Core of Europe’s Worldwide Philosophical Empire

Europe and her colonies, extend all around the planet, from Patagonia, to both sides of the Behring straights. More importantly, European philosophy dominates at the United Nations. And Human Rights reign within since the official proclamation of the European Union. As, and because, tribalism, also known as nationalism, the preferred weapon of plutocracy, was beaten back.

Yet, a worm is in the fruit, best illustrated by the grotesque spectacle, since 2008, of plutocrats whipped in a feeding frenzy, gorging themselves on public funds, like the pack of sharks they are. How come nobody is arresting them yet?

That’s consecutive to a legal, judicial and political failure of the Republic rendered mad by plutocracy in its brain. Many are the parasites who kill their hosts.

Worse: American leaders, political and intellectual, don’t get it (although Paul Krugman is showing signs of improvement in his cultural and mental condition).

Tyranosopher: Plutophile American economists keep on being invited to conferences where the fate of the civilization is thrown to the rabid dogs of the free market, Obama Wealth Care style.

Let’s try to teach these ignorant, lethally vicious people the correct ideas, lest it has to be done at the point of a gun. They talk about Europe, but they don’t know what it is.

Simplicius Maximus: Point of a gun? Really? So what’s the problem?

Tyranosopher: The problem is that even Krugman, Stiglitz, Obama and company well meaning American economists or leaders, teach the world lethal lies, not because they are vicious bastards, just, but because they have no idea what the truth is. And of course, right of them, it’s way worse.

Watch Obama, who believed, really believed, the poor fool, that greed would solve health care in the USA. Now he finds out, but does not understand, that the greedsters are all over his Obamacare, to the point he can’t even fake it.

Each times Obama opens his mouth, it’s an avalanche of lies about the “marketplace”, the “consumers” “navigating”, “exchanging”, buying and selling health plans with the cooperation of the IRS, like all the rich pigs who make the atmosphere Obama breathe. After all, that’s the way the rich pig made their money, why can’t the poor make their health care that way?

Krugman got a Nobel Prize in Europe, and spoke authoritatively about the disaster that, according to USA plutocrats, the euro was.

Yet, years later, Krugman discovered that Europe had founding fathers (Robert Schuman, Jean Monet, etc.). And that there was a plan to fabricate a European Union, and that the euro was a crucial piece of that machinery. Only now does he start to slowly get it. People like this dine at the White House, and are taken very seriously by the ignorant ones above them in that military hierarchy one calls democracy.

Obama never knew a plutocrat he did not love to death, like a dog living among sausage makers.

Simplicius Maximus: But Britain, while in Europe, is against the euro.

Tyranosopher: Sheer recent plutocratic propaganda. What the plutocrats mean is that the City of London, technically a plutocracy, does not want to be in Europe.

Actually Churchill himself qualifies as a founding father of Europe in no uncertain terms.

Winston, his cabinet and parliament, after thinking it out with De Gaulle, decided to unite France and the United Kingdom on June 16, 1940. The PM gave De Gaulle his personal plane to go persuade the French government; the French PM agreed, but his cabinet of spastic traitors refused. That was a disaster. France was actually far from defeated, and could have kept on fighting from Africa.

Individuals who are against Europe now are just greedy barbarians who know no history, or regret Auschwitz, or both.

SM: Are you not exaggerating?

Tyranosopher: No. Look at World War One. The war was a blunt, direct fascist attack by a desperate plutocracy, against democracies that were totally surprised: a week before, neither France nor Britain expected war. To the point that’s hilarious.

The war would have been over in months if the USA had not helped the Kaiserreich. The free market supremacy, according to which profits are always right, has long been an accomplice of the worst fascism, and plutocracy.

Simplicius Maximus: So you are saying that the exploitative doctrine reigning in the USA was a major cause of World War of 1914-45?

T: Absolutely. If not hindered by the USA, France and Britain would have quickly defeated German plutocracy, thanks to a sea blockade, and given the levers of power to the SPD, the Socialist Party of Deutschland, which is all what the war in 1914 was about.

Although most American intellectuals are not explicitly evil, they are implicitly so, because what they say, research, and learn, is all about what their wealthy masters want them to say, research, learn. We have to try to teach the honest ones, optimistically supposing there are some, what Europe was, is, and should not be again.

Although the Obama presidency proved me aplenty that knowledgeable advice is not what power in the USA is after. At this point American power thinks it’s smart to be dumb. Rarely have people that ignorant been so smug.

SM: What’s Europe? How did the concept or word even originate?

Tyranosopher: The Franks are the ones who named and defined Europe. The Merovingian Franks.

Simplicius Maximus: Surely you are joking, Tyranosopher. Everybody knows that “Europe” was how the Greeks designated, in Greek,  present day Greece. It apparently came from the Phoenician “ereb“, “west”. The Romans deformed this into “Europa”.

