We’re told the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a scientific body that conducts objective scientific assessments. But if that were the case there’s no way Rajendra Pachauri would be its chairman.

Pachauri, who has filled those shoes since 2002, is far from circumspect. If it was suddenly discovered, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that global climate change is 99.9% due to natural factors, nothing about his demeanor suggests Pachauri would a) believe such a finding or b) take pleasure in announcing it.

In other words, nothing about this man suggests genuine scientific impartiality.

The latest exhibit is a press release issued three days ago by India’s TERI University (backup link here). Pachauri is both the Director-General and the Chancellor of that institution.

The press release tells us TERI University has just held a gathering for its MBA students. In a country that suffers from widespread corruption and extensive poverty, this university is producing business leaders concerned about “a green and sustainable tomorrow.”

According to the person in charge of the MBA program, businesses will be required in the future “to pursue a much more sustainable process than at present” because various stakeholders will demand it.

Four of those stakeholders are listed. The first is customers. But since most consumers in the affluent world aren’t prepared to pay significantly more just because a product is green, it’s difficult to believe that in a nation in which so many live so close to the margins this will be a major consumer concern.

The next stakeholder mentioned is, get this, NGOs (followed by the judiciary and governments). It is surely an upside down world in which MBAs are told they should reinvent the way they do business because self-appointed activists employed by well-funded NGOs would like them to do so.

According to this same gentleman, “We have played havoc with mother earth.” In other words, this event had much in common with a Greenpeace gathering or a religious revival meeting.

But here’s the part in the press release that makes my main point:

Dr. RK Pachauri, Chancellor, TERI University had a special video-recorded message for the participants encouraging them to be the torch bearers of the green campaign. [bold in the original, italics added]

This isn’t a matter of putting words into anyone’s mouth. It isn’t a matter of interpretation.

This press release was issued by an educational institution that Pachauri heads. It reveals that, during his day job, Pachauri encourages people to be green torch bearers.

Since this man also chairs the IPCC – a body that is supposed to be impartial with respect to environmental questions – this is totally improper.

The IPCC, therefore, is not a scientific organization. It is not committed to keeping an open mind.

Rather, for the past decade it has been led by someone who is busily raising the next generation of green torch bearers.


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