As USA Hogs Get Antibiotics Daily, Human Babies Ought To Get Less?


Dr. Tom Frieden is the director for the Center for Disease Control. He wrote for CNN “A nightmare health scenario we can stop”. A lie by omission and diversion, that exposes how plutocracy corrupts the soul. And kills.

What Dr. Frieden does not mention, is probably, I claim, where his future salary will come from. I will show, indeed, that the horror does not stop there.

Here is Frieden’s report, or, shall I say, disinformation (I removed repetitive, sanctimonious, data empty passages):

“Today’s interconnected world means we’re all linked by the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat – and the antibiotics we use.

. antibiotic resistance travel the globe. Take Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE. This really is a nightmare bacteria, resistant to most, and in some cases all, antibiotics. These microbes are especially deadly, and they can pass their resistance to other microbes through “jumping genes” or plasmids.

Right now, CRE are found primarily in hospitals. But if these microbes become more common in the community, then urinary tract infections, wounds and other common infections will be extremely difficult or even impossible to treat. It’s a terrible scenario. each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and at least 23,000 people die as a result.

It’s a big problem, and one that’s getting worse. But we published this report because it’s not too late – there’s a lot we can do to slow down, and even reverse, antibiotic resistance.

Clinicians, healthcare facility leaders, public health professionals, leaders in agriculture, policymakers, and patients all have a role to play in reversing the current resistance trends. Through concerted commitment to immunization, infection control, protecting the food supply, antibiotic stewardship, and reducing person-to-person transmission we can keep new resistance from developing and prevent the resistance that already exists from spreading.

Prevent: Drug-resistant infections can be prevented by immunization, infection control in healthcare settings, safe food preparation and handling and hand washing.

Track: CDC collects and analyzes data on antibiotic-resistant infections to understand their causes and to discover which people more likely to be infected and to help find and stop outbreaks.

Improve use: Every doctor must commit to use antibiotics only when needed, and to use antibiotics for only as long as they are needed. Patients need to understand that “more” drugs does not equal “better” drugs. The right treatment is the best treatment – and that isn’t antibiotics for every infection or every illness.

Develop new drugs and diagnostic tests: It’s important that we restart the pipeline and provide incentives to companies to do this research. Still, it might be 10 years before the next antibiotic is available, and unless we improve systems to prevent resistance, we will lose these new drugs as well.

The president’s budget has a request for an increase of $40 million so we can better use advanced molecular techniques to find resistant and other deadly microbes and stop them faster. .

More from CNN: Doctors still overprescribing antibiotics”

The CDC is making an anti-antibiotic campaign. In humans. Why?

Because doing so acts like a psychological vaccine against the scandal that is really going on about antibiotics in the USA, endangering the whole planet.

Indeed, antibiotics are systematically given to animals in the USA, everyday, so that animals can grow more, faster and bring more profit. Explicit plasmids have been tracked to this practice, which was made unlawful in Europe, January1, 2006 (the European Commission “ban on antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed” goes into some details).

In Europe, antibiotics can be given to animals, if and only, they are sick. In the USA, antibiotics usage is discouraged in human, even when they are sick. That debasement makes, in turn, dignified humans sick. No danger for Dr. Frieden.

Dr. Frieden’s recommendation of giving less antibiotics to humans is inhuman. Why? The USA has more death by infections than any other advanced countries. A baby on the first day of life has twice the probability of dying in the USA than in the European Union (As National Geographic points out in 2013).

Notice the Union has bottom-of-the-barrel countries such as Greece, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. A leading cause of baby death in the USA? Infection.

I just want to see Dr. Frieden’s future mansion. I hope his wife can buy as expensive a bag as Oprah Winfrey, and make a big fuss about it.

American doctors are reluctant to use antibiotics, in conditions where they would have long been used in France. Indeed, if a child has a severe respiratory infection, one cannot know for sure that’s bacterial, until it’s way too late. Such is the state of science, sorry, folks.

Recent studies have shown that just treating babies with antiseptics (related to antibiotics) such as chlorhexidine, used on umbilical cords could save 500,000 babies a year.