Tyranosopher:  Europe was not just a history, it’s also a myth that haunted, well, Europe. The Franks, like other Celto-Germans, were well versed in mythology. They knew what one was supposed to know about Troy.

Simplicius Maximus: How come they knew so much?

Tyranosopher: The history of the Celto-Germans is poorly known, mostly because Roman imperial power had no interest to let it be known. But it was rich.

However, in recent years archeology has made great progress. The Celtic world was old and most advanced in some technologies. 25 centuries ago, the Celts had the world’s most advanced metallurgy: the Roman army was equipped by Celtic forges, to make strong, light armor, and adopted the Celtic-Iberian sword.

The Celts had ocean going vessels, the best in the world, direct ancestors of the ships Columbus used. The Celtic world was greatly about shipping all over, from Ireland to up rivers in Spain, France, Germany. All the way to Anatolia.

SM: What does that have to do with Greece?

T: Well, the Celts traded with the Greeks and the Carthaginians. And not just metals. Also plenty of ideas. The Celts adopted Mercury as a great deity, perhaps because trade, exchanges and globalization were so big in the Celtic world.

SM: How come?

T: Trade was a giant advantage in the past. You could not just go to your basement and ask your 3D printer to make a carbon fiber reinforced gun, go two miles down and break the rock to extract fuel, or grow genetically adapted bananas in Alaska. You heavily depended upon distant resources, if you wanted a superior socio-economy.

Thus the societies that came to dominate the ancient world were all well travelled: the Cretans (Minoans”), the Phoenicians, the Mycenaeans, the Etruscans, the Celts, the Carthaginians, the Greeks.

That, in turn, was related to how they were founded, or their geographical situations, or both. Crete and Gaul, for example, were central.

SM: Ah, here comes the French. Long time, no hear.

T: It’s a fact that what is presently called France, is, first of all, a crossroad. There are no less than three major ancient trade routes through France. One from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, and two from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, and Germany. Europe’s mountainous terrain made it much more difficult to go through anywhere else. That difficulty of travelling was much greater, the more you go back in the past; probably that’s why the Celts invaded the whole Gallic area to start with.

SM: What of the Romans in all this?

Tyranosopher: The Romans evolved an excellent Republic and quasi direct Democracy. Differently from Athens, the Romans did not have rabidly murderous hyper plutocrats next door. Both Etrusca and Magna Grecia instructed Rome. Their student, Rome, grew to overwhelm its teachers, thanks to its greater democracy, but it did not deny them.

Roman anti-sexism grew from Etrusca (Augustus’ wife was Etruscan, and showed it). Educated Romans learned Greek first. Caesar’s last words were in his first language, Greek.

Athens’ second rise was interrupted by Macedonia. That direct democracy, having survived the war against Sparta and other powers paid by plutocratic Persia, was crushed by Macedonia’s Antipater. Antipater, an experienced elder Pluto, a great general, may even have poisoned Alexander. Antipater made Athens’s rich captains an offer they could not refuse.

Although Athens had fought Persia to death, the Macedonians, who parroted the Greeks in some ways, did not bring in their leading men as great a passion. Although Alexander was a confirmed mass exterminator.

Because the Rome was such a democratic Republic, it could not be defeated by Celtic bands, Carthaginian plutocracy, or the (fascist) “Hellenistic” regime.

However, by the time Rome liberated Greece, the Roman elite had turned to the Dark Side. Thank Hannibal for that.

Simplicius Maximus: So what happened next?

Tyranosopher: Well, the Roman senate, in a few years, ordered the legions to destroy all the free democracies in the Mediterranean world: Carthage, Numantia, Corinth, etc. A warning to Athens.

SM: Did you not just say that Carthage was a plutocracy?

T: Well, having understood the errors of its ways, Carthage, an enormous, splendid city, full of knowledge, trading all the way from Armorica to the Congo, turned to democracy. Too late. That made her an even greater peril for the inchoating Roman plutocracy.

SM: OK, can we go back to Europe?

Tyranosopher: Carthage was also Europe. In an important cultural sense. You have to understand first that the Greco-Roman empire was an error.

Simplicius Maximus: I know your theory: slavery made the Greco-Roman empire fundamentally flawed.

T: Yes, it was not just creating a hyper violent society that self devoured, too friendly as it was, to Pluto’s brutally exploitative philosophy. Slavery and plutocracy also hindered technological development.

Hence the clear technological stagnation of the Roman empire, just when the exhaustion of resources begged for new technology to be able to exploit new resources.

Watch Obama give money to his sponsors and starve fundamental research, while never knowing a Pluto he did not want to pat in the back. Same stuff.

SM: Are you back, hitting at poor Aristotle?

