UPDATE: this news is being discussed at the BishopHill blog here

Aggregator/blogger Tom Nelson has published a longish letter from the person who says s/he is responsible for making the Climategate e-mails public.

The last round of Climategate documents was accompanied by an enormous, password-protected file of still-unreleased material. That password has now been supplied to Nelson – who confirms that it opens the file.

Nelson has already done an enormous amount of work sifting through previous Climategate material – see here.

I find this part of the letter of particular interest:

The Republicans didn’t plot this. USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK. There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.

Just this morning I read about a new bit of research that apparently concludes that conservative US think tanks are responsible for people writing climate skeptic books in other countries.

I’m a huge fan of America. But it is not the center of the universe. As a Canadian author of a book that doesn’t toe the we’re-all-going-to-die-from-climate-change line I can’t tell you how offensive that idea is.

Read the latest Climategate letter here.


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