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Smart Gulf Solar Launches The Floating Solar System In Maldives

Leading providers of turnkey solar energy solutions, Smart Gulf Solar, introduces the floating solar system in CBR in the Maldives to help the island make the best use of its limited land resources

Smart Gulf Solar has continued in its pursuit of ensuring that solar energy is the leading contributor to the energy system as the company takes its innovative clean energy solutions to the Maldives. In a related development, the company has introduced the floating solar system in CBR in the Maldives. The seemingly challenging project of installing floating solar systems will help islands as well as other similar regions with limited lands to make the best possible use of their resources, delivering greater benefits both in the short and long term.

There have been increasing calls for cleaner energy solutions to reduce pollution and sustain the environment. Consequently, there has been a steady growth in the demand for renewable energy solutions such as solar, with more companies emerging to offer products to meet the needs of consumers. According to a recent report published on Statista, global solar photovoltaic capacity has grown from around five gigawatts in 2005 to approximately 509.3 gigawatts in 2018, with the value of the solar power market expected to continue growing rapidly. One brand, Smart Gulf Solar, has undoubtedly championed the solar energy revolution in Dubai and other parts of the world.

The recent installation of a floating solar system in CBR in the Maldives is a further reiteration of the company’s commitment to the cause. Thanks to a team of highly trained and well-experienced professionals, Smart Gulf Solar has continued to deliver innovative solutions designed to help all categories of customers enjoy the immense benefits of solar energy solutions.

Smart Gulf Solar has been able to uniquely combine relative affordability with quality to deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of the project and environment, serving residential and commercial clients nationally and across the globe.

For more information about Smart Gulf Solar and the range of solutions offered, please visit Smart Gulf Solar.

About Smart Gulf Solar

Smart Gulf Solar Energy Systems was established in Dubai in 2005 to provide state-of-the-art solar energy solutions to the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the leading companies specialized in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power generation in the UAE and across the region. Led by Mahmood Alsadi, the CEO, the company has built its name on the ability to design, source, install, commission, operate, and maintain solar power systems while offering full turnkey solutions at competitive prices either in on-grid or off-grid schemes.

Media Contact
Company Name: Smart Gulf Solar
Contact Person: Mahmood Alsadi
Email:Send Email 
Phone: +97150 527 0000
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: https://www.smartgulfsolar.com

Who’re Criminal Defense Lawyers and know the best ones in UAE

Most people are not familiar with the law. The average person’s knowledge of the law is more than likely limited to what they see on television or read in newspapers and books.  When they do get involved with the criminal law system they do not know what to do, or how to handle the situation. Because of this, the need for information and assistance from criminal lawyers is crucial for those who are about to get involved with the criminal law system.

The criminal law system can become a very intimidating and confusing process for everyone. Being prepared for the circumstances that may arise is a necessity for everyone.

There are lawyers for any type of conceivable legal problem. In most cases, a lawyer will represent you or try to find you guilty of charges.  If you lose, you stand to face time in jail as well as a substantial amount of money.  If you are facing criminal charges or if you are investigated by law enforcement your legal situation is totally different. In a criminal trial, you can lose your freedom for a very long time. Criminal defense lawyers (although paid a fee) do not deal in money, but in your personal future, whether it involves loss of your freedom or loss of a professional license. 

If you need the services of a criminal lawyer, you must make sure you find the right one for you. There are many advantages to this.  First off, an experienced lawyer will more than likely command more respect from the prosecutor’s office and judge. A lawyer who has been involved with many trials may also be best at giving you advice on whether to go to trial or take a plea bargain. He or she will also be better at investigating your case, pre-trial motion work, and obtaining an overall positive result for you.  Make sure you find someone that will fight aggressively on your behalf. You cannot afford to lose your freedom just because you hired the wrong lawyer.

We hear about the law every day whether we realize it or not. It’s in our Government, in our work, and even in our houses. One type of law is Criminal law, which is also known as Penal law. This is “The body of statutory and common law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses.”

Inside of criminal law, there are four major theories of criminal justice:
– Punishment
– Deterrence
– Incapacitation
– Rehabilitation

This form of law is essential in many cases because it can distinguish between crimes from civil wrongs. Criminal law has been around for ages and is seeing as the fundamental system of regulating the behavior of individuals and groups relative to what is defined as the social norms. This differs between civil crimes, where the difference is between two individuals and their individual rights and obligations under the law which is ruling the entire society.

An example of a civil law case is a dispute between two individuals over a contract that they made to for example sell an automobile. In that case, one individual feels that their individual rights for a fair automobile sale have been breached by the other party. Whereas in a criminal case, you would have for example a murderer, who is infringing on the right of safety that we all have. Given those two examples I’m sure you can appreciate how important Criminal law is, and the important role that it plays in every one of our societies.

Let’s meet Amal Khamis list of Advocates, Legal Consultants, and Lawyers. Amal Khamis Advocates and legal consultants is a globally recognized UAE law firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Dubai, UAE. We have more than 50 years of cumulative experience.

Amal Khamis Advocates and legal consultants offer clients a customer-focused and cost-effective legal services alternative to larger business law firms. Our firm prides itself on our attentive and personal approach to every client. We work closely with our clients to discover and implement the customized legal solutions that best meet their needs. Amal Khamis Advocates and legal consultants handle commercial transactions and disputes with the same dedication and intensity whether our client is a Fortune 500 company or a privately held small business.

Michael Ligon of The Ligon Brothers accepted into Forbes Business Council

Forbes Business Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Successful Business Owners and Leaders

Miami, Florida March 9th, 2021 — The Ligon Group’s Michael Ligon, Award-Winning Real Estate Coach & REI’s Top Entrepreneur to Follow; cofounder of the Ligon Group & Published Author, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

Michael Ligon was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to welcome Michael Ligon into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Business Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

As an accepted member of the Council, Michael has access to a variety of exclusive opportunities designed to help him reach peak professional influence. He will connect and collaborate with other respected local leaders in a private forum and at members-only events. Michael will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on Forbes.com and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.

Finally, Michael will benefit from exclusive access to vetted business service partners, membership-branded marketing collateral, and the high-touch support of the Forbes Councils’ member concierge team.

