It Looks As Complicated Around One Neuron As Around One Galaxy

The LOGOS Sings of Elements Of Brain Simplified Into Discourses

The Logos started to dominate Greek philosophy with Heraclitus (circa 500 BCE). What’s the Logos? The discourse. Correct discourse, namely, well, logical.

Greek science discovered around 500 CE that much more of the universe responded to discourse (logos) than to the gods. However, during the Peloponnesian War, the Athenian army was destroyed because the commanding Athenian general interpreted a sun eclipse as a dreadful omen (to this day, the Muslim “scholars” believe that the gods drive the Moon. Instead of a human discourse. That’s why they have to look at the Moon to tell the end of Ramadan).

The first eclipses had been predicted nearly two centuries earlier by top scientists. Now we can predict that the Logos is actually incarnated. The featured image displays this.

[The schemas above are themselves extreme simplifications of what we observe in real pictures nowadays; a conclusion is that we can get enormous plasticity in the electric circuitry, without affecting the synapses at all… A complete surprise relative to what was believed, say, ten years ago. The axons themselves are plastic along their lengths, and learn! Dendrites sprout, or not, driven, or not, by glial cells, or other neurons.]

Considering the importance of Neoplatonism for the Greco-Roman elite, Christianity had to make the Logos into god (it’s the so-called “Holly Spirit”). Thus the Logos’ importance precedes Logos Galileo’s famous statement that the book of nature is written in mathematical language.

By the time of Galileo, the Logos had already become a research strategy: develop cute mathematics, and hope physics would follow.

(The notorious “Superstrings”, which are Not Even Wrong, is more of the same: wild “mathematical” guessing in the hope that something physical will be revealed; it did not work.)

The scientific strategy of using the Logos to discover nature, started with Buridan. Kepler pursued it in what he called his “War On Mars”: Kepler tried all possible curves, and checked them against data. It took 30 years.

Calculus, developed initially by lawyer-mathematician Fermat gave Celestial Mechanics. Fourier analysis helped with heat, Poisson’s math predicted a dot to disprove the wave theory of light (thus proving the latter, as the dot was there!). Fitting mathematics to heat emissions forced Planck to introduce the Quantum.

Riemann discovered in the 1860s, the idea that force could be viewed as curvature (and reciprocally). Thus force predicted space. Einstein-Hilbert, and later Dirac, would that to good use, curving spacetime (1916), revealing spinors (1930). Spinors had been introduced in geometry by Élie Cartan in 1913.

How come the brain can predict the world?

It simple: the brain is built as a set of mini-worlds, each of them a Logos.

A spectacular illustration of that human stem cells, with a bit of coaxing, left alone, form nerve cells and organize themselves in mini-brains. Left to itself, having consulted with the world, or not, the brain organizes its mini-worlds.

Substructures of the brains are mini-worlds. Made of what? Well, looking at neurons, or glial cells, we see networks made of varying materials (of axons, more or less covered with myelin, dendrites, and all sorts of protrusions, including inside synapses, and glial cells with their own networks).

All these variations mean very large dimensions (accentuated by 50 neurohormones and neurotransmitters), and all the entanglement mean highly non trivial topology (knots everywhere).

Some of these networks translate into sensations, discourses of sensations, or simply real discourses, and thus logic, as written by logicians, mathematicians and physicists.

The fact that the brain is physically made of immensely complex implications and neighborhoods means that it is made of the most complicated logos imaginable. For the good and simple reason that it is imagination incarnate.

This inner world, this world of the Logos, can be rebuilt better, and much more easily than the universe out there. Yet, it is informed, and initially greatly imprinted, by the universe.

Science consists into reproducing faithfully categorical structures as found out there (though experiments). (Here the word “categorical” is as found in a sense at least as complex as in modern Category Theory. Diagrams of arrows).

This, of course, does not differ from basic common sense: as the baby learns about gravity, it informs the proper Logos in the baby’s brain about the basics of gravity (science gets a bit more precise, but does not basically differ).

Control is about the inner world, the inner Logos, not contradicting too much the Universe’s Logos. This can happen, because the inner Logos is basically a self-made mathematical model of what is hoped to be out there.

If the contradiction is too violent, all sorts of pathologies can arise, and not just in Putin.

The Logos is made of micro-brains, it will end up interrogating itself. What gives?

Patrice Ayme


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