Between 2004 and 2008 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) persuaded 130 scientists to join its Climate Witness Scientific Advisory Panel. As I explained in Part 1, the Climate Witness campaign has an overtly political purpose. The WWF openly admits it’s trying to increase the public’s sense of urgency about climate change. Fear, alarm, anxiety – that’s what they’re pushing.

The campaign involves collecting testimonials from ordinary people who believe they are witnessing the dire effects of climate change in their own backyards. In an attempt to imbue these beliefs with an aura of scientific respectability, scientists on the WWF advisory panel examine these 1-page testimonials and decide if they are consistent with published research.

When it comes to the big picture the WWF harbours no doubt or uncertainty. It says it is “nearly impossible to overstate the threat of climate change” (see here, backup link here).

The IPCC, however, is supposed to be a neutral, objective scientific body. A judge presiding over a murder trial cannot party with the prosecution team during the evening. Similarly, IPCC personnel who are entrusted with the job of determining whether or not humanity is responsible for climate change should remain aloof from the lynch mob outside the jailhouse door.

In a 2008 document, the WWF said its panel of 130 “leading climate scientists” were “mostly, but not exclusively, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” These particular scientists, therefore, are more than merely sympathetic to the WWF’s point-of-view. They have a formalized relationship with that organization. They were wooed, they were won over, and then they stepped inside the WWF tent.

What does this mean for the celebrated 2007 IPCC report – the one that secured the IPCC its Nobel Peace Prize? Let me give you a quick snapshot:

It means that nearly two-thirds of the 2007 Climate Bible’s chapters – 28 out of 44 (which works out to 64%) – have at least one individual on their roster who is affiliated with the WWF.

It means that WWF-affiliated scientists helped write every last chapter in Working Group 2 – all 20 of them.

It means that 15 chapters in the 2007 Climate Bible were led by WWF-affiliated scientists – their coordinating lead authors are members of the WWF’s panel. In three cases, chapters were led by two WWF-affiliated coordinating lead authors. In one instance eight personnel in a single chapter have WWF links. In another there are six.

It means, ladies and gentlemen, that the IPCC has been infiltrated. It has been wholly and entirely compromised.

I’ve spent untold hours completing all the searching, cross-checking, and tabulating that led to these findings. In the coming days I’ll take each of the above statements in turn and back them up with clear, incontrovertible evidence. As usual, I’ll link directly to my source material so that anyone can readily verify my claims.

Stayed tuned. This is going to be a wild ride.


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