As I’ve said in the past, David Horowitz is one of the most important conservatives alive. I love his work.period and it largely opened my eyes about the heinous nature of the Democratic Party. Now 70, he’s still capable of all the outstanding work that made me look forward to every new paragraph. Please read his latest–”To Have and Have Not: Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me, Part IV”–over at He’s saved some of his best for his 7th decade:

“Because politics is a war for radicals they perceive opponents of their causes as enemies on a battlefield and set out to destroy them by demonizing and discrediting them. Personally. Particularly dangerous in their eyes are opponents who are wise to their deceptions and realize what their agendas are who understand that they are not the innocents they pretend to be but are actors whose reality is masked. (It is no coincidence that the pod people in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers were inspired by radicals in the Communist era). Thus it is precisely because Glenn Beck is on a mission to ferret them out that they are determined to silence him and have organized a boycott to drive him off the air. Sarah Palin is another conservative they consider extremely dangerous and therefore have set out to destroy, personally. The list is as long as there are conservative leaders. This is because when you are in a war – when you think of yourself as in a war – there is no middle ground. A war by definition is a fight to the finish. It is waged against enemies who can’t be negotiated with but must be eliminated – either totally defeated or effectively destroyed. Conservatives don’t really have such an enemy and therefore are not mentally in the war at all, which is why they often seem so defenseless or willing to throw their fellow conservatives over the side when they are attacked.
The war Alinsky’s radicals conduct is for tactical reasons a guerrilla war as his manual is designed to explain. Conservatives are not at war with the system, but are determined to defend it, including its rules of fairness and inclusion, which provide a protective shield for cynical enemies willing to exploit them. Conservatives embrace the system and believe in the constitutional framework which guarantees opponents the right to declare war not only against them but against the system itself. Consequently, there is no real parallelism in this conflict. One side is fighting with a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners battle plan against the system, while the other is trying enforce its rules of fairness and pluralism (which of course does not mean that individual conservatives never break them).”


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