Well friends it’s not looking too good for me doing any INFERNOs this weekend. After work yesterday, a bolt of lightning hit our building’s transformer box and I haven’t had power since with the exception of my bedroom (where the computer has now relocated) for whatever reason. They say we won’t have power through the weekend and as it’s already 80 in here at 7 am I doubt I will stick around for the remainder of the day.
How about some better news? All the previous hype about drink spiking (roofies the media used to call the medication) turns out to be fabricated. Here’s an article in Australia that addresses it.

“SUSPECTED victims of drink spiking are more likely to be suffering from drugs and alcohol they have willingly consumed, according to Australian research.
Of 100 suspected drink-spiking cases reviewed in a West Australian study, none were found to involve being slipped a sedative or illicit drug.
What emerged instead was a concerning picture of excess alcohol and illegal drug use by people – usually young women – at the centre of these drink-spiking claims.
“The public’s perception that it’s a guy putting a sedative drug into a woman’s drink, at a pub or a club, we just didn’t find that at all,” said Dr Mark Little, a clinical toxicologist at the Royal Perth Hospital.
“As a community, we have a bigger problem with illicit drug use and alcohol binge drinking than we do with drink spiking.”
The study took in 101 people who were taken to two Perth hospitals as suspected victims of drink spiking over 19 months.
Almost 90 per cent were female, and a majority of these were aged 25 or younger.
About 70 per cent of the cases involved an alleged drink spiking at a nightclub or hotel, usually in the four hours straddling midnight and over a weekend.”

Legal System Destroys Yet Another Life! This story appalled me. And no, I don’t personally file share. I get ripped off on itunes like everybody else. I still have about 300 CDs from the old days when I used to buy them in the stores but why the heck is our government wasting time on this stuff and why are they destroying this person’s life. And what about the future prosecutions they cite here? Go to blazes.

“MINNEAPOLIS – The $1.92 million verdict against a Minnesota woman accused of sharing 24 songs over the Internet could ratchet up the pressure on other defendants to settle with the recording industry – if the big fine can withstand an appeal.
“Normally in our American legal system, we say the punishment should fit the crime,” said Ken Port, director of the Intellectual Property Institute at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul. “Now she’s being ordered to pay, in some ways, an incomprehensible amount of damages.”
Port has closely watched the recording industry’s case against Jammie Thomas-Rasset, 32, of Brainerd and wrote a brief that helped persuade the judge in her first trial in 2007 to grant her the retrial that ended Thursday.
In the latest trial, a federal jury in Minneapolis ruled that she must pay $1.92 million for willful infringement of the recording industry’s copyrights by posting the music on the file-sharing site Kazaa.
Under federal law, the recording companies are entitled to $750 to $30,000 per infringement but the law allows the jury to raise that to as much as $150,000 per track if it finds the infringements were willful. The jury decided on $80,000 per song.
“They now have a verdict they can use in other cases around America,” Port said of the recording industry. “The prices that they will charge for settling is going to go up.”
Thomas-Rasset was the first – and so far only – music file-sharing defendant to go to trial.
The music industry has threatened about 35,000 people with charges of copyright infringement [F U] over the past five years, typically offering to settle the cases for $3,000 to $5,000. The recording industry estimates that a few hundred of those cases remain unresolved, with fewer than 10 defendants actively fighting them.”

Yippie! Another Chicago Tea Party and it’s scheduled for July 4th. Check out this site to see if there’s one you can attend. Well, actually when I posted my videos online after April 15th quite a few guys stated that there were bummed out they missed it. So don’t let that be you this time.

Stimulus Waste, I love this Coburn, my kind of guy.


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