“I feel excited and privileged to part of this elite group of professionals,” says Michael. “I’m looking forward to lending my expertise, knowledge, and insight to help entrepreneurs succeed with their real estate goals.”


Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In Forbes Councils, exceptional business owners and leaders come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive.

About Michael Ligon & The Ligon Group/Ligon Brothers

Michael is an Award-Winning Real Estate Coach & REI’s Top Entrepreneur to Follow; cofounder of the Ligon Group & Published Author. He’s best described as an Inquisitive Polymath. His scopophilic personality has provided him with vast insight into a plethora of subjects. His extensive appetite for knowledge has made him a recognized pundit in the world of Real Estate. He has received numerous accolades for his Mentorships and Wisdom pertaining to Investing, Real Estate Contract Law, Negotiations, and various Real Estate Practices.

Michael and David Ligon are Collectively known as The Ligon Brothers. The Ligon Brothers are wealth creation specialists, consultants, and real estate investors. As Real Estate Investors They developed LYNK™ Real Estate and created the Real Estate Connector Method™ and The MLS Digital Flipping Method™ each being a unique system for real estate investing. In addition to their award-winning programs, they are also the Authors of The Real Estate Connector Method, a guide to Wholesaling Real Estate & Wolf Secrets a playbook for mastering any negotiation and closing any deal. As Consultants their extensive experience in real estate and house flipping has made them the go-to guys for consulting on a variety of home improvement and house remodeling television series and documentaries.

Connect with the Ligon Brothers:

Social Media Sites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LigonBrothers/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ligonbrothers/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ligonbrothers/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ligonbrothers

Official Site

Official Site: https://www.ligonbrothers.com/

Official Site: https://www.TheLigonGroup.com/

IMDb: https://www.imdb.me/Ligonbrothers

Negotiating tips to sell your car

Selling your car can be surprisingly tricky, particularly if you want to receive the best possible price. Buyers have a huge choice so it’s vital to make sure that your car stands out from the crowd. Some simple tactics, such as making sure you set a fair price, ensuring that your car looks great, and using clever negotiation tactics, can be the difference between making a quick sale or being left with an unwanted car on your hands for months.

Are you considering selling your car soon? There are very few people in this world who can actually get the best price from their customers for any given product. Are you one of them or not? If yes, then it can only add up to your benefits if not well then take the following negotiating tips with you.

• List your Car on all online used car classifieds: There are thousands of people who are looking for a used car on popular car-buying sites such as The Car Buyer. If you sell your car on such popular sites, you are sure to make a profit.
• Fix up your car before you sell it: If there is any repair work to be done fix it. You can also attract your car’s customers by waxing your car, vacuum inside, and gloss up the tires. The better your car looks the higher chance you stand for getting a good price.
• Workout the price you will be selling the car for: Be confident about your price range. Always negotiate up from the factory invoice price, not down from the sticker price, which is a higher price than the dealer expects to pay. It would be advisable that you fix the price high so as to include the minimal profit for the dealer. 
• Be prepared before the first buyer shows up. Make printouts from several internet car pricing sites showing the market value of your cat. Avoid printing the trade-in values, that’s what car dealers offer you.
• Be ready for any answer to the buyer’s issues. In case the complaints about scratches or mark stain to your car. Tell him it’s normal wear for any car of that age and mileage, that’s why you are not asking the price of a new car.
• Always remember your car is still worth the market value no matter what money the buyer has. That is why it is advisable that you mention in your ads that the price is firm.

Begin Your Crypto Profit Journey with BitOnyx AI-Powered Trading

Cryptocurrencies have exploded in value in the last half a decade. For many, the post-2017 crypto winter was a sign that these digital coins had achieved what they could and had retracted to their true value. The start of 2020 proved so wrong for them. Now with new all-time highs, cryptocurrencies have proven that they have still more growth. A growth that individuals would love to capitalize on. Crypto trading is the best option to utilize the price fluctuations.

However, for many people, understanding cryptos and the trading concepts are too much. Even for those who do understand it, non-stop trading means a time commitment that they cannot have. In these scenarios, what is a person to do? What if there was a way that wouldn’t force people to spend hours and days learning what is crypto, but let them benefit from trading it? For years, this had stumped people. No more now.

BitOnyx AI: Trading with Artificial Intelligence

At BitOnyx, the development team has initiated a project that will help hundreds of thousands of people around the world who face different time and strategy issues in crypto trading. The BitOnyx team realized that unless and until there was a solution for easy trading, cryptocurrencies would never gain mainstream attention.

Out of the several possibilities, the team decided to concentrate on not creating solutions, but the ultimate solution. The result is the BitOnyx Artificial Intelligence trading platform. Instead of pushing people to learn about crypto, BitOnyx is all about facilitating them through taking the difficult and time-consuming decisions to automation. BitOnyx employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, and heavily tested market-neutral strategies to create a holistic system that provides users with the opportunity to simply use BitOnyx on their exchange account and go on with their lives as the software takes care of the trading, working non-stop, without requiring rest or sleep.

Why use BitOnyx?

If you are looking for a one-sentence answer, it is simple: artificial intelligence is faster, better, and efficient than a human response.

BitOnyx leverages stochastic process theory in conjunction with synthetic neural networks, which leads the AI to take data inputs on the crypto market and constantly create future predictions, employing the best fit to make trades and take decisions without human intervention. On the ground, this is the same technology used by institutional traders in the traditional stocks and ForEx markets. There are no rows of people sitting in front of computers who study the graphs and data to buy or sell assets. The computers execute orders based on the market conditions with the overall strategies defined pre-hand and humans are only needed to intervene if something goes wrong due to sudden market shifts.

Computers have always been renowned for their speed and efficiency. Where a human trader would take time to digest the changing situation, mull over what to buy and sell, decide the amount to trade and pricing, lock in the order and then sit to watch, BitOnyx would have already executed the order and move on to the next. The lightning fast response time makes BitOnyx the best decision-making software for crypto trading, be it day trading, swing, or any other kind.

