold works, including hundreds of rare pieces. The rights to this remarkable artist’s works have been sold at a significant discount, offering collectors and art lovers a rare opportunity to own some of the world’s most stunning works of art.

Snitkovsky’s estate has commissioned the renowned author Jose Mauricio Mendoza (José Mauricio Mendoza) to sell the art collection on its behalf. This private sale will be open to invited buyers only, while art galleries with a passion for art, can contact Mr. Mendoza directly for more details on the sale and purchase of Snitkovsky’s artworks.

For buyers and press with a real passion for art, They are available via email

info@picassotoday.com or call +1 626-230-8706 to get in touch with Mr. Jose Mauricio Mendoza for the valuable opportunity to own a piece of art history.

Jose Mauricio Mendoza, MBA

+1(626) 230-8706


Art Agent José Maurício Mendoza Taking Back ‘Golden Trump Statue’ to China, Country of Origin, for Exhibition & Auction

 The ‘Golden Trump Statue’ took the world by storm, while stirring fervent debates and capturing the imagination of millions. Created in China and now in the possession of renowned Art Agent José Maurício Mendoza, this remarkable piece may soon be available for auction at China’s premier auction houses, Poly Auction and China Guardian. Alongside this event, Mr. Mendoza has authored a captivating book titled ‘Golden Trump Statue,’ which provides deep insights into the artwork’s origins, controversies, and political significance. The book is currently available at leading retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. A Chinese version of the book is set to be released on October 1st, coinciding with the country’s national holiday, “Golden Week.”

Ever since its inception, the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ has ignited widespread controversy, arguably becoming one of the most controversial artworks of the 21st century. Crafted with exceptional skill and craftsmanship, the statue embodies a unique fusion of art and political commentary. Its appearance has generated intense discussions on the nature of power, political iconography, and the impact of art on society.

The upcoming exhibition and auction of the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ in China mark a significant milestone for the artwork’s journey and its potential impact on the public discourse. China’s foremost auction houses, Poly Auction and China Guardian have been selected to host this momentous event. With their reputation for curating prestigious collections and promoting cultural dialogues, these institutions are the ideal platforms to present the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ to Chinese collectors, enthusiasts, and the public at large.

Art Agent José Maurício Mendoza, the current custodian of the ‘Golden Trump Statue,’ has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative surrounding this famous artwork. Due to his deep understanding of art and his commitment to fostering cultural exchange, Mr. Mendoza is taking the statue back to its country of origin. 

The release of the Chinese version of the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ book on October 1st, coinciding with the start of China’s Golden Week, will provide Chinese readers with an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich details and profound analysis presented in this work. As the nation celebrates its national holiday, the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ will embark on a tour, aptly named “Golden Trump for Golden Week,” captivating audiences across various cities, and stimulating vibrant conversations about art, politics, and society. 

While the statue heads back to its country of origin, Mr. Mendoza, a distant relative of Pablo Picasso, is busy working on a possible upcoming reality show titled ‘The Picasso Effect,’ that will expose fake art around the globe. More details about Mr. Mendoza and the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ can be seen at https://trumpstatue.net/.

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Unveiling the Secrets of Crypto: An Exclusive Interview with a Masterful Trader

Welcome to today’s interview with Doni Drossinos, also known as Bollinger Band Man, an experienced Bitcoin trader who has been navigating the exciting world of cryptocurrency for over a decade. With his keen insights and astute understanding of market trends, John has successfully navigated the volatile waters of the digital currency landscape. Join us as we delve into his journey, with a wealth of experience and an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Doni Drossinos has witnessed the remarkable rise of cryptocurrencies and has successfully navigated the ever-evolving market dynamics.

Join us as we delve into his journey, uncover his strategies, and gain valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrency trading. explore his strategies, and gain valuable perspectives on the evolving realm of Bitcoin trading. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind his success and learn from a true expert in the field and explore the exciting realm of digital assets and learn from one of its most accomplished traders.

What is your background? Education, Work Experience

– My Dad is Greek and my Mum is Portuguese, living in Zimbabwe where I was born.  I completed high school in my home country, before moving to Perth Australia to complete my double degree in Accounting and Finance.

How did you get your idea or concept for Crypto as a trading instrument?

– I dabbled in Bitcoin in 2016 “as I noticed a shop near my house started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, and I became curious and started doing my research. It wasn’t until a bad motorcycle accident in 2019 that put me in bed for several months, and this gave me the time to educate myself more, invest, trade, and learn from all the 100’s mistakes I was making as I went on.

What was your mission at the outset?

– Having grown up in a third-world country that has undergone multiple economic crashes in my lifetime, I learned very quickly that it is hard to trust a centralized and regulated organization to manage and safeguard your wealth. I watched many people in 2008 wake up one morning and have their life savings wiped from their account because our governor at the time decided to remove all the zeros of our banknote, in an attempt to keep the Zimbabwean dollar at a 1:1 ratio with the US dollar (This never lasted). I found out that Bitcoin was decentralized and run by a chain of computers, not by people with intentions to profit for themselves. There are only 21 million bitcoin that can ever come into existence, and this to me was better than finding gold.

What is unique about your trading strategy?

– My trading method is distinct because it combines fundamental analysis with technical indicators in a novel way. I can spot profitable trading opportunities by carefully examining market patterns, economic statistics, and company fundamentals. I also use sophisticated technical indicators to improve risk management and timeliness. I can make informed trading judgments with this strategy and profit from market inefficiencies. Combining fundamental and technical analysis leads to a complete and flexible technique that regularly produces positive outcomes under a variety of market scenarios.

Do you use the services of a professional accountant or attorney?

