Seeing The Devil When It’s Just Smoke Is A Problem

There is a great number of maniacs planted all over the Internet, spewing insanities so outrageous that the distraction they provide, serve, in the end, the plutocratic masters they live off like leeches. One cannot have democracy, when too much credulity and imbecility thrive all over. It’s high time to call idiocy by its name. One should not be able to make a business from idiocy, and not be denounced. Thanks to my friend Paul Handover, I detected a “Tomgram”, called A New World Order full of idiotic gems such as:

“As for more traditional imperial-style wars, you can count them on one hand, possibly one finger: the 2013 French intervention in Mali (after a disastrous U.S./NATO air-powered intervention in Libya destabilized that neighboring country). France has also sent its troops elsewhere in Africa, most recently into the Central African Republic, but these were at best micro-versions of nineteenth century colonial wars.”


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