Since the 1970s UN officials have tried to frighten us. Repeatedly, their predictions have failed. Repeatedly, their time frames have been preposterously inaccurate.

Click the green headings to see the news stories in which the info and quotes originally appeared:

UN official in 1972 (Maurice Strong):

  • says: “Western civilization now is paying the price of its unmitigated arrogance towards nature”
  • that the threat posed by environmental destruction cuts “across every aspect of human life”
  • that “powerful forces” have been set in motion which, unless they’re “checked by an unprecedented display of global co-operation, will be no less destructive in the long run than any nuclear holocaust

UN official in 1982 (Mostafa Tolba):

  • says the environment has deteriorated in the previous 10 years
  • that governments must act or face disaster
  • that lack of action will mean, “by the turn of the century, an environmental catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete, as irreversible, as any nuclear holocaust

UN official in 1989 (Noel Brown):

  • says entire nations are in danger of being wiped off the face of the Earth if global warming isn’t reversed by the year 2000
  • insists governments have only 10 years to solve the greenhouse effect

UN official in 1992 (Maurice Strong):

  • says that planet Earth is headed for an environmental holocaust
  • declares that the time has come for world leaders to act

UN official in 2010 (Christiana Figueres):

  • says human emissions must be reduced dramatically because “we don’t have another option”
  • in the same newspaper article, the principle negotiator for Bangladesh says: “if we can’t deliver at will be unfortunate, it will be tragic, it will be a holocaust” (backup link)


World Futures Conference in 1980:

  • international experts say that, unless radical changes begin immediately, there may be no future
  • “The fact that we are facing a catastrophic situation should no longer be an issue” – writer Robert Theobald
  • “we are in a race against time to reshape our values and restructure our social systems” – Lester Brown, the Worldwatch Institute

Prince Philip in 1990:

  • then serving as the International President of the World Wildlife Fund
  • tells the UN that overpopulation could be more devastating than a nuclear holocaust

Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, in 2000:

  • says we’re threatened by a “worldwide catastrophe” of our own making (p. 245)
  • insists there’s “growing evidence of an ecological holocaust” (p. 245)


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