The BitOnyx team constantly monitors the growth of its AI. As the system learns, it grows and creates its own strategies. With BitOnyx designed for reducing risks while selecting trades that result in higher yields and rewards, there are times that the system would start to slip a bit. If the results are not up to satisfaction, the team looks into it and adjusts the learning curve accordingly. In the last year, the BitOnyx learning mechanism has not failed a single time and so far, the strategies employed by artificial intelligence have exceeded the team’s expectations. This is partially helped by the fact that BitOnyx AI documents every trade it does, creating a complete record of its strategies and self-auditing at the same time. The system checks past data against the user’s requirements and adjusts automatically if there are variations in the expected and actual outcomes.

The AI has been developed by simulating a human brain and its thought patterns, learning from mistakes, and making it a part of its permanent memory. This creates an on-going improvement process and leads to a logical outcome to the predictions made by the system. As the predictive and cognitive analysis of BitOnyx has improved, it has reached a point where it works on a proactive mode, making trades that are better, faster, and don’t rely on the market to change and lag behind. It can effectively predict how the market will be and buys or sells assets before the market has time to react to the change. This gives BitOnyx users an edge that other traders, even professional ones do not have.

We understand that cryptocurrency trading is a global market and more or less the value of a coin or token is the same all over the world. However, there are slight variations due to local supply and demand situations, including some slippage due to different time zones of countries and locations. As such, many traders try to take advantage of this by registering on different exchanges and trading platforms, trying to capitalize the difference to their advantage. BitOnyx AI is a cross-platform intelligent service that can connect to multiple trading platforms, with all the strategies controlled from a single interface. Where other traders will spend time observing different platforms and making decisions, BitOnyx will have already executed the trades and skimmed you the maximum profit possible.

As a piece of software that simulates the human thinking process in a lightning fast manner, BitOnyx AI is free from the restrictions of flesh. This means unlike its biological counterparts, it does not require rest, sleep or time off. It can continue on trading, working 24 hours a day, without taking a day off, and working well into the weekends and holidays. Secondly, as artificial intelligence, it is free from emotions that humans are susceptible to. It cannot be swayed by FOMO, or make rash decisions in case of a huge market shift. The software is free from the influences of different pump and dump schemes, or going the hodling way as markets fall and people lose money. The trading app is designed to be free from these inputs and can even work on micro trading, letting you skim small profits from the volatility in the market, amounting to a significant increase in wealth that you otherwise may not be able to achieve.

 BitOnyx AI Packages

BitOnyx is an extremely efficient forecasting and automated trading platform, allowing users to generate profits even in situations they thought it was impossible. Another firm belief of the team is that profits generated are the users only. Unlike other trading bots that take a commission on the trades made and essentially eat up into the profits of traders, the BitOnyx AI platform uses a different strategy.

There are four different packages for the artificial intelligence platform, each designed to allow traders to use what is most economical for them:

 One Month: Starting at $9.99 per month, the subscription lasts 30 days and can be canceled at any time of the year.

  • Quarterly: A three-month package, this comes with a 5% discount and offers 90 days of non-stop trading for $28.47, averaging out to $9.49 per month.
  • Half Year: Users can have 6 months of uninterrupted trading for as little as $8.99 per month, a combined package of $53.94.
  • Yearly: Unleashing the AI advantage, users can generate profit all year round with zero downtime of BitOnyx AI trading platform with only paying $99.48 ($8.29 per month), peanuts compared to the vast profits the users will be generating in crypto trading.

For users who want to go for the short-haul and develop instant profiting strategies, the subscription packages may not be the right investment they are looking for. These traders have another subscription offer, which is much similar to the commission-based models employed by other platforms (explained later on below).

BitOnyx AI Forecasting App

BitOnyx team realizes that for people looking for an effective method to automate their trades, they may not have the necessary skills and understanding, or might be a little confused on whether to use the service or not.

For traders like these, the team has created a free forecasting service, called the CryptoCoins Forecast App. This is an iOS and Android supported app that takes different inputs of tokens and coins to create a forecasting method for more than 700 coins in the market. Using the same input strategies as its main AI trading app, the CryptoCoins Forecast uses the latest in bleeding-edge technologies and creates a whole historical mapping of the coins, including different statistics and presents the information in an easy to understand user interface. As more and more data is available, the app improves its predictions and gives users sound strategic advice to place their orders.

The app is a great way for traders to get themselves accustomed to the AI’s power and be comfortable. When they have had enough experience and are sure that the app’s strategies are in line with their own, they can shift to the BitOnyx trading AI platform and unleash the power of automated trading.

Since the CryptoCoin app is simply about telling people about the strategies and forecasting and does not include the actual automated trading, the BitOnyx team is proud to offer this app for FREE.

 BitOnyx Token: Powering the AI Trading Ecosystem

BitOnyx AI platform has created its own native ERC-20 compliant coin, the BitOnyx Token (BTNYX). As a utility token, BTNYX has a number of uses on the BitOnyx platform, from paying every kind of fee to powering referrals made to the network. Limited to only 100 million tokens that ever will be created, BTNYX uses a deflationary economy, with the value rising as more and more people start using it, creating pressure on the demand while the supply remains constant (an even decreasing as people attempt to hold on to it as a medium of value). The BTNYX token can also be used to trade for other cryptocurrencies, giving traders yet another opportunity to make profits. Apart from this, the token allows users to pay for trading fees and app subscriptions. To make sure that the supply of the token is controlled, part for the ERC-20 protocol compliance the BTNYX also uses the ERC-621 standard set for the regulation of its supply and broken down to 18 decimals for easy use and access, even when its value rises.

 BTNYX is the perfect tool for short term traders who would rather not take the subscription packages offered by BitOnyx. For these short term traders with eyes on faster and instant trade, BitOnyx has created a trading pool. The pool is operated by an independent bot that uses a plethora of trading strategies, investing in different cryptocurrencies, and making profits. Holders of the BTNYX token can stake their assets in the pools. As the pool grows and makes a profit, the generated wealth is distributed to the token holders as per their share in the pool.

 The pool is a dedicated account that has large investments in a BitOnyx supported exchange. The trading bot of the pool buys a trade and sells it off by taking profit and stop-loss orders, placing another order immediately. If the trade generates profits, it is distributed. In case the order has generated a loss, the pool members are compensated with the reserve tokens of the system. This way the pool holders have their initial investment safe all the time.

