How has a virus, only 100 nano-meters in diameter, disrupted our world? In America alone, almost over “114,148 deaths and ten trillion dollar losses?”

The goal of this text is to provide answers for all of the people, so that they may “ask why their government, didn’t take this more seriously?” Every citizen has a right to ask “why did you fail me”.

Due to clearance issues the source cannot be named, personal information will not be documented; however, all the information that will be managed is available for the public, meaning that anyone can find it.

In 1648, the Treaty of Westphalia was signed, achieving peace in Europe, ending seasons of war and terror. “The government is the only thing in your country, that can apply violence to the people. But in exchange to applying violence, it has a role to protect the people from violence. It failed to do that. The government loses its right to govern.”

“The primary role of your own Government is to protect its own people, and when it does not protect its own people from something like this, it has failed.”

The U.S. Government failed to protect its people by not supporting the National Health Service. A health care system that is broken. “If you do not invest in your National Health Service, you are going to end up like you are right now, with thousands of people dying from COVID-19.” “If you end up in the Intensive care unit, you have a 50% chance of survival, but if you survive, your lung function is essentially destroyed the rest of your life along with the possibility of your brain function being impaired- that’s not being publicized.”

It is important to state that the source gained knowledge and experience in this field because he  was assigned in 1999 by the U.S. Government to cover pandemics like this one.

This story is about why certain governments responded based on the first SARS1 pandemic of 2002-2004, and how they saved their populations, whilst others ignored it and let thousands of their people to die. “In 2003, a businessman contracted SARS, he recovered completely, and then, three months later, he got it again, which meant it was a new strain. He then died.”

“These viruses mutate so rapidly that even if you recover from the first episode, there are probably more than eight strains out there and if the first strain does not kill you, the next will. That information is from 2003.”

We get up every day, in front of our American Government, which tells us what we want to hear, but it turns out it is all a lie…

The source worked for the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 20 years. In 2011, he wrote a report regarding brain battlefield injuries suffered by U.S. soldiers. It showed that approximately 40% of U.S. soldiers that went to war returned with brain injuries. “The public needs to understand that. The public needs to tell the Government to do what they are supposed to do, which is, to protect its people.”

Facing the 2014 Ebola outbreak danger, the Obama administration already demanded the U.S. to be prepared for future outbreaks and assess threats before they became epidemics. Obama somehow stressed that the best way to face future pandemics is to prevent them by being ready for them, not just in the U.S., but also globally, allowing them to see the danger quickly, as well as isolate and respond to it quickly.

The U.S. Government was not ready for a pandemic. Why was it not ready? It did not prepare ahead of time.

As stated above, the source of this information worked for the U.S. Government to study pandemics like the SARS1 one and help prevent them.

In 2016, the source asked the U.S. Government to run a pandemic simulation as an exercise to demonstrate what we needed to do. “That was four years ago and the answer was no.” Now, four years later, we are facing what is called “an existential pandemic, which means that not only thousands and thousands of lives will die, but that it will cost the economy trillions of dollars.”

“Governments have given up their need and ownership to protect their own people and their economies even though they were warned. “

“Italy, has lost thousands upon thousands of people, by not approaching this as past lessons learned.” Take the UK as another example, only when the Prime Minister got sick, they acted accordingly. “He finally changed his mind and stop being like Trump and he finally said it’s real.”

How many people live in the UK? Approximately 67 million people; compare it with Vietnam, which has a population of about 96 million, but it only has 332 cases and not one death. “They are not hiding what’s going on. ” What did they do differently?

This existential pandemic could geopolitically change the earth. Other countries ignored SARS and now they are paying for it, somewhere near a trillion dollar loss. “It’s going to be huge before this is over and especially in the U.S., because we haven’t paid attention to it.“

So, what we see today is the result of a Government that ignored all the warnings, not doing what was recommended several years earlier and condemning the actual situation to absolute disaster. Governments, have given up their need and ownership to protect their own people and their economies even though they were warned. “The government should be held responsible.”


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