Six people who were released from George W. Bush’s gulag in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have been arrested in France.

This from Reuters:

The six, who have all spent lengthy periods in detention in Cuba and in France, face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The prosecution alleges the men joined a terrorism network based in Britain and the Afghan-Pakistan border, having passed through Britain en route to al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

But the accused said they only went there out of curiosity.

Yes, the same curiosity that leads all of us, like moth to bug zapper light, toward al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. I love how we call them “camps,” too. It makes it sound as if terrorists are learninghow maple syrup is made, making crafts, and having singalongswhile walking to thetoboggan run.

“Billy’s spending the summer at ‘al Qaeda camp’, and he’s really enjoying himself. Last week he learned tomake a paper mache bomb belt and today they’re making suncatchers out ofdepleted sarin gas shells.”

Anyway, the arrests of these six menare somewhat shocking on two levels:

1) Who knew that anybody ever got released from Gitmo? If you pay attention to the mainstream media and certain politicians, people who go there do not come out, as they’re all held indefinitely and without charges.

2) France is aggressively fighting terrorism. Maybe the Muslim riots thing finally put their berets in enough of a twist to join in the “war on terror”fun.

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