Pliocene Camels Lived As Close To The Pole As One Can Get On Foot

Abstract: Logic and, or, independent observations, show that, considering the present CO2 (and other human made greenhouse gases) density, the High Arctic will be ice free pretty soon (except for the highest mountains, but that’s to be expected).

Once again, Jihadists decided to kill those who draw with a pen. Fortunately, they met a Texan police officer who was very good at shooting his pistol. (More on this soon.) Here I am going to consider here another type of drawing. A rudimentary, yet enlightening, computation of mine. It is important, because it is about what keeps the Arctic cold: what is inexorably disappearing, the sea ice itself. And it does? Above is the picture (let Jihadists shoot me, for daring to represent God’s creatures).


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