 All pool trades are transparent and users can review the trades. This allows them to match against their investment and be assured that they have gotten what was rightfully theirs. With such ease, there are numerous other benefits for the traders, such as:

 No need to sign up on exchanges or professional trading platforms.

  • No lengthy and tedious KYC or AML process to go through.
  • Safe from security failure points as there is no need of setting up APIs and giving access to their trading account to third parties.
  • The trading pool absorbs the losses and only distributes profits.

 About the BitOnyx Team

The BitOnyx is led by a team of experts in the financial, AI, and the blockchain field. Acting as its CEO, Adam Zaitov is the man behind the AI development and its infrastructure. He has worked in different major IT firms and has experience in IA, cryptos, and information security and holds a degree in IT from the famous Moscow Aviation Institute.

The financial side is led by Abdul Hakim Malik, who works as the CFO of BitOnyx AI. A sound investment expert, Abdul Hakim has a streak for investing in profitable opportunities, especially in the technology sector.

The combined power of Abdul Hakim and Adam Zaitov means BitOnyx AI is the perfect amalgam of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and financial understandings of trading to create an ecosystem that is powerful, unique, and helps in getting cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, allowing anyone in the world to take part in the latest crypto economy.

 Start your AI-powered crypto trading journey today with BitOnyx AI.

photobook.cam, new photo-sharing web app

The photobook.cam website is a web app for users to create modern digital photo albums. The application was developed by an IT Developer as a side-project.

The services offered by the application are completely free. After creating his account, the user can create his photo album by choosing between 5 types of albums: album as a Slider, album as a Book, album as a 3D Carousel, album as a Cube, album as a Pyramid (see attached image on next page).

A user can choose to subscribe to the accounts of other users in order to be notified of the creation of new albums by them. Each user is free to authorize, accept or reject requests to subscribe to his account.

For each photo album, the user can indicate the type of interaction that other users will have on it:

  • No comment

The user does not want other users to be able to give their opinions on his album. The only possible interaction for this case is viewing the album.

  • Congratulation

In this case, a button will allow other users to congratulate the author of the album about a certain happy event.

  • Compassion

In this case, a button will allow other users to empathize with the album’s author about some painful event.

  • Approval

In this case, a button will allow other users to show their interest in an idea submitted by the author of the album.

  • Reproof

In this case, a button will allow other users to denounce a fact told by the author of the album.

  • Confirmation

In this case, a button will allow other users to confirm a fact told by the author of the album.

  • Vote

In this case, a button will allow other users to vote for one or the other of the two entities illustrated by the photo album.

The author of the album is free to choose who could give his opinion on his album: his subscribers or any user.


Chef’s Table: Up Close with Chef Adam Schihab, Head Wok Specialist at Vanilla Catering

Unarguably, no other continent boasts of such an elaborate variety of cuisines as Asia. Every country here bristles with something new and exciting for the palate. From China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea to Vietnam, Bhutan, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and many others, the entire region is abundant in seafood, meats, garden fresh veggies and fruits, as well as indigenous herbs and spices. We got in touch with Chef Adam Schihab, who has been a pioneer in Vanilla Catering Saudi Arabia for years.

Chef Adam Schihab specializes in wok delicacies along with his additional expertise in Arabic, Malaysian, fusion Cantonese, modern Chinese as well as German and French cuisines. Chef Adam Schihab enjoys a double decade-long culinary career with some of the most celebrated brands in the industry. He currently keeps himself busy by innovating unique flavors of Saudi Arabia fused with modern delight Vanilla Catering. We caught up for a quick chat –

  • Share your story with us. What prompted you to take up cooking?

I was born in the Maldives and studied at the Institute of Hotel & Catering Services. I received my Master’s Degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool. I was trained in Pastry schools in Paris, France, and at HTC’s French Culinary School in Asia and so got the flavor of food.

  • How did your love for wok cooking emerge over other culinary techniques?

I have worked with most aspects of cooking, from dim sums to barbeque and others. Wok cooking is something that comes to me naturally, I feel in total control of my craft when I am cooking any wok specialty.

  • One of the biggest challenges in your culinary journey?

I think being consistent is the biggest challenge. You have to keep your craft up, the taste and textures in balance to offer the same exquisite experience to your customers year after year. At the same time there is a need to not get monotonous or boring in the longer run.

  • One of the biggest myths or misconceptions about the cuisine you prepare?

I would say that there is a lack of awareness about it but there is no myth or misconception as such.

  • Share with us three key tips to create the perfect stir fries.

Speed, right temperature and exquisite finish (plating).

  • Can you share about your experience and where are you at the moment?

I am currently based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, I have worked in ten other countries—Italy, Maldives, Indonesia, the United States, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Qatar, the Philippines, and Oman. I had the opportunity to work and cater att five-star hotels and resorts around the world including the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hilton Dusit Thani, Ritz-Carlton, and Relais & Châteaux in France.

  • We would love to know about you experience too!

I am chef, entrepreneur, food influencer with a notable career trajectory and have more than 23 years of extraordinary achievements list. I am enthusiastic about working with fresh culinary produce, designing innovative recipes and promoting restaurant ratings. Apart from that, I am also an outstanding communicator, administrator and problem solver.

  • Asians meals are generally hearty and wholesome, whereas the fine dining experience moves toward smaller portion sizes. How do you achieve a balance?

I think fine dining experience these days ensures appropriate portioning; portions at Vanilla Catering are certainly not small but apt and filling.

  • What did Arabic food teach you? Did you have to work additionally to cater to the Arabic palate?

I enjoy Arabic food a lot. I am fascinated by the cuisine, its variety – it is rich and vibrant. Catering to a different set of customers always entails some amount of research and expertise. I am trying my best to create the most authentic cuisine which our Indian guests are aware about and relish with great delight.

  • We know you have a passion to guide people and create awareness as well. How fans can reach you to get inspiration/advice from you?

I have used social media and my passion for entrepreneurship and food to build a network of the world’s best culinary professionals. I am always looking to partner with new business professionals and chefs to take on the next thrilling food project.

