This editorial cartoon, by Graeme MacKay, appeared in Canada’s Hamilton Spectator newspaper last week.

It observes that while a great deal of attention gets paid to wildlife that are inadvertently harmed by the oil industry, we hear almost nothing about wildlife harmed as a matter of course by wind turbines.

Wind power companies would never be allowed to set up shop in the first place – and could not remain in business – if they were shamed and penalized in the same manner as oil companies for the bird deaths they themselves cause.

A friend cut this cartoon from his local paper and shared it me with me over the weekend. It warmed the cockles of my heart, since it suggests that those of us who’ve been trying to draw attention to this incredible double standard are beginning to be heard.

What’s fascinating is that, on the newspaper’s website, the first comment by a reader declares (in its headline) that this cartoon is “offensive.” According to grimsby:

Mackays cartoons never contribute to Hamilton or Canada.its like if Rob Ford could draw! [ellipsis and spelling mistakes in the original]

Wow. This person apparently thinks it’s offensive to point out a double standard. S/he then makes a blanket statement that work by this cartoonist never contributes positively to public debate. Finally, s/he throws in a reference to the newly elected, right-leaning mayor of Toronto.

In my view, as a political independent, this all boils down to:

I live my life in a left-wing bubble. What I fantasize to be true is more important than what actually is. Anyone who points out obvious problems with power sources I personally favour is a right-winger. Their views are offensive and never worth listening to.

Some days it’s tough feeling optimistic about the human race.

Please note the cartoonist gives bloggers permission to post his work, so long as a link to his website is also included.


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