Tyranosopher: Aristotle was never poor, always privileged. His father was Philippe of Macedonia’s own doctor, he taught Alexander. When the Athenians tried to examine his plutocratic drift, he fled, arguing, in an allusion to the more courageous Socrates’ fate, that he “did not want Athens to sin again against philosophy”.

Aristotle argued that citizens needed slaves, because they had no machines. Aristotle was using inverted, self destructive logic. In a modern version of this, Krugman says that Europe needs division, because it is divided.

Simplicius Maximus: Before we get into dissecting feeble minds,  can we finish with Europe? What’s the big picture, according to you?

Tyranosopher:  Rome spent 550 years ever more degenerating into ever greater plutocracy. This all ended at the peak of Christian terror imbibed plutocracy in 400 CE, less than 20 years after emperor Theodosius, a Spanish general, “war against the philosophers“, and his Christian terror decrees.

SM: What happened in 400 CE?

T: The Roman government told the Franks they were in charge of the defense of Gallia, Germania Inferior and Germania Superior.

Just like Obama, the Roman leaders had not taxed the plutocrats enough, and, so, like Obama, they could not pay for the army anymore. Except, by 400 CE, the process had gone so far, for so long, the empire was incapable of its own defense. In 406, for the same budgetary reason, the legions and their auxiliaries were ordered out of Britannia, leaving only local militia to defend the island.

SM: Where did these Franks come from?

T: The Franks were actually a confederacy of the willing more or less organized by anonymous Roman shock intellectuals. Let their memory be honored.

SM: How do you know this?

T: Because the Franks’ basic law, the Salic law, was written in Latin, to start with. It was also more civilized than Roman law: much fewer death penalties, women could accede to full inheritance. Salic Law, written for a NON Christian society, immediately defanged Catholic terror.

SM: Still, how did the Franks come to power?

T: They acquired power, thanks to superior metallurgy, bigger muscle, multiculturalism (and the discreet support form far sighted Roman generals/lawyers, as I said).

The Franks were the early Vikings. In the Third Century, they raided the Roman empire, sailing up the rivers, all the way down to Spain. Constantine and his Augustus of a dad, fought them in Germania.

The young Constantine, a super warrior who was well known, hated, and feared at the imperial court, realized that he had worse enemies, in said court, and associated himself with his Frankish alter egos.

They lived happily thereafter, had many children, conquering the entire empire for themselves. Still the Franks were not amused by the Christian circus Constantine and the three sons who survived their homicidal, infanticide father. The Franks kept on trying to de-Christianize the empire, in a succession of plots, coups, and outright wars.

Finally, the Roman Catholic government just gave up, and killed two birds with one stone, putting the Franks in charge of the entire German limes by 400 CE.

SM: On December 31, 406 CE, Germans from several nations, some just arrived from way back east, galloped on the frozen Rhine, surprised and broke through the Franks, penetrating the empire, all the way to Africa!

Tyranosopher: Yes, greenhouse deniers always go around, claiming it was much warmer under the Romans, but that’s an explicit example of much greater cold then. This deep freeze did not happen again.

SM: What did the Franks do next?

T: Well they grew their power and population over the next three generations. They were fundamentally farmers using new heavy ploughs (metallurgy again) to bring more intensive agriculture, with new crops, to the North’s rich soils.

By 476 CE, the Franks were the greatest military power in North West Europe, and the elected king cum imperator cum Consul Clovis, son of his Roman imperator dad, Childeric, spent 30 years establishing absolute Frankish power over Gallia and Germania. In particular Clovis defeated the Goths, scourge of the Roman empire since Valens.

Frankish power was not just a military power, but, more importantly a philosophical power never seen before, the power of the spirit of the Salic Law. The adventure of the Franks, initially a small population, reminds one of Isaac Asimov’s novel, “Foundation”.

SM: So when do you put the Dark Ages?

T: The ages became ever darker after 150 BCE, and the darkness became terminal after Julian’s mysterious, violent death (363 CE); Jovian, who succeeded the great philosopher-emperor, burned down libraries in the name of Christ.

One can say that the ultimate darkness was from 363 CE to 476 CE. At least in Gallia-Germania. The fanatical Christian emperor Justinian destroyed Italy and Rome three generations later (in the guise of saving it). So in Italy the Dark Ages, after a monetary relief under the enlightened Arian Ostrogothic rule, came back with a terminal vengeance later.

Still by, say, 550 CE, most of the European population was dead. The cities shrank. At some point, Rome, all its water sources destroyed, was totally uninhabitable.

SM: So what of the word Europe?

Tyranosopher: In 721, the Muslim warriors, undefeated on land for one full century, invaded Francia. They had discovered that the Romans could not be defeated on sea anymore. To defeat Constantinople, the Muslims opted for the strategy the Turks would themselves follow seven centuries later: conquer the European side of Constantinople. The way to do that was to go from west to east, through Spain, then Francia, Italia, Illyricum.

