Austin, TX – Dr. Randy Fagin, one of the nation’s leading daVinci robotic prostate cancer surgeons, announced today the formation of a new not-for-profit charitable organization called the Prostate Cancer: Save a Life Foundation. Unlike other foundations, the Prostate Cancer: Save a Life Foundation will not be using its funds to support research, but instead will use the money raised to pay for the life saving surgery many men with prostate cancer need but cannot afford.

Dr. Fagin has obtained the services of some of the top prostate cancer surgeons from around the country who will perform these surgeries for free with the foundation’s funds being used to pay for the other services associated with hospitalization. Corporate level sponsors will actually have the opportunity to put a face to their donation with the funds they contribute going directly to help a single person. The unique mission of this foundation is aided by the diversity of the occupations of the board members Dr. Fagin has assembled, ranging from surgeons to attorneys and even prostate cancer survivors. This unique group of people and this amazing foundation are working to make a difference in the lives of men with prostate cancer in a way that has never been done before.

“I have always believed we should all do our part to help people less fortunate than ourselves and have continued to donate my time and expertise as a doctor and surgeon to many organizations,” said Dr. Randy Fagin. ‘The creation of the Prostate Cancer: Save a Life Foundation will allow me and other surgeons, as well as corporations and individuals to truly make a difference in the lives of men and their families by providing state-of-the-art surgical care to men with prostate cancer that do not have the means to pay for their treatment.”

Austin based firm, Miracle Ventures has become the first corporate level sponsor and because Prostate Cancer: Save a Life Foundation has obtained federal 501c status; all individual and corporate donations are 100% tax-deductible. People interested in finding out more about this amazing new charity and how to apply for free medical treatment can visit


It is estimated that there are over 2 million American men currently living with prostate cancer. According to estimates from the National Cancer Institute, new cases of prostate cancer for 2007 will affect over 218,000 men. This staggering number is greater than those predicted for breast cancer in the same year. A man with prostate cancer may not have any symptoms; therefore creating awareness and proper screening with an exam and PSA blood test is the key.

Dr. Randy Fagin, who is the Director of the Prostate Center of Austin, and Director of Robotic Surgery at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center also has one of the top 10 experiences in the country performing daVinci robotic prostate cancer surgery.

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