Cap and Steal Passes House. What a disgrace. No warming since 2001 but the topic is not open for discussion. The left wants to punish us and take over our lives. This will be yet another mechanism by which they can do so.

“Even if the bill’s targets are met, there is no scientific basis for believing that it will have a measurable effect on global greenhouse emissions, and even less for believing that any effect it has will have a detectable influence on climate. Even if other developed nations follow our lead, and most of them won’t, developing economies like China and India aren’t going to hobble their own economies.

Cap and Trade has been tried in Europe, and it had virtually no effect on carbon emissions. The reason is simple. Governments can issue allowances whenever the effects of such legislation become sufficiently burdensome to their economies, and they sometimes issue permits for more “pollution” than is being produced. No pain means no gain. Waxman-Markey is playing this game in advance. From the Wall Street Journal:

“To get support for his bill, Mr. Waxman was forced to water down the cap in early years to please rural Democrats, and then severely ratchet it up in later years to please liberal Democrats. The CBO’s analysis looks solely at the year 2020, before most of the tough restrictions kick in.”

When you put off the hard part for twenty years or more, it does not inspire confidence. Some Democrats voted against the bill precisely because they think it will do little or nothing.”


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