Next to Toulouse, the Franks of the Dux Eudes fled for their lives when the Muslims charged. But it was a ruse (that the Mongols copied systematically later). Eudes’ men came back, from the sides and behind. The Muslims were annihilated. Francia, later known as France, became warring Islam’s bête noire, for the following (2013-721 =) 1292 years.

Ah, I forgot. The next giant Islamic invasion was broken at Poitier in 732 CE. Charles Martel (the Hammer)’s professional army, made of North-Western Franks, was truly a European army, and that’s how the Franks called it, remembering the assault of fascist plutocratic Persia against, well, Europe.

That’s where the name and concept of Europe comes from.

SM: Then what?

Tyranosopher:  Just as the contact with Rome had militarized Germany more (archeology shows), the eternal war with Islam militarized France. Things really got out of control when the Franks, who had spied on Islam since inception, decided to reconquer the Middle Earth in 1100 CE. That’s not finished, but it’s a side show, anyway.

SM: What is the main show?

Tyranosopher: the cradle of Europe is the tension between civilization and fascization. Civilization brings ideas, fascization, order. Power needs to find the right balance, depending upon circumstances.

Roman fascization, spurred by slavery, cruelty and brutalization, went overboard, and ended with global plutocracy. The Franks, the Free, were anti-fascist, and anti-plutocratic, lethally so, a tradition that perdures to this day (consider La Fronde, 1789, 1848, 1871, 1914-45).

Yet, Clovis told his ferocious, fanatically free warriors, in no uncertain terms, that, from thereupon, Roman fascism would order the Frankish army (a tradition that also perdures to this day: see the 750 or so soldiers executed in WWI, or the 40,000 collaborators executed in 1944-45). That was famously symbolized by the episode of the Vase de Soissons.

Simplicius Maximus: We are very far from American economists and their poisonous emanations.

Tyranosopher: Not really. First, the USA is a direct descendant of the Imperium Francorum. The fact that most Americans can’t distinguish between a Frank and frankfurter, does not make it any less so. Actually, the siege of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt, is the fort of the Franks. But that’s already too poetical and evocative by half for American economists.

Second, American plutocracy hates and fears a united Europe. Always had, always will.

SM: What’s the solution?

Tyranosopher: Well, same old same old, since civilization exists: break them. Destroy plutocracy. The reigning plutocrats and their direct ancestors are worse than the Jihadists, since actually, they are the ones who fabricated and used the modern Jihadists that they used from Egypt to Afghanistan, to the Caucasus (just ask Putin, ha ha ha).

SM: What happened to the Imperium Francorum?

Tyranosopher: The empire was divided between Charlemagne’s grandsons. Division through equal inheritance was tradition among the Franks, and prevented strong hereditary plutocracy. The real cause of the split between Francia and Germania, on the face of it, was Parisian ennui with the uncouth easterners. The Western Franks were supposed to present a candidate for election to the imperial position, but they gave up before the time of Otto I, in the early Tenth Century.

There was no will to constitute a strong military core, although, because Europe was the richest place, Avars, Mongols, Slavs, Muslims, Vikings, kept trying to invade. The local military was, generally strong enough to handle the threat, although the Romans were asked to help with Gregian fire equipped ships against the Saracens in the later Tenth Century.

However, as Medieval plutocracy showed its ugly snout, wars between German and French plutocrats became a feature of the landscape. Plutocrats were good at playing war games against each other, and the increasing nationalism they fostered insured their domination for eight centuries, until 1789.

In 1789, the plutocrats saw the mortal danger Human Rights constituted for their universe, and they fought to death to crush them. Yet, the Republic survived, and thrived. The USA itself became a democracy in 1865.

Although Human Rights make the skeleton of the United Nations, the war is not over, as plutocracy has grown in power ever since Thatcher and Reagan. As the biosphere is under attack, Pluto’s achievements have never been as great.

Simplicius Maximus: So nationalism was a plutocratic weapon?

Tyranosopher: Assuredly. Contemplate what the Kaiserreich plutocrats did in July 1914. This why European construction, and the euro, are so important: they are anti-national weapon. We want to dial back to 800 CE, when Europe had a common currency. The apartheid that was tried later brought a millennium of tears, pain, death, horror.

This, the Americans do not learn at school. Europeans ought to remind them of that.

The lesson of 30 centuries of European history is that, although diversity is instructive, nationalistic and tribal disunity is lethal. Not just for people, but for civilization itself.

So leave the euro alone, vulgar plutophiles. The euro is not a subject in economics, nor even politics. It’s a matter of the philosophy of survival.

Patrice Ayme


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