So Obama wanted to be president. He was elected, and pursued the works of Bush: throwing all the money in the world to save his friends the bankers, and other financiers.

We were far from Roosevelt’s “I welcome their hatred!” (speaking of bankers).

To make his sense of friendship official, Obama, while president, called Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the giant bank JP Morgan, many times,“my friend”. 

Yet, it ought to have been then completely obvious that Dimon was a crook, in bed with the Bush administration (who offered him the bank Bear-Sterns in the infamous “Jamie Deal”).

Right now Dimon is negotiating a 11 billion dollar fine with Att. Gen Holder (probably proposing him in exchange a mansion on Grand Cayman, or something a bit less obvious: Holder himself is an expensive boy, with a fortune esteemed to more than 12 million dollars).

Of course, it was not all Obama’s fault: he had been selected precisely because he claimed to read the Financial Times, a perfect tool for the plutocratic system. Thousands of experts of said system were ready to steer Obama the right way.

Obama was told by one of the principals of Clinton, Mr. Bowles, himself a plutocrat, scion of an investment banker, in charge of setting up Obama’s cabinet, to “leave his friends behind, they only cause problems”.

Hence Obama’s friendship with well to do characters, such as the Gates, Buffets, Dimons. or even Wolf the more or less criminal ex-boss of UBS USA.

Looking back at the Obama presidency, we see nothing, but Bushes to the horizon. Ah, except Obamacare, a giant mountain that gave birth to a mouse. Obamacare’s official aim was to cover all Americans with a health plan, thanks to public subsidies to. private companies.

It’s esteemed that 45 million Americans have no health care coverage. Obamacare officials claim that, in ten years, in 2023, they will have reduced that number to. a slightly less horrific 31 millions.

In any case, his lack of overall achievement, or even definition, is why Obama is obsessed by Obamacare. Remove Obamacare, and eight years of Obama would have achieved less than Bush (who passed the financing of drugs for seniors).

And the truth is. That Obamacare should perhaps be called Obamacraze. Indeed, it seems to be the most complicated medical system ever devised, a thorough entanglement of government administration and private profit.

Complexity is a major defect, in all systems. A few years back, a tree touched a transmission line in Switzerland. All over Europe, lights went out. Rome stayed dark for hours, creating a giant mess. This was the result of too much, uncontrolled, fragile complexity.

Complexity ought to be engaged, as required, but not a step more.

In a country such as France, the “Assurance Maladie” (basically, “Medicare For All”) covers everybody, up to fluff. Fluff is covered by private insurance.

If one needs a liver transplant, Assurance Maladie pays everything. But, if one wants to recover in a private clinic, instead of a public hospital, then private insurance (typically connected to an employer) kicks in. If one wants a fancy fake tooth, private insurance will have to pay the difference with the reimbursement provided by Assurance Maladie for a basic fake tooth. and so on.

Such as national health care system has reduced complexity: basic health care is handled by a governmental system, and non basic care by a profit based system. The lines are clearly defined.

Thus the worst is. That Obamacare may not even be worth fighting for! Obamacare is very far from the basically free universal health coverage that exists in dozens of countries.

Instead Obamacare is a weird system with the cheapest coverage for the lower classes being called “bronze” (like in. colored), whereas the better stuff is associated to whitish hues. In other words Obamacare, symbolically, but also very practically, perpetuates the class scheme based on color.

If you are “Bronze”, you will find yourself with ruinous health care, once sick. 

Obamacare was written down by a private health insurance executive who worked “under” Sen. Baucus, himself a plutocrat, for the occasion. Meanwhile, Obama was going around calling Warren Buffet his friend. Buffet made billions, personally by investing in private health care.

Despite the belief of much of their electorate in single payer, the professional Democrats took the strange step of offering a conservative, market-based solution instead. In other words, they went Republican. Now true blood republican make them eat crow.

The most hilarious detail was the last bill of the Republican controlled Congress, which proposed, among other things, that all the top politicos, including those in Congress and staff at the White House, led by President and VP, would have no more subsidies for health care. Instead the bill wanted to force them to buy their health coverage from the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare.

The “Democratic” leadership replied that it was impossible to force them to buy into Obamacare, because. junior employees could not afford it”.


Patrice Ayme


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