I was pleasantly surprised to find this online. I own the five CD set but am glad to be able to share with you one of my favorite comedic sketches–a send up of “Leave it Beaver” on SCTV from when we were but wee shavers.

Get a load of this guy. Crass? Yes.but I’m still laughing. Warning: Language not suitable for work (or home maybe either).

Below are two of my all time favorite comedy clips from Harry Enfield. Both are topical for NewsCream and would be reviled by feminists who are too concrete to comprehend that what follows are simply some supremely righteous jokes. They’re a send up of the once (supposed) traditional view of female sexuality. Here’s Enfield’s biography for my fellow Americans who may well know nothing about him. I didn’t until someone sent me an email containing these links last year. “Henry ‘Harry’ Richard Enfield (born 30 May 1961 in Horsham, West Sussex, England) is an English comedian, actor and writer, as well as working small-time as a director. In 1990 Enfield developed his BBC sketch show, Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, later called Harry Enfield and Chums, with Whitehouse and Kathy Burke. Eschewing the alternative comedy style prevalent at the time, both versions of the show were indebted to early 70s comedians such as Dick Emery and Morecambe and Wise. Enfield and his co-performers created another group of nationally recognised characters for these shows, such as Stan and Pam Herbert, who use the catchphrase “We are considerably richer than yow”, Tim Nice-But-Dim, The Scousers, Smashie and Nicey, Wayne and Waynetta Slob, Annoying Kid Brother, who grew into Kevin the Teenager, and two old-fashioned BBC presenters, Mr Cholmondley-Warner and Grayson.”

Women, Know Your Limits

Women, Keep Your Virtue!

A Rather PC segment from British TV on how PC effects comedy. The “beige” comedienne here is quite good.


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