In a country such as France, the same generosity that is extended to live meat is extended to young humans. The French love their babies. But treating humans as well as animals is apparently frown upon in the USA, and Dr. Mengele Frieden is part of the plot.

Let’s hope he gets well rewarded.

“Most informed scientists and public health professionals acknowledge that the problem of antibiotic resistance in humans is overwhelmingly an issue related to human antibiotic use,” the American Meat Institute says. Thank you, Pluto, your message is always clear: lies are true, and truth is lie.

My question is simple: how much are those scientists paid? By whom? How much will they be rewarded? Where is Dr. Frieden next multi-million dollar income to come from?

A few years back, I remember reading a study of antibiotic resistance in the middle of the Amazon. The resistance was from plasmids (travelling small gene pieces that can jump species) that originated in domesticated animals given antibiotics in the USA. The study was in the AAAS Science Magazine (to which I’ve subscribed for decades). The antibiotics in question had never been introduced to the South American continent.

Here something I have a reference for.  A study in the journal mBio, published by the American Society for Microbiology, shows that an antibiotic-susceptible staph germ passed from humans into pigs, where it became resistant to the antibiotics tetracycline and methicillin. Then the antibiotic-resistant staph jumped back into humans.

To quote:“Modern food animal production [ IN THE USA!!] is characterized by densely concentrated animals and routine antibiotic use, which may facilitate the emergence of novel antibiotic-resistant zoonotic pathogens. Our findings strongly support the idea that livestock-associated MRSA CC398 originated as MSSA in humans. The jump of CC398 from humans to livestock was accompanied by the loss of phage-carried human virulence genes, which likely attenuated its zoonotic potential, but it was also accompanied by the acquisition of tetracycline and methicillin resistance. Our findings exemplify a bidirectional zoonotic exchange and underscore the potential public health risks of widespread antibiotic use in food animal production.”

Paul Keim, an author of the study, said that the research shows that “our inappropriate use of antibiotics . is now coming back to haunt us.” He says the solution is clear – banning antibiotics in livestock feed, as in the European Union.

Frieden, the head of the CDC “forgets” the animal feed problem in the USA. (Though he nebulously, but tellingly, allude to “leaders in agriculture“, no doubt those “leaders” who led him to believe big checks leading him to a better future.)

Frieden’s ethical level is compromised below plausibility (since his expertise is beyond any suspicion, his omission of animal feed is deliberate). Dr. Frieden, I’m afraid, can only be assumed to be a shill for big agro-business, just as Krugman is for big banks (and Pelobamacare).

Antibiotics resistant tuberculosis (TB) grows in Russian and Georgian prisons. Dr Frieden himself implicitly admits USA hospitals are not clean enough. Why does not he go clean them with bleach? When antibiotic resistant TB patients from Eastern Europe make it (unlawfully) to French hospitals, they are cured with (semi secret) new antibiotics. French hospital personnel don’t freak out: French hospitals are kept clean.

In December 2012, the FDA withdrew a 1977 (!) proposal to remove approvals for two antibiotics, penicillins and tetracyclines, used in livestock and poultry feed. It said it would focus instead on “voluntary reform” by the meat industry to limit use. Typical Obama: “In greed we trust!”

When the Roman empire (more exactly the Principate) was experiencing great wealth, top intellectuals, the ones who had access to the imperial court, were clearly uneasy. Yet, they did not want to dig into the truth, because it would have compromised their material wealth.

Same now. It goes even beyond that: a renowned physicist accused me of treating Dr. Frieden badly. A case of plutocratic university system solidarity. After all, if people as successful as Frieden and Obama see as central to their jobs to mislead people with outlandish, deliberate lies, is not lying moral? After all, it’s successful.

The fish rots by the head. Demosthenes, Polybius and the Gracchi warned the Athenian and Roman republics what horrors were coming, lest they resisted the psychological slide to the Dark Side. Only that could have worked, but it did not. However, in more modern times, strident warnings by intellectuals were heard. An obvious case is the Dreyfus affair, when plenty of French intellectuals blasted the temptation to slide into horror, and did this successfully.

But let me point out this: what is more base, more horrible than letting babies die. so that pigs can grow?

Patrice Ayme


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