As Vice President of PEN International, Margaret Atwood has pledged to oppose “any form of suppression of freedom of expression.” But she sits on a board directors with a man who says some people have no right to free speech. She has written the forward to a book by David Suzuki - who thinks politicians should be jailed for their climate change decisions. She has also encouraged her Twitter followers to visit a web page that says a TV station that hasn’t even begun broadcasting should be stopped.
The campaign against 'Fox News North' threatens the intellectual freedom of all Canadians.
What kind of company invites you to be part of a bold new television station and then a few months later shrugs and mumbles that it was all a practical joke?
Invited in May to join a new Canadian television station, I was supposed to be a contrarian voice on topics such as global warming and David Suzuki. By October, the broadcaster had lost its nerve. This multi-part essay relates how Canadian cultural icon Margaret Atwood teamed up with an American, left-wing activist group to interfere with Canadian consumers' television choices. I'm a bit player in this drama (albeit one wooed & then jilted by a media company lacking even a scrap of honour). The bigger picture is that Canadians will continue to be fed the same old pablum.
Journalist Margot O'Neill has just completed an Oxford University sabbatical on climate change reporting, but her views aren't much altered from a year ago - when she accused IPCC critics of embracing conspiracies.
A + B = C A: Certain companies produce wind and solar power. B: The rest of us pay inflated prices for this power. C: Politicians point to the above as proof that they're green.
New photos of UK blogger and climate skeptic James Delingpole. Taken in Chicago, May 2010.
Local government is supposed to be about water, sewer, garbage collection, police and ambulance services. So why are so many election candidates obsessed with the environment? Canadian taxpayers already fund environment ministries at two other levels of government.
15 years prior to receiving her PhD, Sari Kovats began serving as an IPCC contributing author - followed by two stints as a lead author. This means governments have been relying on the expertise of graduate students when they make multi-billion-dollar climate change decisions.
When Laurens Bouwer served as a lead author for the 2001 climate bible he had not yet earned his Masters. It's time the IPCC began explaining how research assistants and those-working-on-their-masters qualify as the worlds "best experts" and "top scientists."
A new IPCC press release says "thousands of scientists" contribute to the climate bible. But a list of authors selected to take part in the upcoming edition contains only 831 names. Among these is Lisa Alexander. She began writing IPCC reports a decade before she'd even earned her PhD.
The man in charge of one of the world's most influential organizations wants climate skeptics to rub asbestos on their faces. Those who disagree with him, he says, are arrogant, have suspect motives, and practice "voodoo science."
Delegates to a four-day Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting chose not to replace chairman Rajendra Pachauri with someone more credible and professional. Journalists beware: nothing this man says should be taken at face value.
People are surprised to learn that eco icon David Suzuki (who insists there are too many humans on the planet), has himself fathered five children. But his autobiography reveals this to be the case. It also tells us he began dating his second wife when she was 22 - and he was 35.
Please nominate Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick as "Transformational Canadians." Help a Canadian newspaper understand the enormous contribution these gentlemen have made to the climate debate. Nominations close November 26th.
When five out of ten lead authors of an IPCC chapter have documented links to the World Wildlife Fund their findings lack credibility.