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UN Climate Chief’s ‘Green Crusader’ Award


On its website, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says it’s a “scientific body” that provides governments with “rigorous and balanced scientific information.”

How do we know that such claims are total rubbish? Because its chairman does not behave remotely like a neutral scientist. He demonstrates no commitment to objectivity. Indeed, safeguarding the scientific reputation of the body he leads appears to be the last thing on his mind.

I have discussed Rajendra Pachauri’s environmental activism on previous occasions, including here, here, here, and here. Earlier this month, he provided one more reason to take a dim view of the IPCC – he accepted a Green Crusader award from the India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (see also here and here).

Yep. The head of one of the most important and influential scientific organizations in the world sees nothing improper about being applauded and admired for his green crusade. Does someone want to hand him a shiny ornament at a gala event attended by beauty queens, celebrities, and politicians? He’ll be right over.

Where, oh where, are the frakking grownups? Are circumspect behaviour and professionalism new ideas at the United Nations?

Until the world’s science academies, scientific journals, and science reporters start making a fuss about this sort of thing they have absolutely no hope of convincing me that human-caused global warming is a problem. The evidence that the entire climate science establishment is a joke is just too overwhelming.


In a recent interview, chairman Pachauri made several questionable remarks. For example, he declared that:

I’ve never said anything which is policy prescriptive.

I guess that’s why I’ve previously written blog posts with ironic titles such as The Never Policy-Prescriptive Pachauri

In any case, read all about the interview over at Hilary Ostrov’s blog here.


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