You can explore my latest baking and gourmet daily adventures on Instagram: @vanilla__sa @Vanillaksa and @adamschihab.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram ( @adamschihab ), you’ll want to buy my recipe book, The islander Chef, which features all my assorted recipes you’ve seen looking for. It covers a huge variety of the following recipes:
* Macarons
* Cakes
* Pastries
* Croissants
* Decadent chocolate cake
* French Chocolate tart

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Dubai – Personal and Professional Shipping Industry Details

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is a young and dynamic executive in the shipping industry. Mr. Lakhani was born to a wealthy Dubai-based business family on August 29, 1991. He worked with several companies in his professional tenure of 12 years. He is excelled in dealing with various challenges in life. He brought innovation in his approaches with his vast experience.

Hasan Lakhani Professional Life and Achievements:

Since 2018, Mr. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Dubai is working in a leading shipping company and engaged in offshore shipping operations. He is well regarded to come up with innovative financial strategies to maintain liquidity. He has played many roles in his organization, such as developing a pipeline strategy, maintaining and creating market strategy, etc. 

Earlier, he was employed as an intern at Dry Cargo Chartering + Offshore operations. He completed his internship in this company at Clarksons Platou. He sharpened his skills and learned various techniques to maintain a relationship with clients by refining company policies. Some of his key responsibilities include managing and keeping track of market opportunities and trends.

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping has been highly skilled in developing various business strategies, and he is highly focused on his career. At Gadget Crazy, he worked with a keen interest in managing electronic goods’ inventory in 2008. He emerged with significant Logical and Analytical expertise, encouraged his team, and implemented innovative ideas while making informed decisions for his company.

Hasan Lakhani Early Life:

When talking about his educational background, Mr. Muhammad Hasan Lakhani studied at Mill Hill School till 2008 and David Lang & Dick College from 2008 to 2010. In terms of his hobbies, he had a keen interest in tennis. He played so well in his school days that he became the captain of his team. In fact, he assisted in team selection and practice with his sports manager. He is a member of the London-based Queen’s Club.

He established the Motoring5 Club with his intense passion for Motorsports in his college days. Later on, he led a successful business with his immense skills and experience. Hasan Lakhani Dubai is also a member of the London-based Royal Club, where he organizes and manages networking and club activities.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai UAE – Personal & Professional Shipping Industry Details

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani was born in a wealthy and respected family based in Dubai. He is an international tennis player, licensed sailor, IT nerd, and shipping industry professional. He belongs to a famous family which has made a foray across the world in the ship recycling industry. But he chose to make his presence felt in the industry. He travelled to countries like the UK, the UAE, and the US in his early years. He explored the world and secured his achievements and fame out of his professional career. He stayed in the UAE with family for the last 7 years after completing his studies in the UK.

Ali Lakhani Professional Career:

Muhammad Ali Lakhani developed his great skills and talents in tennis and other sports in his early years. His passion and talent in tennis never left hidden for his father. Eventually his father pushed him forward and let him fulfill his dreams in his chosen path.

Mr. Ali Lakhani Shipping spent most of his time in both studies and training. His training routine was very strict but he didn’t compromise on his studies. He always focused his dreams in one sport. He achieved great fame and name out of his efforts in sports. As a result, he got an opportunity to represent his country on an international level. Later on, he upgraded and polished his skills at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, Fl and moved to the US.

Despite putting all the dedication and efforts on the same path, he got a setback when he was injured due to a saddened car accident. Due to this reason, he had to leave his tennis career forever. Everyone cannot hold the same spirit in this stage. But Ali Lakhani Dubai was unstoppable. He kept on following his ambitions and dreams. He focused all his attention and efforts in the shipping industry as he had to leave his tennis career. Competition is also high in the shipping industry as a lot of shipping companies are looking forward to coming up with fuel-efficient vessels.

According to Ali Lakhani, experience and education are the two virtues that always help a person to go ahead in life. With this belief, he proved his presence in the shipping industry being an entrepreneur. For higher studies, he moved to the UK to join Maritime Business & Law School where he completed his graduation. He chose to gain several years of experience in the shipping industry. He worked for several multinational companies in the UK after graduation.

Ali Lakhani His Hobbies and Interests:

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a renowned entrepreneur but he continued his passion and interest in IT and other fields. His goals and ambitions are beyond the shipping industry. He always worked and proved his presence as an important asset to every company he worked for. Mr. Tahir Lakhani is the father of Ali Lakhani and he also proved his presence in the shop recycling business. This is why Mr. Ali Lakhani decided to move to the UAE to continue his shipping business and worked on developing UAVs. He constantly developed and tested unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai has always followed his dreams since his early years. He also made it big in every field he chose, whether it is tennis, IT or shipping. He developed high-end drone solutions for shipping companies. He started his allied services for the ports across the UAE by providing surveillance, aerial environment services, and drone delivery solutions. He never looked back when it came to follow his passion. He achieved a lot with his expertise which took his career to a different level. He is still working hard in his business.

In the face of a global pandemic, Soren Dawody’s CBI initiative helps small island economies get back on track

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unparalleled crisis with drastic consequences for small economies, which have fewer resources to ride out the storm. Key challenges include but aren’t limited to the devaluation of the national currency, the shutdown of small and micro businesses, and long-term social issues. Latin America, in particular, has been hit hard by COVID-19, with the Caribbean economies experiencing larger quarterly GDP contractions than in any recession. Tourism is moving at a slow pace, which in turn is significantly slowing down economic activity in the area. Things have been very disappointing until now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Soren Dawody’s Citizenship by Investment initiative is helping the small economies of Latin America address the crisis and transition to recovery. Grenada, in particular, has been able to attract new investors, who haven’t failed to see the Caribbean country’s aquaculture potential and have greatly contributed towards improving the community’s livelihoods. The long-lived program, which was brought forward in 2013, makes it possible for the small island nation to compete in the global market in terms of shrimp and fish production. This type of agriculture supports the development of more sustainable and diverse income streams for Granada.

What does Citizenship by Investment involve?  