– Although I have prior experience and knowledge in the taxation field, I do make use of the services of both a qualified accountant and an attorney to make sure that I am abiding by the tax laws and the legal obligations pertaining to cryptocurrency trading. Their knowledge enables me to successfully negotiate the complexity of taxation and regulatory systems, giving me peace of mind and enabling me to efficiently concentrate on my trading activities.

As you are a strong believer in BTC, have you held all of BTC coins or also traded with them?

– I am a strong believer in Bitcoin. I hold a sizeable amount of my wealth in Bitcoin for long-term investment goals. To take advantage of transient market chances, I regularly trade a portion of my BTC holdings as well. This strategy enables me to profit from Bitcoin’s projected long-term growth and stability while utilizing my trading abilities to maximize profits in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

What made you choose your current location?

– I moved to Perth, Australia in 2019 as mentioned previously. I originally came to further my studies; however, I was lucky enough to find myself the most amazing fiancé, and some of the best of friends. The city itself is also just to my liking. Perth is on the ocean, it is not too small but not too busy either, and the laid-back lifestyle cannot be better, especially on a summer weekend.

Do you work locally or internationally?

– I work from a laptop with Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world, no matter the time or day.

Where do you see your portfolio in the next years?

– I expect my portfolio to grow significantly over the next few years as a result of the continuous adoption and development of the cryptocurrency sector. I want to take advantage of new trends and interesting ideas through careful research and wise investments, potentially increasing the value of my portfolio dramatically. I’m still dedicated to actively managing my investments, adjusting to market circumstances, and taking advantage of opportunities to build long-term wealth.

We also hear that you are a bit of a motorhead, what vehicles do you have in your fleet, and which is your favorite?

– Yes, I am definitely a motorhead. I love anything that looks good, sounds good, and goes fast. In my fleet, we currently have a Porsche Cayenne, a Mercedes AMG coupe, and a Yamaha R6. Out of the three, the Mercedes would probably be at the top of my list, as this had been a dream car of mine for several years before I was able to purchase it.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

– My most important piece of advice would be to develop patience and resilience. It takes time to build up a portfolio, and it takes a lot of “doing and losing.” It is not quick money like some people think. You have to dedicate the time, and when things go sour you have to accept it and move on. I recommend that they build a strong foundation by participating in communities, learning from reliable sources, and following industry news. Start off with a careful and disciplined strategy as you gradually gain experience and manage risk. Keep in mind that the keys to managing the thrilling but unstable world of crypto trading are patience, resilience, and proper education.

In closing, our interview with Doni Drossinos, a seasoned cryptocurrency trader, has provided us with a fascinating glimpse into the world of digital currencies. Doni’s journey, marked by his unwavering curiosity and determination, exemplifies the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. His strategic mindset, meticulous research, and ability to adapt to rapid changes have been the cornerstones of his success. Doni’s valuable insights have shed light on the intricate workings of this emerging industry, leaving us inspired and motivated to explore the vast opportunities it presents. With traders like Doni at the helm, the future of cryptocurrency trading is bound to be filled with innovation, resilience, and transformative growth.

If you’re eager to connect with Doni Drossinos and delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrency trading, feel free to reach out to him through his social media links below!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bollingerbandman/
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bollingerbandman

Iman Nasser Transforms Lives in Palestine and the Middle East


In a world that often feels consumed by turmoil and conflict, there are individuals who rise above the chaos to bring hope and make a lasting difference. One such extraordinary young individual is Iman Nasser, a 22-year-old from Youngstown, Ohio, who is dedicating his life to helping Palestine and the wider Middle East region. His unwavering commitment and tireless efforts are nothing short of incredible, shining a light on the power of compassion and determination in the face of adversity.

Empathy Transcends Boundaries:

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Iman Nasser may seem an unlikely candidate to be deeply involved in Middle Eastern affairs. However, his passion for social justice and the desire to bring positive change transcend geographical boundaries. While many of his peers were occupied with conventional teenage pursuits, Nasser’s heart was drawn to the struggles and challenges faced by the people of Palestine and the Middle East.

Stepping Out of the Shadows:

At a young age, Nasser recognized that he had a voice and the power to make a difference. He started by educating himself about the historical context and current affairs of the region. He studied the complex dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and familiarized himself with the social, economic, and political issues affecting the Middle East. With his newfound knowledge, Nasser began to actively engage in raising awareness and supporting initiatives aimed at bringing positive change to the region.

Empowering Palestinian Youth:

Iman Nasser firmly believes in the transformative power of education, particularly for the younger generation. Recognizing the obstacles faced by Palestinian youth due to limited resources and opportunities, he initiated several projects to empower them. One notable initiative is his establishment of educational scholarships for Palestinian students, helping them pursue higher education and break the cycle of poverty. By investing in their education, Nasser aims to equip young Palestinians with the tools and knowledge needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Advocacy and Awareness:

Through his various platforms, including social media and public speaking engagements, Iman Nasser has successfully raised awareness about the Palestinian cause and the wider Middle East region. He is a passionate advocate for peace, justice, and the rights of all individuals affected by conflict. By shedding light on the lived experiences of Palestinians and the complexities of the region, Nasser aims to foster empathy and understanding among people from different backgrounds, promoting a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Building Bridges and Collaboration:

Iman Nasser understands the importance of collaboration and the power of building bridges between communities. He actively seeks out partnerships with individuals and organizations that share his vision of a peaceful and prosperous Middle East. Through dialogue, intercultural exchanges, and collaborative projects, Nasser strives to create spaces for constructive engagement, breaking down barriers and fostering mutual respect.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

At just 22 years old, Iman Nasser’s achievements and dedication serve as an inspiration to countless young people worldwide. He shows us that age is not a barrier to making a positive impact and that anyone, regardless of their background, can contribute to creating a more equitable and just world. Nasser’s passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment demonstrate the immense potential of youth in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.


