According to the vocal minority known as the World Wildlife Fund, governments shouldn’t be placating vocal minorities.


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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a pressure group. This makes it a vocal minority.

62.75 million people currently reside in the UK. A mere 572,000 of them are WWF “supporters” according to that organization’s definition – “members, adopters, campaigners and [those who provide] other financial and non-financial types of support.”

In other words, less than 1 percent – a measly 0.9, to be precise – of the UK’s overall population supports the WWF.

Here in Canada, it’s even worse. Our total population is 34.5 million. According to a recent WWF Canada press release, there are “over 150,000 WWF supporters and volunteers.” Which means that 0.43 percent of Canadians support the WWF.

To be connected to the WWF is to be a member of a highly vocal, teensy-weensy minority. Period. Full stop.

How hilarious, therefore, that Nick Molho, who heads the WWF-UK’s climate and energy policy branch, thinks that vocal minorities should be ignored. Because, you know, who cares what a few troublemakers think.

A six-day-old WWF press release headlined Rules for onshore wind must be proportionate, begins this way:

Commenting on proposals for local residents to have more say over the construction of onshore wind farms, WWF-UK said that the Government must make sure that it doesn’t stifle the development of the most cost-effective form of renewable energy.

Shortly afterward, it quotes Molho:

The Government must be careful that it doesn’t stifle the onshore wind industry, which is delivering the cheapest form of clean energy, just to placate a vocal minority.

Never mind the outrageously misleading suggestion that renewable/clean energy is remotely “cost-effective.” Just let that slide.

What’s important here is that the vocal minority WWF – an organization that screams and shouts and demands to be placated on a routine basis – thinks governments shouldn’t be placating vocal minorities.

I can’t remember when’s the last time I’ve laughed this hard.

The vocal minority press release is backed up here


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