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So You Want to Live in Harmony with Nature?


The WWF thinks we should all “live in harmony with nature.” Sounds great – except for the flies, wasps, venomous snakes, storms, and floods.


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is launching a new campaign tomorrow. The related press release is embargoed, but sympathetic websites have already broken that embargo by reporting on it ahead of time.

Called “Seize Your Power,” this campaign dovetails beautifully with Bill McKibben’s campus divestment project. Its main message is that fossil fuels are evil and that an additional $40 billion needs to be invested in renewable energy.

Never mind that, everywhere they’ve been tried, green energy sources have proven to be “unaffordable, unworkable and unconnectable” – as the blogger known as Tory Aardvark so pithily remarks (for the gory details, see my recent post here).

You know what they say about leading a horse to water. Despite all that contrary evidence, the church of the WWF clings to its green dogma. These folks BELIEVE. They will not be swayed.

The Seize Your Power campaign has its own web page that urges us to “sign the pledge.” It begins with two preposterous statements:

We believe our future can, and should, be powered by nature. [bold in original]

The energy systems in place across the planet within the next four years will define the world’s climate change path for generations.

Coal, oil, and natural gas are part of nature’s bounty. Insisting that there’s something “unnatural” about these fossil fuels is juvenile.

Moreover, anyone who thinks that what we do in the next four years will dictate what happens for generations is delusional. We live in an era of fast-paced technological change. New developments are continuously redrawing the map.

The Google search engine is only 15 years old. iPods are only 12 years old. 3D printing will soon become affordable for ordinary people. The world is being remade all the time – at an ever-accelerating rate.

The future is never set in stone. Four years is a number the WWF has plucked out of the air. It’s a number intended to make us feel anxious, to poison our lives with fear. That’s what the WWF specializes in: anxiety and fear.

By signing the WWF’s pledge you are calling on “financial institutions and governments worldwide to act immediately to invest more in sustainable energy powered by wind, water and the sun.” You are supporting “a just transition from the dirty and unsustainable energy of today.”

You are, moreover, demanding “a future in which people live in harmony with nature.”

That one always gets me. Anyone who desires to live in harmony with nature is welcome to do so. Pack your knapsack, your tent, and your sleeping bag and off into the wilderness with you, of course if you have an RV instead, getting the best mattress from https://gottasleep.com/blogs/sleep-talk/rv-mattress-canada could be a great choice to resting comfortable.

But don’t bring along any insecticide – because mosquitoes, flies, midges, wasps, spiders, and every other creepy crawly you can imagine are perfectly natural. Don’t pack any antiseptics or bandages because dying of infection has a long tradition amongst those who regard Mother Nature as a nurturing, benevolent force.

If you get bitten by a poisonous venomous snake, or stumble into a bramble of poison ivy, don’t come around here crying about it. If an electrical storm fells a tree that falls onto your tent, high winds blow that tent away, or a flood washes it into the next county, don’t expect sympathy.

When your spouse suffers an appendicitis attack, your child breaks her leg, or you yourself contract malaria I’m sure the fact that you’re all living in harmony with nature will be sufficient comfort.

Honestly. Humans have never lived in harmony with nature. We’ve always had two choices: protect ourselves from nature – or perish.

But in 2013 the largest, wealthiest, most powerful green group on the planet says it’s “building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.”

My late grandparents, who were born into a world of subsistence farming, a world without penicillin or dental care, must be rolling in their graves.

Yes, granddad, IQs have dropped sharply:


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