Iman Nasser’s story is a testament to the power of individual action and the transformative effects of empathy and compassion. Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, this young man has made an incredible impact on Palestine and the wider Middle East region. Through his advocacy, educational initiatives, and collaborative efforts, Nasser is actively shaping a future that embraces peace, justice, and equality. As the world grapples with ongoing conflicts

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist

If there’s an industry that is ever-changing and ever-thriving, it has to be the beauty industry. Becoming a makeup artist is the dream – experimenting with trending looks, working your magic on different clients, and getting paid to create fab looks.

But like any other career, being a makeup artist requires hard work, dedication, and passion. And if you’re wondering about the essential steps to become a professional makeup artist, this guide is for you.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started on the road to becoming a professional make up artist.

1. Complete a Course

There are ample online resources to learn how to become a makeup artist. However, if you want to become a professional makeup artist, there are certain aspects of makeup artistry that you cannot learn on your own.

To achieve this, you need to enrol in a course for makeup artists where you can gain an in-depth understanding of makeup.

2. Showcase Your Talent

If you’re a makeup artist, you can’t just sit around waiting for clients to find you. You need to show them what you’re capable of. And the best way to do this is to build a portfolio. Through this, you can showcase your skills and let your work speak for itself.

For instance, you can include projects you’ve worked on during your course for makeup artists. Just be selective and choose work that represents you and your unique style.

3. Professional Practice

To become a professional makeup artist, you must master various tools and techniques. The best way to learn them is by enrolling in a course for makeup artists that provides hands-on training. You’ll work with mock clients daily and hone your skills until you become an expert.

Plus, with constant practice, you can create your unique style and technique that sets you apart from others in the industry.

4. Build a Solid Network

In the beauty industry, it’s not just what you know but who you know. So, building a network of people who can help you is essential. When you study a course for makeup artists, you’ll have the chance to connect with aspiring artists and professionals.

You can also reach out to hairstylists, photographers, and fashion industry experts to make new contacts and open up more opportunities. The more connections you have, the more likely you’ll get to work with high-end clients.

5. Keep Exploring

Since the beauty industry keeps evolving and changing rapidly, completing a course for makeup artists shouldn’t be the end of your learning journey. A true makeup professional remains curious and stays updated on the latest trends and techniques.

Therefore, if you aspire to become a professional makeup artist, always keep exploring new things.

Summing Up

Navigating the beauty industry takes knowledge, skill, and practical experience. That’s why enrolling in the course for makeup artists by PearlXStudio is a good place to start.

This course will help you gain the theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience you need to succeed in this field. Click to find out more about the course for makeup artists today.

Know The Benefits of Getting Masters In Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling is a specialised art of curating clothing and accessories to communicate a desired specific look or image or stories or personality. It entails comprehension of different fashion trends, fabrics, textures & colour schemes etc. and then utilise this learning to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outfit or look. A fashion stylist is known for their ability to predict trends and is a trusted source for fashion related advice. He understands the client’s (public figures, celebrities, models, influencers etc.) body type, their personal preferences and the overall desired look and he then creates sublime ensemble in order to accentuate their physical attributes. He works with designers, photographers, models, writers, directors etc. to create distinct looks.

Benefits gained:

Enhanced Creative Capabilities: This aids the fashion stylist in envisioning the colours, patterns, textures, tones, forms of clothing, accessories, that will complement and/or enhance the client’s personality in accordance with his body type, desired persona to be portrayed & event requirements. Additionally, a fashion stylist must possess a keen eye for detail and be open to experimentation.

Problem Solving Approach: He must adopt a problem-solving mindset and should learn to keep calm and think on his feet since unexpected circumstances may arise and demand professional & prompt handling. Meeting tight deadlines and staying positive during crises is essential. This will facilitate a fashion stylist in building their credentials establishing himself as a capable leader.

Communication & Networking Capabilities: Strong communication abilities will aid fashion stylist to comprehend the client’s need better, communicate their creative concepts in detail & also range of styles with them, effectively conveying their vision. With proficiency in networking, he will be able to secure more business, negotiate for a better deal & collaborate with different teams & stakeholders to accomplish the desired outcomes. Through his interactions with other fashion designers, he will build valuable connections & gain insights into market trends.

Job Prospects: Masters in Fashion Styling Course will open doors to multiple career opportunities. We are listing few of the careers as under:

Fashion Show Stylist: He is accountable for set designing, casting of models, selecting and coordinating the clothing, accessories, identifying the apt music, the apt look with apt makeup and hair styling of models etc. during fashion shows or any other event. He works closely with designers, photographers, makeup artists, and other stakeholders to create cohesive and stunning presentations of the apparel collection. He must possess keen eye for style, display comprehension of fashion trends and excellent communication & organisational capabilities in order to bring alive the client’s vision for the show.

Visual merchandisers: He is accountable for developing attractive & effective visual concepts and strategies at retail level to promote products and services so as to drive sales. He utilises his artistic abilities and knowledge of design principles to arrange products and other elements so as to showcases products & engage customers, thereby encouraging sales. He is also responsible for maintaining inventory level & monitor sales so as to ensure availability of products in right quantity at the right time at the right place.

