A little reminder for the young and naive:

Conspiracies exist, and they can have the most terrible consequences. Young and naive Americans are required to repeat 1,000 times that only nuts believe in conspiracies, so that they can stay eternally young and naive: one steals best from babies’ mouths.

USA president Jimmy Carter gave the (secret) order to attack Afghanistan, July 3, 1979, 22 years before 9/11. The CIA went to Turkey to recruit the extremely wealthy Saudi, Osama Bin Laden, to channel means to wage war in Afghanistan. The CIA and its ilk then taught the Jihadists to avoid clashing directly with the Afghan army by using the dirtiest means, such as bombing girls’ schools.


More than three millions died, and the war is still going on. Rattlesnakes are naturally bad. Yet, they can be taught to be worse.

A similar situation happened with Iran. The CIA intervened in the early 1950s, to prevent the recovery, by Iranians, of the industry that exploited the country’s oil. Prime Minister Mossadegh wanted to make some nationalizations, so the CIA brought him down. It used the same method as in Egypt or saudi Arabia, and that it would use in Afghanistan; instrumentalize Islam.

So the CIA went to Khomeiny and his fellow Shiah, excited them, financed them, armed them, told them the democratically elected PM wanted to do away with them. Result? Mossadegh eliminated, and the Shah In Shah put in power.

When Khomeiny later decided that he was the Shah, Rumsfeld and his successors vigorously encouraged, and helped, Saddam Hussein to wage war, including chemical war by balistic missiles, against Iran (100,000 Iranians died of the gas alone).

To balance its moral accounting in the Middle East, the government of the USA will have to recognize its instrumentalization of Fundamentalist, Salafist Islam. Among other things that one has to beg forgiveness for.    

Patrice Ayme


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