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) provides the chance to legally acquire a new nationality by investing in projects that are government-approved. Commonly referred to as the immigrant investor program, it’s practically a process by which affluent individuals can obtain a second citizenship without having to demonstrate years of residency. Investors enjoy business, security, and educational benefits for themselves and their families, besides the fact that they can leverage numerous tax advantages. In addition to Grenada, the countries with the most active economic citizenship programs are Antigua, Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

For those of you who don’t know, Soren Dawody is a sustainable development entrepreneur who constantly demonstrates altruism. To be more exact, he’s preoccupied with helping society rather than maximizing individual profits. Over the years, Dawody has facilitated public and private partnerships, encouraging foreign investment in small economies. The Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture, which represents his latest project, is a prime example of charitable leadership. It continues to spark the interest of individuals who keep on investing in the country, whose economic position desperately requires heavy investments.

In the face of a global pandemic, it’s necessary to maximize the amount of good that can be achieved. Entrepreneurs like Soren Dawody play a key role in helping small island economies recover by driving philanthropic decisions. The economic effects of foreign investments include increased productivity performance of domestic firms and, most importantly, economic growth. Shrimp farming, for instance, creates jobs, helps reduce unemployment, and equips the population with buying power. There is hope that there will be more social entrepreneurship initiatives similar to those of Soren Dawody creating favorable conditions for foreign direct investment.

To sum up, small economies have suffered as authorities are struggling to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Impossible as it may seem, they can recover from the global pandemic, yet it’s likely to be a long haul.

Chef Adam Schihab and his team at Vanille Restaurant launch Giant burger

Burger made of nearly a 1000 grams beef and grass-fed Australian tenderloin marble beef and Kimchi in between with giant burger bun now available at Vanille restaurant at Al Khobar Saudi Arabia now for reservations
A lot of people asking what is Kimchi is? Kimchi sounds strange to a new thing in the Saudi market here more details
Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, is a traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage and Korean radish, made with a widely varying selection of seasonings including
This juicy burger is good enough for 6 – 8 people prices is reasonable of 300. oo Saudi Riyal burger was a review with local influencer food blogger Ibrahim Saleh
Chef Adam Schihab says most of his Saudi guest ( we refer to as dinner) are preferred big portion and he now working on another giant size items that he will be feature on the menu very soon chef adam schihab at Vanille restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisines and international verities and patisserie and bakery items with amazing artisan bread.

This morning Chef Adam Schihab met Mr. Maurice A. Tudor who is Quality surveying Manager at Dar Al Riyadh who is a regular dinner at Vanille restaurant Mr. Tudor originally comes from London who has inspired chef Adam with a new dish called Steak and Kidney pie similar to this one on BBC FOOD Steak and kidney pie recipe – BBC Food

Chef Adam SCHIHAB says he can’t wait to experiment with his own version of steak and kidney pie and he will personally invite Mr. Tudor as a guest taster before he put the dish on the menu

Chef Adam Schihab Instagram:


Below are the Burger Tips for Barbecue Success from Chef Adam Schihab

Summer and fall – and the long weekends in-between – are ideal times to fire up the grill and bring the family together for some outdoor fun.

Burgers, the quintessential barbecue fare, are among America’s all-time favorite foods. For variety, top them with unconventional fixings, such as avocado slices, arugula, salsa, and fresh basil.

For the best taste and optimum freshness, connoisseurs recommend organic ground beef.

“USDA-certified organic ground beef is made from animals that have not been injected with synthetic hormones or antibiotics, and that eat food free of animal byproducts and grown without pesticides,” said Michael Levine, president of Organic Prairie Family of Farms, one of the nation’s leading cooperatives of organic farmers and providers of organic meat.

Here are some burger-making tips from Organic Prairie.

* For best flavor, use 85 percent lean ground beef. If you choose leaner meat, add a splash of tomato juice or Worcestershire sauce to increase flavor and moisture.

* Finely mince any garlic, onions, or other vegetables that will be mixed into the meat. Larger chunks will make the burger fall apart on the grill.

* Wet clean hands prior to making the patties. The patties should be formed loosely, not packed or pressed, and should be about one-half-inch thick and slightly wider than the bun.

Try this Mediterranean-inspired burger recipe at your next family barbecue.

Vanilla Catering Saudi Arabia backed by renowned chef Adam Schihab

Vanilla Catering Saudi Arabia backed by renowned chef Adam Schihab and his team expanding the catering business to a coffee shop. Currently Vanilla Catering to 45 coffee shops.
Today this catering business new milestone expending catering to another City of Saudi Arabia, Al Hofuf.

Al-Hofuf is the major urban center in the Al-Ahsa Oasis in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is also known for being one of the largest date producers in the world, and for its old souks and palaces.

Chef Adam Schihab says they are trilled having the opportunity to cater Al-Ahsa

If you are as busy as most people you are always looking for ways to feed your family in convenient, fast, yet not-too-expensive ways. Here he is giving ten tips to prepare a delicious meal:

1. Cooking several meals for the week at one time. It may take a few hours of your time upfront but will pay off in the long run when you come home each evening and have a meal ready to eat in a short amount of time. Try cooking a roast and using part of it as a main meal and then using some for sandwiches, beef stroganoff or as part of a stir-fry. Fry several pounds of hamburger and make a casserole, taco meat and chili to freeze for use later in the week.

2. After you return home from the grocery store clean all the fruits and vegetables you can. When it’s time for a meal all you will have to do is cook them or add them to a salad or soup.

3. Get ideas from the cooking shows on T.V. There are great shows that show you how to make a healthy meal in a short time.

4. Develop a revolving recipe file. If you get bogged down by the idea of having to plan 30 meals a month the recipe file is for you. Let family members choose some of their favorites and put the recipes in a monthly file. Flip to day five or fifteen and there is the meal just waiting to be cooked.

5. Enlist the help of the members of your family. As soon as the kids are old enough divide up the cooking responsibilities. Let everyone take turns with specific tasks or the whole meal. Pair these meals with fruit and veggies that have already been washed and cut-up and you are ready for dinner.

6. Share the cooking with friends or neighbors. I’ve known people who cook four or five of the same meal and then trade with four or five other people. This works best when people share the same basic ideas on what they like and don’t like. It’s a great idea though for a very easy week of evening meals.

7. Save coupons for those convenience things at the grocery store. They have entire entrees and dinners either fresh or frozen. Sometimes they are rather pricy but with the coupons, they are good to have on hand for an evening when everyone is running in different directions and time is of the essence.