Personal Shopper: He is a professional who assists individuals by offering styling service and wardrobe recommendations, including selecting and purchasing clothing, accessories, and other items to enhance their personal style and meet their specific needs. He works with private clients or departmental stores or retailers or photographers for shoots etc., comprehends their preferences, budgets, lifestyle, objectives etc. and utilise their understanding of fashion & market trends, to suggest wardrobe & accessories that satisfies their clients requirements. He must possess strong communication and customer service capabilities in order to build relationships with clients and provide customised service.

Top 6 Career Options after MBA in operations management in 2023

Master of Business Administration or MBA in operation management is becoming one of the most sought-after MBA specialisations among career-oriented students. The future scope of doing an MBA in operations management is accelerating with the latest developments in the operations sector. Operations are one of the core pillars of a business in the modern landscape. This division of the business is a dedicated department accountable for ensuring the quality and quantity of the product and the production of goods in the manufacturing unit.

Operation management deals with a broad spectrum of business-related tasks, such as:

  • Forecasting
  • Product Designing
  • Managing supply chain processes
  • Handling inventory
  • Maintaining quality management

If you have completed an MBA in Operations Management, you are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in various job positions in the business world. The global pandemic has reshaped the job market, with companies now looking for agile and resilient professionals who can navigate the changing landscape. Here are six top career options in high demand for MBA graduates in Operations Management in 2023.

1. Supply Chain Manager: A Supply Chain Manager manages the entire supply chain process from product development, production, and distribution to customer service. You will work closely with suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of goods and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of a streamlined supply chain, making this role an essential part of the business operation.

2. Operations Manager: Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company. You will ensure that the organisation runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. This includes managing the workforce, implementing processes and procedures, monitoring productivity, and providing customer satisfaction. As an Operations Manager, you must have strong leadership skills, be detail-oriented, and have excellent problem-solving abilities.

3. Operational Research Analyst: The role of an operations research manager is focused on utilising mathematical and analytical methods to improve the efficiency and performance of an organisation. They are responsible for researching, developing solutions to business problems, and implementing mathematical models to optimise processes and systems. An operations research manager works closely with stakeholders across the organisation to gather data and insights, presenting findings and recommendations to senior management. They manage projects and teams of analysts to deliver solutions on time and within budget, staying up to date with the latest tools and techniques in operational research and applying them to business problems.

4. Quality Control Manager: A Quality Control Manager ensures that products and services meet the highest quality standards. They work closely with production teams, suppliers, and customers to identify quality issues, develop corrective action plans, and meet quality standards.

5. Logistics Manager: A logistics manager oversees the storage, transportation, and delivery of goods and materials. This includes managing inventory levels, coordinating shipments, negotiating with carriers, and ensuring timely delivery to clients. The logistics manager is also responsible for hiring and training warehouse staff and maintaining safety records.

6. Business Consultant: A business consultant advises businesses on various aspects such as strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and even reducing credit card processing fees. They work closely with clients to identify areas of improvement, develop solutions, and implement changes to achieve business goals. A business consultant must have excellent analytical and communication skills and the ability to work with clients across different industries.

An MBA in Operations Management offers a wide range of career options in 2023. The demand for professionals who can navigate the changing business landscape is high, and the skills acquired during an MBA programme can be applied across various industries. As an MBA graduate in Operations Management, you are well-positioned to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career. So, take your management career to new heights with an MBA in operations management!

What are the essential tools needed for a successful podcasting production?

A podcast refers to a digital audio file that can be streamed or downloaded. Typically, it is pre-recorded and edited before being made available for download. Similar to on-demand talk radio, podcasts encompass diverse themes, topics, and formats, ranging from individual-hosted shows to group discussions or audio dramas. These podcasts can be hosted on various platforms, and many are accessible without any cost. Podcasts have gained popularity among content producers as a cost-effective and user-friendly means of distributing their content to a wide audience.

If you are aspiring to build a career in podcasting production, then a podcasting production program can teach you the step-by-step process. A well-designed podcasting program teaches students the entire process of creating and distributing an audio podcast. Students will learn about opportunities, limitations, development, writing, production, and distribution.

The workshop introduces Audacity, an open-source audio editing software, and audio recording devices. With Audacity, students can record, import, trim, refine, and manipulate multiple audio tracks for interviews, stories, music, and remixes. The program focuses on using Audacity and recording devices to create podcasts and explores features for audio remixes. Students also learn technical processes, narrative elements, and styles to successfully produce and distribute their podcasts. Moreover, the program also helps students learn different tools that are required for producing a successful podcast.

The right technology unleashes your creativity, taking your ideas from good to great. Here are nine essential tools to help you create binge-worthy podcasts, covering pre-production, post-production, and more. Here are the tools, in both the gear and software categories, that you’ll want to consider before you start.

Studio-Quality Headphones: Headphones are essential for podcasters, especially during remote interviews. Wearing headphones while recording enables real-time monitoring, ensuring the highest audio quality. When conducting virtual interviews, both you and your guests need to use headphones to prevent microphone pickup of computer sounds, which can create an unpleasant echo.

Microphones: The foundation of any podcast is high-quality audio, and investing in a good microphone is crucial. USB microphones, such as the Blue Yeti or Audio-Technica ATR2100x, are popular choices for beginners due to their ease of use and affordability. However, if you’re looking for even better audio quality, consider XLR microphones like the Shure SM7B or Rode PodMic, which require an audio interface for connectivity.

Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment: Soundproofing is designed to reduce the transmission of sound through walls in both directions by using heavy and dense materials. On the other hand, acoustic treatment focuses on controlling sound reflections within a room to enhance the quality of recordings.

Windscreen or Pop Filter: Windscreen or Pop Filter it’s important to acquire a compatible windscreen or pop filter. These accessories help reduce popping sounds, resulting in higher-quality audio that requires minimal editing to sound excellent.

