Believing themselves to be guided solely by science, liberal-progressives swallow whole banquets of contradictory and unprovable hypotheses.

Liberal-progressivism’s mantra is that only logical positivism has a place in public discussion. Logical positivism is defined, in part, to exclude any proposition outside the realm of mathematics or outside of assertions that can be validated by reference to material things within the sensual perception of humans.

The human soul is considered not to exist, and spiritual inquires are dismissed as ignorance.

Spiritual religion, therefore, is excluded from public discussion and is dismissed as inadmissible for legal argument. Nor are moral values emanating from spiritual religion acceptable to liberal-progressives as valid criteria for public standards.

When a recognized scientist professes spiritual religious faith, the liberal-progressive community therefore reacts to expel him. An example of that exclusion is described in Ken Connor’s essay.

Is this dichotomy warranted?

All scientists, I believe it safe to say, accept mathematics as scientifically valid. Yet mathematics, in its higher branches, deals in a world of logic altogether outside the purview of tangible materiality. Even in high-school-level mathematics one encounters contradictory concepts such as square roots of negative numbers. This is particularly true in the world of nuclear particle physics and force fields, where whole schools of theory are based on unproved ideas such as string theory.

Scientists seeking ultimate answers to the origin, nature, and future of the cosmos have pursued a long series of mutually exclusive, speculative theories. Liberals embrace these speculations as scientific truth, even though they have less basis in verifiable fact than 5,000 years of faith in God recorded in the Bible.

World history and pre-historical archaeology are scientific data. They record actual events involving real, tangible people. Moreover, these data tell us that all human societies, from tribal levels to national states, have, until the late 18th century, been founded upon paradigms of spiritual religion. Only since the French Revolution of 1789 and, more fully, since 1917 with the advent of the Soviet Union have political states been founded upon secular materiality. However bad some rulers may have been in earlier eras, none of them comes close to the mass brutality and savage slaughter of tens of millions of human beings exacted by the liberal-progressive political state.

Outside politics, scientists have repeatedly come up against natural phenomena and laws of nature that are inexplicably contradictory. What exists seemingly could exist only in the mind of an all-powerful Creator God who makes laws of nature beyond the fathoming of human reason.

Every attempt to date to unify cosmological and nuclear particle theories has foundered on newly observed, unreconcilable, opposing sets of facts. Seeking to bridge these gaps, cosmologists, nuclear particle physicists, and mathematicians have drifted far into the realm of abstract speculation. 

Science at the outer limits of knowledge, both at the cosmological and sub-atomic levels, has come increasingly to resemble the speculations of medieval scholastic philosophers dealing in doctrinal abstractions. 

Subatomic particles, found and unfound, and cosmological theories with strange names abound: bubble universe, worm holes, cold dark matter, big bang theory, string theory, superstrings, domain walls, great attractors, mini-black holes, Higgs fields, inflationary universe theory, leptons, bosons, muons, neutrinos, quarks, supergravity, tauons, supersymetry, etc. 

Existence of some of these is verifiable. In other cases they are abstract theoretical concepts that attempt to explain inconsistencies in other theories, concepts that cannot be verified in the world we inhabit because the accelerators needed to produce sufficient energy would be larger than the earth, or because the predicted phenomena have never been found.

Liberal-progressives, nonetheless, accept any and all of these abstract and contradictory hypotheses, because they are said by mainstream media gate keepers to be scientific. Liberal-progressives, cocooned in their self-congratulatory religion of socialist materiality, see no contradiction between such speculation and the supposedly fact-based, empirical, inductive, scientific methodology of logical positivism. Nor do they recognize the hypocrisy in championing these contradictions while denouncing 5,000 years of documented historical experience that supports the existence of God and the human soul.

The point is, not that we should dismiss scientific inquiry, but that only spiritual religious introspection, represented for religious Jews and Christians in the Bible, is a valid basis for standards of social conduct. God reveals His wishes for humanity through the Holy Spirit working in individual lives, not in particle accelerators or petri dishes.

Thomas E. Brewton is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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