8. It’s O.K. to eat out from time to time. Clip coupons for these occasions and if you have kids keep a look-out for the places that have special prices for children. Some of the fast-food restaurants are trying to offer item choices that are a little more healthy.

9. Many larger cities have businesses that prepare food for the evening meal. They seem expensive at first but are so convenient and available for one person or entire families. There are many menu choices and meals cooked for special diets. When you calculate the groceries you buy and the times you eat out each week, this may work for you.

10. Combine several of the above ideas into a plan that is best for you.

It is possible with a little planning to cook meals that are quick and easy without spending hours in the kitchen every day.

Interview with the CEO of Lindela travel and tours!

Q: What is your work background?

Michelle: I’m an entrepreneur with 10 years experience and 10 years working employee to different companies

Q: What was your mission at the outset?

Michelle: My mission is to create unforgettable experiences that inspire a love for travel. By focusing on each of our employee’s unique growth potential, and I can lead the industry with travel and tours that have an invaluable impact on economies.

Q: When did you “charter” the business?

Michelle: I kicked it off in 2012.

Q: What is unique about your business?

Michelle: We Treat our Employees Like Family and Customers Like best Friends.

Q: How many employees your company has?

Michelle: We have 50 employees.

Q: Do you know who your competitors are?

Michelle: Yes, of course!

Q: What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Michelle: We offer Travel services

Q: How do you advertise your business?

Michelle: By using social media/online advertising.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

Michelle: I depend on God and obey his instruction of my life journey and glad that I did obey him. He provided me the strength to get through all the obstacles in life and made me stronger. God wants all of us to pass the tests of life, so He never gives anyone who faces problems greater than grace, and provides us a way out. It is how generous God is

Q: Do you use the services of a professional accountant or attorney?

Michelle: Yes we have an accountant for the ledger-related matters and an attorney for legal migration purposes.

Q: What do you look for in an employee?

Michelle: Passionate and Dedicated, honest, confident, Reliable and Responsible, Creative, creative, eager, Positive Attitude, proactive, team playing, leadership

Q: What made you choose your current location?

Michelle: The Makati CBD is the city center and is the busiest as it is home to a number of corporate buildings and offices, making it known as the business capital of the Philippines.

Q: Do you work locally or internationally?

Michelle: Both.

Q: You participate in exhibitions over the globe, where did you enjoy the most?

Michelle: Yes Travel expo.

Q: What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

Michelle: Evangelizing and stewarding the mission, values, and vision of your company.

  • Looking over the horizon at both the internal and external competitive landscapes, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments, trends, standards, and so forth.
  • Setting and implementing strategic goals and initiatives to move your company forward in a way that aligns with your mission, values, and vision.
  • Creating and nurturing relationships with referrers, influencers, and partners who will further the interests of your company’s strategic goals.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next years?

Michelle: Expanding and doing more ways to serve the community.

Q: How has technology, such as computers and the internet, impacted on how you conduct business?

Michelle: Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand

Q: How your business been affected due to the pandemic and how you are staying in the “market”?

Michelle: Coronavirus Pandemic has Impacted the Travel Industry, We have a creative marketing strategy to survive during the Pandemic, and we are focusing more on solutions than problems.

Q: What is your management style?

Michelle: I would describe my management style as direct, and leading by example. I enjoy delegating tasks and taking the lead on projects, but I also like to stay involved and inspire my team by showing that I’m working hands-on to help them, too.

Q: How you see the traveling in the post-Covid scenario?

Michelle: People are getting excited to travel, we are waiting for the vaccine by the end of this year, and as we fly you to your destination, we’re adding more safety measures.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Michelle: Prepare for a journey, not a single destination!

Q: May we know your business profile?

Michelle: Sure, you can browse through Lindela travel and tours

Entrepreneurship … A Leap of Faith and how Abdullah Almanna wants to take your 1st leap

Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted adventure that, without a doubt, closely resembles a roller coaster ride.  When you begin an entrepreneurial journey or “ride,” you are aware of the gamut of experiences, both disappointing and rewarding, that you will encounter as you undertake this challenge.

Entrepreneurial challenges are not unlike most challenges in life.  Hard work, long hours, and anxious moments are just a few of the characteristics of the journey to most successful outcomes.

Reoccurring questions often roam the business mind, and—although they may be phrased in a variety of ways—are basically centered on these four primary issues: more sales, more cash, more time, and more of the “right” people.

However, for every success, there are hundreds of failures.  The statistics are not only sobering, but downright frightening. More than half of all businesses started today will fail. The failure rate is astounding.  Take a look at recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, and this is what you will discover:  After two years, across all sectors, 44 percent of all new businesses are no longer in business.  After four years, 66 percent no longer exist.  And, these survival rates don’t vary much by industry.

There are three basic ways of earning money which include trading time for money, trading money for money and trading expertise/value for money.

Society and the formal education system promote the first method of earning money which involves trading time for money.  In other words, you work for someone else for a specific amount of time and then they pay you.  Working for someone else drains your energy and you don’t make much money.

The second way to earn money is utilized by a small portion of the population and involves trading money for money.  In other words, you are earning money through investing.  Investing can be risky because if you lack additional funds then how can you invest any money in the first place?  Therefore, many people can’t even try this option because they only have enough money to pay their bills.

The third way to earn money is the best option.  This entrepreneurial option involves trading expertise/value for money.  This is the strategy of entrepreneurial experts.  You have a flexible schedule, work less, and earn more.  You can make thousands of dollars a day in this option.

In order to earn money through trading expertise/value for money you need to first figure out who you are and what you can give to others.  What information do you know that could help others?  You can find value from previous work experience or even from your hobbies.  From this you can create your intellectual property.

Published book for digital nomads, Abdullah is sharing what he considers the number 1 trait for success and living the lifestyle of your dreams. Also in his new book includes a 5-question action plan to get people on the path to choosing where they want to go. This can often be the most challenging for up-and-coming business owners as well as full-time employees that want to change their path in life. Answering these fundamental questions and getting very specific about where you want to go, and taking on acting on it, can make all the difference.