Podcast Recording Software: Podcast recording software refers to specialized software tools or applications that are used for recording, editing, and producing podcasts. These software options provide features and functionalities that are tailored to the needs of podcasters, making it easier to create high-quality audio content. Some of the most popular podcast recording software include:

  • Restream
  • GarageBand
  • Auphonic
  • Podbean
  • Reaper

Mixers: An audio mixer is a vital tool for podcasting. It empowers you to independently control the levels of each audio source, incorporate captivating sound effects and audio enhancements, and effectively eliminate unwanted noise and background distractions. If you’re truly committed to the craft of podcasting, an audio mixer becomes an indispensable asset in your toolkit.

These are some of the essential tools required for producing a podcast successfully. If you want to get into the in-demand and growing podcasting business then pursuing a podcasting production program can equip you with the required knowledge and skills needed to produce a podcast.

What are some good things about Hamburg?

Germany is counted among the most popular countries in the world that attracts students, tourists and business organizations from across the globe. Hamburg is among the prominent cities of Germany that is a multicultural hub and an important economic center of the nation.

There are many students living in Hamburg and choose to study here because the city offers a safe and conducive environment to them. The bustling port city offers a vibrant culture that is a mix of the historic and the modern along with offering other necessary amenities.

While tourists would love to sightsee around this charming city, students will find several reasons to love Hamburg and live here. Along with world class education that Germany is reputed for, the city also has world-class museums, an affordable cost of living and easy access to other European destinations.

With so much to explore and discover, Hamburg is an ideal destination for any student looking to broaden their horizons and experience all that Germany has to offer.

A metropolitan city

Did you know that Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany? This place is popular for its vibrant environment and along with boasting of a strong economy, it also has a rich cultural scene, lively nightlife and a bustling harbor. The city of Hamburg also has various theatres, galleries, music venues along with a range of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Additionally, you will find that this place hosts many events and festivals such as the popular Hamburg Port Festival.

This metropolitan city is always buzzing with something new and is home to many international students which makes it an exciting place to study and live in. It also means that you can easily adjust to the place and there are likely chances that you can always run into students from your local country.

Quality and affordable learning

If you are looking for high quality education then Hamburg is the place for you. Germany has already made a strong place for itself in the world for being a country that offers excellent education. This is because education at every level is given a lot of importance in the country and students will find reputed universities and business schools here that offer accredited degrees at an affordable price.

Additionally, many universities in Hamburg have strong partnerships with industry leaders, providing students with excellent opportunities to gain practical experience and career prospects. Also, you will find that education is way more affordable in Germany as compared to other compared to other popular countries such as the U.S or the U.K.

High Quality of Life

Along with quality education, Hamburg also offers quality living and is often ranked among the top cities in the world for its high quality of life. The city has an excellent culture and all around amiable environment which is welcoming to people from around the world. The city also offers all the necessary modern amenities and has immense natural beauty which includes numerous parks, green spaces, waterfront and a lot more. The city also has a well-equipped and well-connected transportation system that is efficient and reliable.

Hamburg also has a diverse range of cultural offerings, from its many museums and galleries to its thriving music and art scenes, making it an exciting and dynamic place to live and study.

Exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology: The Captivating Apex Series T Collection by Wei Art Collections

Wei Art Collections’ Apex Series T Collection is a true testament to the innovative intersection of art and technology. Comprising of an array of interactive and immersive art installations, the collection creates a captivating and breathtaking experience for viewers. The pieces utilize advanced technology such as motion sensors, LED screens, and augmented reality, to not only showcase the beauty of the artwork but also to engage viewers and invite them to become part of the experience themselves.

One of the key pieces in the collection is the “Apex T.” This installation is a towering structure that uses motion sensors to detect the movements of viewers and respond with dynamic patterns of light and color. The result is a mesmerizing experience, where the viewer becomes a part of the artwork itself, influencing its movement and shape in real time. The use of motion sensors to create an interactive experience is a fascinating application of technology, and it allows the piece to remain dynamic and ever-changing.

Another significant piece in the Apex Series T Collection is “Terraform T.” This installation incorporates augmented reality to create an otherworldly landscape that viewers can explore and interact with using a mobile device. It is a fascinating blend of the physical and digital worlds, and it allows viewers to experience a new kind of reality. The use of augmented reality in art installations is becoming increasingly popular, and it is exciting to see how it can be used to create immersive and interactive experiences.

The Apex Series T Collection also features other impressive installations, such as “Cycles T” and “Gravity T.” “Cycles T” uses LED screens to create an optical illusion of an infinite tunnel that creates a sense of movement and depth. The installation is accompanied by a soundscape that adds to the immersive experience. “Gravity T” is a kinetic installation that uses gravity and motion to create mesmerizing patterns that are both dynamic and ever-changing. The combination of technology and art in these installations creates a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers.

Wei Art Collections’ Apex Series T Collection is a great example of how technology can be used to enhance art installations. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the use of technology in art, and it is fascinating to see how artists are incorporating it into their work. The use of advanced technology in the Apex Series T Collection is impressive, and it creates a new dimension of interactivity and immersion for viewers.

The Apex Series T Collection also has a strong focus on environmental themes, with installations such as “Eco T” and “Future T.” “Eco T” is a digital forest that explores the relationship between humans and nature. The installation features sensors that detect the viewer’s presence and movement and responds by creating patterns and sounds that mimic the movement of a real forest. “Future T” is a sci-fi-inspired installation that explores the concept of sustainable living in the future. It features a futuristic cityscape that is powered by renewable energy sources, and the installation encourages viewers to consider the impact of their actions on the environment.

