Imaginative Satanic Thrust Through Ardennes Then France

One trait that never ceases to amaze is the hatred for “France” in much of the political, financial, and economic related media in the Anglo-American world.

As I have explained at length, this rage against the country that views herself as the home of human rights, ever since the slave trade got outlawed there in 655 CE, is not surprising coming from plutocrats, and the media they control (which is pretty much all of it). If the Franks could impede business in the Seventh Century, what is there not to hate?

That anger is directly related to the failure of the left to address the 2008 crisis and the outrageous way it was “solved” by profiting some more those who had fabricated it, thuggish financiers.

[The Nazis got very lucky in mid may 1940, as they sneaked in their entire army, undetected by the French and British until it was too late to avoid a tremendous defeat.]

Recent examples of anti-French rage are articles against the business of the French military-industrial complex with Russia. While the much larger relation of the USA military-industrial complex with Russia is enjoying the charms of devoted silence.

The the sale of two ships by France is the occasion of a deluge of racist comments against France and the French. Why not try the same racist frenzy against Blacks, or Jews?

Paul Krugman wrote an ill-conceived editorial: Crisis of the Eurocrats. Semi-education is best to bolster the violently ignorant. Weirdly, Krugman, who is on the right of Marine Le Pen about Europe, is a self-declared “conscientious liberal”. And naturally a hero of the left. The ignorant left. Even in Europe.

Krugman’s anti-Euro trash brought up racist anti-French comments.

France’s Jews are leaving en-masse today, after waves of antisemitic activity, with violence attached“, opined in support of Krugman “New York Times trusted commenter” Rima Rigas. In truth, 90,000 French have migrated to Israel, between 1948 and 2014. Most of them came initially from North Africa. That’s much fewer Jews emigrating than from the USA to Israel.

It’s well known, in the Anglo-American world, that France exterminates Jews. As France has special laws against Nazism, as do Germany and Austria, to exert great vengeance and retribution against that hated current of thought, that’s viewed, by the millions of anti-French racists in Anglo-Americana, as a proof that the French, left to themselves, massacre Jews, and are ‘anti-Semitic”.

The truth? Scientific and other studies show that probably half the French population is somehow Jewish or Semitic related. Being Jewish was no problem in France, for more than seven centuries, or until the monsters Saint Bernard and Saint Louis agitated their fanatical Catholic snouts. (Monstrosity helps to become a saint.)

In truth, France was stuffed with hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Central Europe when she was invaded in May 1940. The USA had refused to admit any.

That only 75,000 of these Jews, most of them refugees, died from Nazi action, is testimony to the courage of millions of French civilians who sheltered the rest. My own family saved of the order of a 100 Jews. To their great discomfort (food was rationed), while living in terror for four years, in cramped quarters, at the risk of their lives, and then they were chased around by the Gestapo like vulgar rabbits through forest and mountain.

But back to the essence of the problem.

World War Two started when Britain joined France to declare war on Hitler. The Commonwealth followed. Still, the brunt of the fighting was suffered by France until a (provisional) cease-fire was called at the end of June 1940.

The USA helped Hitler in 1939. Stalin was allied to Hitler in 1939. The French military had bad luck in May 1940 against the USA-Nazi-USSR coalition. Yet the Battle of France of 1940 was the deadliest battle in the West during WWII: more than 200,000 killed in 5 weeks. Only in the USSR were there more terrible battles.

How does this relate to the crisis of 2008, that we still enjoy?

It is very simple: those helping Hitler the most were plutocrats from the USA. Hitler was pretty much their thing. Not only they financed it from scratch, but they even provided him with crucial ideas.

Henry Ford brought the malfeasance of the International Jew to the fore, while giving Hitler a fortune. JP Morgan brought Dr. Schacht. Lord Keynes forcefully explained why the Versailles Treaty was an economic disaster, and a fabulous injustice caused by the manipulative French. Even PM Lloyd George told Hitler, at length, in person, that the Kaiserreich (Germany) was on the verge of victory in 1918, when it was stabbed in the back.

Hitler was like a drone, a remotely operated device, with hundreds of American plutocrats pushing the buttons. Even Hitler understood this. Only in 1941 did he half understand that he had been played: some of his wealthy friends turned into fiends, as it suited their interest better.

This was all passed under silence, and ignored. Still is.

Nobody points out that the plutocrats were playing both sides, while gathering ever more power. Their influence was occulted, in appearance after 1945, when the more than 20 million trained soldiers of the West (16 million were actively serving in 1945) had to be reintegrated in civil life, with nice social programs. To prevent them to make a revolution.

However the Dulles brothers, who were as tight with the Nazis as imaginable, before the war, pretty much controlled the USA in the 1950s. One headed the State Department, the other, the CIA.

The uncooperative and disruptive Kennedy brats were promptly assassinated, and it has been a home run ever since.

The rage against the French Republic has gone on ever since, because plutocrats control it less well than the rest, ever since 1789. True, the Nazi spearheads cut the French best armies and the British army from behind in May 1940. However, that was incredible luck. The French high command made incredible mistakes (sending the mobile armor reserve to help the Netherlands), and a succession of lucky draws of the dice favored the Nazis. When a Spitfire pilot said he saw the entire Nazi army on a leafy road in the Ardennes, he was thought to be deranged, as this was too crazy an idea to conceive.

Most of the military re-runs of May 1940 show the French and British winning a crushing victory. The very nature of the Nazi Panzer thrust exposed it to be cut from behind. It was a close thing. Had the French command being less foolhardy, and the Nazis a bit less lucky, it would have happened.

The plutocrats vaguely perceive that: how dare the French have attacked Hitler in 1939, and, in the end, prevented them, and Hitler, to exploit Eastern Europe and Russia, as had been the plan? (This is what the British-Nazi treaty of 1935 had anticipated.) And the French could have won, clean? And they had an atom bomb program? What would have happen to the “American Century”? Still born? Is the European Union an attempt to achieve the same result, through a more devious route?

How to fix the plutocratic madness that’s taking over is simple in theory: first, determine property worldwide with a cadastrum, as Thomas Pikketty suggests. Because most of it is hidden.

And then tax wealth at 95%. And go all the way: put a cap on wealth commensurate with the one the Roman Republic had. That’s what I say.

Yet we are still in the midst of a coup by the few against the many. How? The few control the media, including the universities, the politicians, and other celebrities. To the point that bleating is the sheeple’s highest calling.

And, in Anglo-Saxon countries, raging against “the French”. Those who attacked Hitler in 1939, while the USA’s big money leadership, to its eternal shame, but well in line with its racist, exploitative past, helped the Nazi dictator to the best of its ability.

When accused later to have plotted to launch the USA into World War Two, president Roosevelt said he did not do it. What proof did he roll out? Franklin Delano Roosevelt boasted that he had been instrumental in limiting the percentage of Jewish students who could attend Harvard University. In other words, he was so spiritually close to Nazism, that he could not be suspected to have plotted against it. I rest my case.

Patrice Ayme


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