And with his background in public accounting and investing, Almanna’s new book covers the important steps people can make towards their own financial freedom – applying the methods he has used to get to where they want to be.

Don’t let societal beliefs stop you.  The intellectual property market is wide, diverse, and ready to fill your pocketbook.

To get about Abdullah Almanna’s latest Entrepreneurship tips and adventures, connect with him on Instagram

The Sultan in an interview about “Monsters”, his love for Halloween and integration through music

Dear Music Lovers,
With Monsters the Hamburg singer The Sultan released his latest work in style of the spooky season. The single is not only a must-have for every Halloween playlist, but also convinces between the lines. As an oriental sultan in a turban, he sings and dances like a Western pop star and thus unites two cultures that are particularly close to his heart. We have now spoken to the Sultan of Pop in an interview about his new single Monsters and why his art contributes to inclusion and integration. We are happy to make the interview available to you royalty-free.

Video: The Sultan – Monsters

As pop sultan you have created a unique music project. What does it mean to you to combine Eastern and Western influences?
The Sultan: It’s about combining the best of both influences into one positive concept. I have always been good at finding common denominators. At home we used to live oriental values, among friends and at school I adapted to the Western culture. That’s how I got to know and love both sides and therefore I know exactly how to convey this feeling of unity in an entertaining way. The Sultan of Pop is supposed to make people curious – I mean, a guy with a turban who sings and dances like a Western pop star?Through my unique modern oriental style I want to bring people of different cultures and different ages together. The whole thing is presented with a big wink, so that my art stands for inclusion and integration. In the long run I want to make The Sultan an experience and thus a kind of paradise world, where everyone can dive into and be motivated. My music is like a flying carpet that takes you there.
Your new single is called “Monsters” and is the Halloween hit par excellence. What was your motivation for making the song?
The Sultan: In the style of the 80s and 90s, such as Michael Jackson’s legendary thriller mini-musical, I wanted to create a Halloween song that would put people in a good mood and carry them away. In the music video we playfully deal with the topic of fear: After all, the biggest “monster” we can encounter in everyday life is our own insecurities, nightmares and “one’s weaker self”.
Do you have a soft spot for the creepy season?
The Sultan: I have always celebrated this day, even though the American trend has long gone unnoticed in Germany. I’m terribly happy that Halloween also plays a significant role in Germany today. In fact, the Sultan of Pop was also created at a Halloween party. I dressed up as the Sultan like in Aladdin and became the star of the evening.
You’ve created a great music video with zombies. How was the production for you and what is behind the idea of the video?
The Sultan: I‘ve had pictures and ideas for the realization of the video right from the beginning of the song and wanted to combine the coolness of the 90s with today’s technology and quality. And the focus is on The Sultan as a modern oriental figure. The music video was produced very elaborately: We worked on different sets and shot almost 24 hours in a row. Nevertheless, all team members were fully motivated and after each scene it was a great pleasure to see the first pictures on the camera monitor, close together. The team was simply great!
With your music you are mainly in the pop sector. Are there other genres that influence you in your songwriting?
The Sultan: I’ve completed my Master of Arts in innovation studies, so thinking outside the box is in my blood. I grew up with pop, RnB and gospel, but I know no boundaries in music genres, and I get inspired by all influences, such as classical, rock or EDM.
How does the development process from a song to the final release look like for you?
The Sultan: It is totally different, I don’t have a fixed schedule. Sometimes I just play a note or a chord on the piano and continue to develop the sequence. For “Monsters” I first had a melody in my head, then I spun a chorus to it, very intuitively. The rest of the song was created around the Halloween theme.
How do you continue after “Monsters”? Do you already have new songs in planning?
The Sultan: I do have new songs and themes in the pipeline, but I don’t want to give too much away yet. Of course, I want to produce a new music video for every project. I’m pretty sure that you will like the next songs as much as “Monsters”.
The single “Monsters” by The Sultan is available on all download and streaming portals. Purchase link:: thesultan.lnk.to/monstersFurther information about The Sultan (Bio, cover, press photos) can be found in the press lounge: www.macheete.com/presse/the-sultan and on www.thesultan.com

Former Asset Management Owner Charged for financial issues

In a case involving a generous client and a “$10 million yacht,” federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment accusing a former hedge funder of fraud, conspiracy and obstructing justice.

Alex Ojjeh, 33, headed United States operations at the publicly traded AOAM management, according to the 10-count indictment filed under seal on August 2020.

The hedge fund has been under scrutiny for several months by federal prosecutors. In September 2020, AOAM agreed to pay $100 million to settle allegations that it bribed officials to get an edge on mineral oil rights in Africa. In that instance, the SEC requested an additional $199 million.

In an email Friday, an AOAM spokesman said: “The charges in the case against Alex Ojjeh do not pose any new problems for the firm, he has been excluded from the firm that has settled the matter.” An attorney for Ojjeh was not immediately available for comment.

Ojjeh was in charge of setting up two ventures to invest in Africa gas and oil interests.

In the United Kingdom, an unnamed private foundation decided to invest $200 million in one of those trusts.

Some oil company shares were sold to an unidentified co-conspirator who owed $10 million to Ojjeh for a luxury yacht. According to the 21-page indictment, the co-conspirator was to use the proceeds from the selling of shares in Ltd. to pay off Ojjeh, who failed to report that.

Prosecutors said that Ojjeh and the co-conspirator backed a document to cover up the deal, and last year Ojjeh confessed to law enforcement during grand jury hearings. Ojjeh and others are being alleged, of an extensive corruption scheme to win business in Dubai.

A cease-and-desist order imposed against Ojjeh and the bribes involved assistances from the autonomous wealth fund of the Dubai Investment Authority and attained arms and mining rights in Africa.

CEO Alex agreed to pay $1.2 million as part of that settlement, and the prosecution said it would assess a drawback against Frank at a deferred date.

Without granting or denying that they turned a blind eye to the red flags and threats involved with the deals, both consented to the subpoena, refused to ensure proper accounting of the sales, and refused to put measures in place to avoid the occurrence of any bribes.

Frank Moen is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and investment advisor fraud, wire fraud and investment adviser fraud, conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruct justice, and materially false claims in the 10-total indictment unsealed on Thursday. It wants felony penalties, as well.