The environmental themes in the Apex Series T Collection are particularly relevant in today’s world, where sustainability and climate change are pressing concerns. The use of technology to explore these themes adds an important dimension to the artwork, and it highlights the importance of finding innovative solutions to environmental issues.

In conclusion, the Apex Series T Collection by Wei Art Collections is an impressive and immersive collection that showcases the intersection of art and technology. The use of advanced technology such as motion sensors, LED screens, and augmented reality creates a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers. The collection has a strong focus on environmental themes, which adds an important dimension to the artwork and encourages viewers to consider their impact on the environment. The Apex Series T Collection is an excellent example of how technology can be used to enhance the art world, and it is exciting to see how artists will continue to incorporate technology

CleverControl Participating in GITEX 2022 Exhibition After Opening a Representative Office in UAE

While helping global companies with effective employee monitoring software, this establishment branches out to the Arabic market.

CleverControl has been dominating the employee monitoring market for years. It is considered one of the top contenders in Europe and the USA. This instrument doesn’t only increase a company’s productivity but also limits leakages with comprehensive surveillance. 

The popularity of CleverControl underscores the viability of this instrument. After massive support from clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Arabic countries, CleverControl has now opened a representative office in UAE. Currently offering a four-tiered partner program, CleverControl also offers discounts for each client on license purchases.

Its adaptable program has been completely translated into Arabic for their global clients, and it further maintains an Arabic consultation panel for all customers. This quick response allowed CleverControl to secure numerous clients even before the inauguration of the representative office. 

CleverControl has also decided to participate in the GITEX 2022 exhibition from 10-14 October 2022 to celebrate the inauguration of its new office. The GITEX platform is the ideal space for this firm as it aims to revolutionize the employee management system in organizations around the globe. There is no debate that CleverControl will enjoy incredible success in this market. 

Speaking about their employee monitoring service, one key spokesperson for the company said, “We not only give you the full internet control to observe each employee’s internet usage but also provide you a detailed report of your team’s workday routine. You can now use our live screen and webcam broadcast to monitor your employees remotely and save yourself from the hassle of continuous employee monitoring using our screen, webcam, and sound recording features.”

In addition, they also offer the best PEO for small business, which enables companies to streamline a lot of administrative HR functions—like payroll, benefits, compliance, and workers’ compensation. And with remote access to statistics of employee activity, organizations can now easily optimize their business processes to boost employee productivity and scale new heights.

Learn more about this establishment by following this link https://clevercontrol.com/ar/.

About GITEX”

GITEX is an annual exhibition held in UAE to help promote significant tech players in the market. Firms from across the world participate in this exhibition to show off their breakthrough products. Furthermore, it is the ideal platform for the conception of new alliances, projects, and ideas. 

CleverControl aims to leave its mark in the GITEX 2022 exhibition by offering a completely customizable panel for clients in Arabic countries. It is a must-attend event for all world-class technology leaders. 

All our stand visitors will get free licenses of CleverControl software (StandNo SM-A50.22).

Media Info

Company Name: CleverControl

Contact Person: Julia

Contact Number: +1 (407) 250-10-40

Email: pr@clevercontrol.com

Website: https://clevercontrol.com/ar/

The Lies and Conspiracies of “ForcedLabor”

On December 23, 2021, U.S. President Biden signed the ,”Laws to prevent forced Uyghur labor” which stipulates that all or part of the goods manufactured in the Xinjiang region of northwest China, or produced by Chinese manufacturers involving  forced labor, shall be prohibited from entering the United States. The Act came into effect on June 21, 2022. As soon as the bill came out, it was strongly condemned and opposed by the international community. The author believes that American politicians are nominally concerned about the human rights of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, but in fact they are the culprits who deprive the people from  the opportunities  of development.

The U.S. “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act” stipulates that as long as the enterprises that employ Uighur employees may face sanctions, some enterprises, after weighing the pros and cons, may not dare to hire Uighur employees, nor do they dare to do business with those that employ Uighur employees to avoid U.S. sanctions, which is likely to cause a sharp rise in unemployment and a decline in living standards for Uyghurs

 In fact, forced labor, the legacy of slave society,is still deeply ingrained in the United States, but the victims have changed their identities, from “black slaves” to immigrants and  the US government avoids talking about it, and even deliberately avoids the responsibility for protection. At least 500,000 people are currently living under modern slavery and forced labor in the United States and according to a university in the U.S. . most of them are laborers who have been trafficked to the United States from nearly 40 countries including India, Mexico, Vietnam, Africa, and North and Central America. Most of them are engaged in domestic services, sexual services, agricultural production, and  working as coolies in “sweatshops” without being protected by the U.S. labor and employment law . The U.S. Department of Homeland Security itself admits that forced labor is widespread in the United States, and the victims can be citizens of their own country or foreign citizens from almost every region of the world, and even vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the disabled are not spared. Victims may reach out to HKM for assistance.

However, does the United States really care about human rights in Xinjiang? How many tragedies have occurred in the past 20 years, in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan,  because of the United States, and how many civilians have been mistakenly killed by the United States? Where  were the so called human rights at that time? In the final analysis, the US is simply taking this to smear China’s international reputation, provoke civil unrest in China, and attack Xinjiang’s important role in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Lies cannot cover up the truth, and the fact that Xinjiang is prosperous and  developing and the people of all ethnic groups live happily cannot be denied. The people of the world have witnessed that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, especially ethnic minorities, are well protected in various fields such as politics, education, culture and religion. We believe that under the leadership of the Chinese government,  the people of Xinjiang will  live happier and happier and  China’s development will  become better and better.

