Newsflash: Britney Spears caught lip-synching!
Duh, what a silly headline. What’s next? Oprah Winfrey caught reaching for a bon bon? Rosie O’Donnell starts another feud? George W. Bush caught lying again?
Britney Spears can’t chew gum and expose her vagina at the same time. It’s too much to expect her to dance and actually sing at the same time.

“The 25 year old pop star had technical difficulties when the CD she was lip-syncing to started skipping during her performance at the House of Blues in Florida.

According to sources from, ‘It was an ugly scene’. They go on to say that the crowd started jeering and heckling her. Britney looked absolutely devastated. When the CD started skipping during the song Do Somethin’, Britney hid her face and turned her back. Then, when it resolved itself, she turned around with this look on her face like she was going to puke.’”

Buyer Beware: If you go to a Mike Tyson fight don’t be surprised if he snacks on his opponent’s ear and if you attend a Britney Spears concert don’t be shocked if she lip-synchs.

Britney Spears knows no shame; she exposes her vagina to the whole world and she charges and arm an a leg for a 15-minute lip-synching exhibition.

Not that I feel the slightest bit of sympathy for the idiots who enable this celebrity whore by paying good money to see her perform.


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