A Greenpeace spokesperson suggests that the only people concerned about the video in which kids are executed for insufficient eco enthusiasm are those with ulterior motives - "climate skeptics and think tanks funded by corporations."
The IPCC's chairman tells us constantly that 20-30% of the planet's species are at risk of extinction due to global warming. But experts in that field say the research on which the IPCC bases its conclusions is rubbish.
The video in which people are summarily executed for questioning the need for emissions reduction is being denounced by prominent global warming activists. Organizations that have aligned themselves with the 10:10 Campaign - such as Sony, Oxford University, and UK local governments - also need to distance themselves from it.
David Suzuki thinks women are capable of saving the world. I agree. But before we support him financially and in other ways, shouldn’t we spend a few minutes looking closely at the kind of world he wants us to fight for?
Climate change activist Bono now appears in Louis Vuitton ads - a $1200 bag slung over his shoulder. How exactly does extreme conspicuous consumption fight global warming?
David Suzuki has been asked a series of softball questions by a mainstream newspaper reporter. My own list of questions begins with: 1. You think there are too many human beings, that our numbers over-burden planet Earth. Why, then, did you yourself father five children?
During the first half of this month, activist-scientist-blogger Joe Romm described other people as anti-science on 16 separate occasions. This is the equivalent of a toddler calling everyone from the babysitter to grandad a poopy head.
A new report examines three UK inquiries launched after the Climategate documents surfaced in late 2009. Intended to restore public confidence, those inquiries have done nothing of the sort.
When a forensic pathologist testifies at a murder trial he describes bruises, lacerations & bullet holes. He does not decide whether the accused is guilty. Nor does he opine to the media about how such murders might be prevented. So why do climate scientists think it's their business to prescribe solutions - rather than telling us about their data and only about their data?
A recent medical graduate with no relevant publications was a lead author of the IPCC's first health chapter. That report was supposed to have been written by the world's top experts.
Hostage-taker James Lee's views about the planet being better off without humans are chillingly similar to those expressed by The Ecologist magazine in its debut editorial.
Entire passages in the climate bible’s 1995 health chapter were lifted from a 1993 book authored by Anthony McMichael - the person the IPCC placed in charge of that chapter.
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The lamestream media told you: The powerful gun lobby attached an amendment to the must-pass credit-card-reform act Mr. Obama had decided to enact without delay. This forced him to approve a gun law he would probably otherwise not, when he...
Earth and Environmental Scientist Peter Doran recently surveyed 3,146 scientists in an effort to clarify the “scientific consensus” on global warming. Professor Doran has previously complained that his study revealing cooling in the Antarctic had been misinterpreted, causing confusion...
A few days before “Earth Day” (which happens to be the same day as Lenin’s Birthday), America’s ideological greens and reds received a present they have been desiring for many moons: The Environmental Protection Agency-egged on by the U.S....