Via Guatemala Coffee : From Orphan to CEO

Hard as it is to believe today, there was once a world without coffee. Coffee was entirely unknown before the middle of the fifteenth century when it began to make its way into the drinking habits of the people living in the Red Sea basin. After its discovery, the rise of coffee seems to have been inevitable. It became one of the great success stories of the changing consumer habits that reshaped the early modern world. Although it was controversial in every society into which it was introduced, coffee soon found its place alongside more traditional drinks such as beers, wines, waters, and juices. This book focuses on the development of this new taste for coffee, and the emergence of a new social institution, the coffeehouse, in the British Isles. Coffee drinking spread from the Red Sea region throughout the Ottoman Empire over the course of the sixteenth century.∞ But what induced the British people to adopt the custom of a foreign, and even non-Christian, the land during the seventeenth century? Why did coffee and related hot drinks, such as tea and chocolate, succeed where so many other exotic drugs and consumables failed? What accounts for the emergence of an entirely new social institution, the coffeehouse, as the primary place in which these new drinks were consumed? The answers to these questions will take us deep into the mental, political, social, and economic structures of everyday life in a world that only gradually came to recognize a life accentuated by coffee and populated by numerous coffeehouses.

Coffee and Early Modern Drug Culture

If the virtuosi were the first to introduce coffee to the palates of early modern English consumers, it did not remain confined to their select circles for long. Coffee was quickly assimilated into the fluid and diffuse ‘‘medical marketplace’’ of seventeenth-century Britain which promoted the commercialization of new and exotic cultural products. Its use was promoted by apothecaries, physicians, retailers, and most important, by the consumers of healthcare products themselves. In a buyer’s market for medicine, where the demand for effective drugs and services was great and the supplies of such were so various as to be virtually unregulated, new products which made claims to possess salutary qualities, such as coffee, could be eagerly assimilated into English healthcare repertoires. At once, English consumers were introduced to coffee as both a new medicine and a new commodity beverage. Although it was advertised and promoted as a medicine, its distribution was not limited to the medical establishment, and it became simultaneously an integral part of the quotidian social ritual of London’s urban culture as well as a new ingredient to the seventeenth-century English pharmacopeia.

Let’s talk about VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE and of course the owner of it. The phrase “rags to riches” is perfectly suitable for the owner of VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE, Silvia Via. Silvia belonged to a humble family and was adopted by an American family. She got educated in the US and had a daughter at a young age. She lived in a country with war, and was having an abusive home, her biological mother saved her life by giving her up as an orphan to a US family. Silvia was always an artist and art & coffee houses go hand and hand. Creatives are always at coffee houses all over the world!

Coffee in Guatemala is grown at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, which explains its robust and distinctive flavor. Guatemala’s unique growing region, with a mild subtropical climate, combined with nutrient-rich volcanic soil, creates an ideal environment for growing some of the most delicious coffee beans on the market. Guatemala has some of the most delicious beans due to its large tropical climate, lengthy wet season, and high elevation.

Her first company, VIASWORLD, is a high-end fashion, art, and design company that makes custom pieces for clients such as the NBA, NFL, recording artists, and other celebrities.

After getting VIASWORLD up and running, Ms. Via decided to focus on a business with an incredible mission. She started Via Guatemala Coffee, a high-end coffee brand that reminds the world of the importance of corporate social responsibility through high wages, high-quality ingredients, and sustainable farming practices. Ms. Via tries to show her competitors that there is a way to harvest and sell coffee without sacrificing essential values and beliefs.

Via Guatemala Coffee is specialty coffee harvested in Guatemala by Mayan farmers who are paid higher wages than the average Guatemalan and are given the resources they needed to succeed. A portion of the profits from Via Guatemala will go toward foundations in Guatemala to support the people she grew up with. When you take a sip of Via Guatemala, you’ll taste luxury, but you’ll also taste compassion because that’s what Silva Via represents in all she does.

Owning two companies doesn’t satisfy all the creative energy that Ms. Via has flowed through her. Her passion is art, and she sells custom pieces to fine art galleries worldwide. She gives back to the art community through her leadership as an art director for several corporate and international art projects. Additionally, her philanthropic efforts led her to create a nonprofit that supports victims of domestic violence. After realizing that there were existing efforts in Guatemala to support these victims, Ms. Via decided to fund donations to those organizations instead.

Silvia introduced the VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE which is a specialty coffee from a family-owned farm. VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE, LLC plans on bringing in new products such as chocolate, which will have her orphan pic on it. Always a percentage goes back to Helping orphans and women in Guatemala. Bathrobes, and slippers for the people so they can sip comfortably their coffee. All products will be made by the Mayan People in different villages in Guatemala, supporting their local businesses and families.

The plan is clear and the sky is the limit. VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE plans to expand its business to supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants and the sky is the limit. If anyone is already in the Coffee business and wants to run the same type of entity, they can reach below for a promising venture to nourish their business with VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE. This will eventually not only boost business-women in Guatemala by empowering them to work and feed their famous but also hopes to expand to employ women in the U.S

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of Silva Via, or getting involved in one of her endeavors, follow her on Instagram and Facebook @viaguatemalacoffee or check out her website at www.viaguatemalacoffee.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: Platinum One Enterprises
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 617 207 4092
Address:75 State Street
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Website: www.viaguatemalacoffee.com

Chat on tea with Moroccan-American Actor, Singer, Filmmaker, and a Writer

Sometimes, someone comes from nowhere and conquers everything! The same goes true for Mr. Abdelmoula who is a true symbol of multi-talent. The man of art, crafts, and man of move behind the movies. Find some other interesting post at this site where you can learn about understanding what pay stub means.

