By Warner Todd Huston

The national news has found its newest way to slam Governor Sarah Palin and that is to report heavily on any untoward actions made by her relatives by marriage – or even soon to be marriage, for that matter. Next the Old Media will be strenuously looking for Palin neighbors that are unruly, Palin hairdressers that have parking tickets, Palin dog groomers that steal pens from work, and Palin fans that talk too loudly on cell phones while in a theater.

Now, it is beyond me why a person who is not yet even an official in-law by marriage of a public official is a major news story for a low-level drug bust. I can see where it might interest local media for a brief minute, but for this story to have spread all across the wires and the Old Media with nearly 1,000 stories on the national scene. well, it is rather silly, really. Evidence of the worst in tabloid maneuvers.

It’s silly, of course, until one realizes that it is just another lame attempt by the Old Media to slime Governor Palin, even if it does have to be guilt by association. And it isn’t even association by color of official government business, either. It is family business. In its zeal to slam Sarah Palin, Reuters even initially misreported the story to be Palin’s daughter getting arrested for drugs instead of the soon to be Mother-in-Law. (my bold)

Mother of Bristol Palin’s fiance arrested  
Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter, Bristol, has been arrested on drug charges, authorities said on Friday. Sherry Johnston, 42, was taken into custody at her .


But, seriously. Why is this a major news item?

Even more to the point of an organized Palin smear campaign is the constant choice of photos that accompany these stories. Invariably, the photos that accompany the story are not of Sherry L. Johnston, mother of Bristol’s boyfriend, but of Bristol and boyfriend Levi or of Governor Palin herself.

A Google news search of the topic shows the actual perpetrator pictured but a few times while photos of Palin and Bristol and Levi are rampant. So, as is easily seen, this is just another exercise in Palin bashing. This news is of dubious import and the constant focus on Sarah, Bristol and Levi are wildly over drawn.

Now, let’s deal with the moon-bat’s and their take on this story.

The hatemongers on the left are using this story to compare Governor Palin’s Obama jab that he “pals around with terrorists” to her being forced into a familial relationship with this woman arrested for a drug offense. The idiotti on the far left are saying that this means she is “palling around with drug dealers.”

So, let’s point out the logical flaw with these dolt’s logic, shall we?

First of all no one chooses their in-laws. We all have extended family that we would rather not be associated with. But in-laws are a package deal with the loved one we do choose. And, since neither Governor Palin herself, nor her soon to be son-in-law or daughter have any known involvement in this crime, there is no legitimate reason to say that Palin “pals around with drug dealers.” There is no active choice, here, no close association by either affinity or ideology.

Secondly, is the moon-bat left saying that Governor Palin should forcefully forbid her daughter from marrying the man she wishes to marry because his mom is a bit unsavory? Isn’t that the sort of authoritarian, overly strict method of parenting that the moon-bats are against? Aren’t they the ones so enamored of the obscene Dr. Spock way of letting children do whatever they wish to do without a cross word being spoken? Let’s be honest that the alternative to having Sherry Johnston as a mother-in-law is certainly to forbid Bristol from marrying Levi. Would the left not howl at the moon like the slobbering cretins they are if it were discovered that Sarah Palin had forbidden her daughter to marry the man she loves?

Further, does no one on the left have a relative by marriage that they would not chose to be associated with? Or is it that these moon-bats are the ones that others would rather not be associated with?

The reality is, Governor Palin did not choose Sherry Johnston as a mother-in-law to her daughter. No one really chooses their in-laws in this society. On the other hand, Barack Obama did choose to be friends with and to work closely with a veritable cornucopia of American haters, terrorists, racists and extremists.

So, the facts and the logic of the matter dictates that to say that Palin “pals around with drug dealers” is a stupid claim to make. However, to say that Obama “pals around with terrorists” is true as can be. But, once again, facts, logic and truth do not matter to leftists and Democrats.

As always, the moonbats fly high, but their intelligence remains subterranean.


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