True Equality Network’s infiltration and investigation into court houses, prior domestic violence cases, domestic violence coalitions, prisoner torture, abuse shelters, and Legal Services Corporation and their grantees have brought many egregious abuses into public view.

TEN’s shelter investigation in coordination with criminal charges attorneys may very well be the largest peacetime undercover operation in our nation’s history. Not only was it highly successful, but instead of costing the taxpayer at large money, it generated revenue by identifying and reporting over 12,000 persons that were earning above average incomes without reporting one cent of these earnings.

The investigations by TEN and its affiliates have produced significant information that could result in the criminal prosecution and/or civil suits against major entities in the divorce, child support, and domestic violence industries. These charges and/or suits may also include violations under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) and racketeering charges against countless individual participants in these industries. As previously posted, our estimated costs to investigate and evaluate how many actions we can undertake ourselves was $3,500.00. Although this is still a valid estimate we have yet to come close to generating these funds.

Some of the research has been revealed in Terri Tersak’s articles Congressional Guidelines For Abusing Women, and How the Failures Of Welfare Reform Created Our lawless Courts (Co-authored by David Heleniak and Terri Stoddard). Much good will come from this in the future as we reform America’s domestic violence and other family laws.

These research projects come with operating costs well beyond what the leadership can afford out of its own pockets. True Equality has some urgent fees to cover filings and legal assistance. In order to move to the next step of action TEN needs your support to cover costs these costs.

You can help TEN tremendously by recycling some of Bush’s tax rebate.

For the record, readers should know that I am not paid for any of my work or writing for True Equality Network. In fact, I donate both my time and money to this historic effort.

You can use TEN’s PayPal account to help support its diligent work on behalf of family law reforms that will help you and your children in the future.

David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network, and President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition


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