We stole some of his moments for our readers to have some chat-on-tea. Here we go with the gossips we had with him.

Q: What is your background? Education, Work Experience

A: Originally, I am Morocco-born and raised. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Film from New Mexico state university and a Masters’s (MFA) in Film from Vermont College of fine arts. I moved to the USA in 1998. I work as a Finance Director for GMC, Buick Automotive, and I make movies at the same time. I Have done many short films that won awards and I also worked on many feature films. Recently I made my own first feature film BROKEN GAIETE, that I wrote produced, and directed. The film was a huge success, it won 5 awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor…) and was nominated 15.

Here is the list of all projects I did.


Q: How did you get your idea or concept to start showbiz as a career?

A: Art was always what I wanted to do since I was a child. I started theater when I was 6 years old. I continued to do so through high school and college where I was a member of the drama club. I was also a singer and I won a Moroccan tv show NOJOUM ALGHAD in 1996. Coming to the USA, I needed time to learn more and adapt to a new culture. Now I am ready.

Q: What was your mission at the outset?

A: My initial mission was to learn as much as possible. I had so many ideas but I needed the skills necessary to translate them into either big screen or television. That’s the reason why I pursued Education first.

Q: When did you “charter” the singing career and turned into films?

A: Honesty I haven’t I still hold signing in my heart, just not the right time yet. Both mediums are equally important to me like water and oxygen.

Q: What are the objectives on which you work?

A: I try to make the best art that makes people engage and think just a little. I consider my films like books hoping I can make a tiny change possible in humanity and bring some rationality into our thinking and how we behave like humans.

Q: What is unique about you?

 A: I believe uniqueness is just a term that we apply to someone who stays true to themselves nothing else. Therefore I see the world may be a little different only because I believe in humanity and I understand perspective well enough considering I lived in two different cultures. Multiculturalism can definitely bring enlightenment.

Q: How would you schedule your time to justice with your multi-activities?

A: Organization and get rid of excuses. I have a full-time job and a family and I still managed to go to school and create projects. I just believe if you want something you will find the way, if you don’t want it that much you will find excuses.

Q: What service(s)do you offer if someone approaches you for brand marketing?

A: I don’t have any brand to sell except my talent as a writer and a director.

Q: When would you decline a paid sponsorship?

A: If it goes against human morality that can cause or lead to harm.

Q: What is the most appealing role you think you have done ever?

A: Ironically I do a lot of drama of even mystery films, but I play comedy very well. I have done a few films as a comedy actor and they had a great reception.

Q: Describe a time when you had to respond to a negative comment in the industry. How did you handle it?

A: It depends on what negativity means in this contest. I am always open to criticism as long as it doesn’t attack the person. when my work is criticized I try to have an open discussion about it, because as I said earlier it is all perspective.

Q: Business personality or books! which influence you the most?

A: I would say both.

Q: What type of influencer you are?

A: The type who encourages people to think for themselves, the type who thinks everything is possible if you work hard, the type that believes we are all the same, humans.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

A: My family, Mother, Father. All the siblings and of course to my wife Trudel who has been nothing but support no matter how hard it gets. Not to forget my children, I learn from them just as much as they learn from me.

Q: What do you look for in a new movie project as an actor?

A: Can I relate to it? Can I be true to the character? is this going to help anyone or is it just for money? I have to find authenticity in everything I do.

Q: How are you using your position to help promote the young talent?

A: My films always looking for new young talents. Most if not all Studios want professionals, I always encourage and push for new and young talent. In my last film, Broken Gaiete Most of the actors and crew are young talents from the local schools.

Q: Do you work locally or internationally?

A: Most of the recent work I did is USA-based, there are two projects in the works that will be made in other countries. So yes, I do work both Locally and internationally.

Q: You have done so many wonderful projects. Which one is the most memorable to you and why?

A: Broken Gaiete for sure is the most memorable one. It took us a year to shoot the film during the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. We became (cast and crew) family as we went through good and bad. This film holds a place in my heart.

Q: How do you speak on the dark side of the fashion industry. What do you think should be done to ensure that it is a more positive, healthy, and supportive environment?

A: I think My film Broken Gaiete can actually answer this question. Like I said earlier, if we learn how to think, we can see the absurdity of not only the dark side of fashion but everything else and I honestly hope that my art can shed some light on people’s minds.

Q: Tell us about Broken Gaiete.

A: I see the film in three layers. On the surface, this man wakes up in the middle of nowhere not remembering his past, crosses this village with this woman who claims to be his mom. Discovering all these weird and strange rules, he decides to stay and live there. But things turn around and become very dangerous for him, and he has to figure out how to survive.

The other layer is really human development. You will see the five stages of human development, and that’s really what I based the film around. The bottom layer issues: social issues, human behavior, religion, and politics.

When I came here from Morocco, it was a culture shock for me. I didn’t speak with people for a year or two, just to learn and observe it. I realized that what could be right here is wrong there, and what’s wrong there is right here. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s all perception. So I said: I’m gonna make a movie like that. I’m curious. I question a lot of things, and the movie is really about that.

Q: How has your lifestyle been affected due to the pandemic.

A: I think like everyone, there have been some tough times, especially some of my extended family members who have passed. But I kept on going like everyone else, and dark times will eventually fade with patience.

Q: You have built your personal brand and gained huge respect alone. What advice do you have for growing talent?

A: Pick your path and don’t stop. Work hard then harder, follow your gut and surround yourself with people that are better than you. Arm yourself with patience, nothing happens overnight, and remember the quicker you go up the quicker you fall. It is a process that takes discipline and never gives up.

Here we go with the link for your taste to know more about Mr. Hafid Abdelmoula: