The (fully-searchable) electronic version of my book, The Delinquent Teenager, will soon cost $7.99 rather than $4.99. This is the only book-length evaluation of the IPCC by an independent journalist. The IPCC will release Part 1 of its new climate assessment in late September.

This blog will fall silent until the first week of September, at which point I will be sharing some exciting news.

August is a slow month in terms of Internet traffic, which means this is a good time for me to take a break from the treadmill.

Since late last year, I’ve written an average of six posts a week. Never before have I produced that volume of content. In the past, I’ve been the kind of journalist who spent weeks or months investigating thoroughly before setting conclusions down in black-and-white. Because I’ve been working so far out of my comfort zone, I’m exhausted. Really exhausted.

The next few weeks will not be anything like a holiday for me, since I have a horrendously long list of tasks that desperately need to be addressed, but which I have had no time to get to.

So please don’t view this, as some readers did last year, as a sign that I suddenly have vast amounts of free time and am therefore in a position to critique book-length manuscripts or undertake brand new research projects.

Keep well – until we meet again.


Electronic versions of my book, The Delinquent Teenager, have been priced at $4.99 (approximately £4.37 and €4.37) since publication, in October 2011.

Within weeks, that price will rise to $7.99. Anyone who hasn’t purchased it yet – or who has been thinking of gifting it to a friend – is now forewarned :-)


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