2. Barney Frank: Little Ball of Hate. Well, that’s what I entitled it originally, but here’s my latest from PajamasMedia. Again, I’m not allowed to post the whole thing here as it’s their property.

Nowadays the average person is so busy tailoring their speech to meet the fraudulent mandates of “sensitivity” that they no longer have the will to state what they really think, even though PC’s tyrannical impositions are antithetical to real sensitivity.

Fueling this sterile and arbitrary vernacular is the need to exclude others from the arena of legitimate debate. It’s a method by which the irrational can silence the rational. Disagreeing with a PCnik like Frank is verboten. We must respect his diversity but should we publicize our own we are dismissed as “haters.”

Practitioners of PC hope to humiliate and paralyze critics via personal attacks, which duly confuse impartial observers and cause the subject of their ire to self-censor in the future. You become the issue rather than the facts you cite. After negatively assessing your psychological motivations and mental stability, your accuser – often a person completely debilitated by narcissism and a perpetual need for emotional stimulation – is relieved of any burden of having to defend his own spurious positions.

Luckily for the Democratic Party, the children of the PC revolution rarely devour their own. When anti-liberals accidentally emit politically incorrect phrases they never inspire media outrage because in the Manichean world of the leftist only good and bad exist. Party affiliation determines moral worth in their eyes.

Unlike with conservative politicians, progressive (re: regressive) journalists reflexively support progressive pols. They allow their leaders to explain themselves and depict shaky confessions as sincere or pretend that such mistakes only matter to the Fox News Channel.

3. Thugtician Banned!!! Yikes, PC is evil indeed. “Sensitivity” inevitably leads to censorship. Man, this bummed me out. I suppose I’m next. Here’s how the process works: feminista complains to fellow leftists concerning videos they don’t like and they then ban them. What do MRAs ask for? Equality and a fair playing field. What do feminists ask for? Domination and privilege. Unfortunately, the dark side is winning at the moment.


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