When Marriage Is Important

  • Poverty of women and children will decrease by about seventy-five percent
  • Health care will be a manageable problem
  • The national deficit and debt will no longer be out of control
  • We can have a balanced budget while fighting the war on terror, rebuilding New Orleans, and handling other costly national disasters
  • We will no longer need to move the living room into the board room
  • Strong marriages equal a strong, stable, available, productive work force
  • Child abuse and neglect will become comparatively minor problems
  • Abortion no longer be “necessary”
  • Welfare and child support problems will greatly decrease
  • Crime and violence will decrease tremendously
  • Personal bankruptcy will abate substantially
  • Boys will stop dropping out of school and society
  • Same-sex marriage will no longer have political traction
  • The cycle of poverty and illegitimacy will be broken, allowing black families to finally succeed in large numbers and finally achieve true equal rights and economic success

During the first decade of Republican leadership, social indicators that Republicans promised to improve did not improve. There are few Americans who do not have a loved family member greatly harmed by divorce or entitled non-marriage. The vast majority of Americans know they have been seriously harmed by anti-family federal policies that continue destroying their loved ones and leave them in inevitable poverty and social disenfranchisement.

The vast majority of Americans are unhappy with both political parties. Both parties have pursued anti-marriage policies for decades. Republicans are now at the crossroads: we must deliver what we promised in 1994 or risk losing both the Congress and the Presidency to liberals who will blame all of Americas social problems on Republicans in 2006 and 2008.

The first Republican revolution failed because anti-family Democrat policies were left in place or magnified by Republicans who placed smooth-talking liberals in charge of welfare reform and the Marriage Movement. Renaming welfare to child support did little but to create millions more broken indentured families consisting of poor mothers and children, and criminalized disenfranchised husbands who cannot possibly support two households.

Social indicators measuring the well-being of single mothers and children have not improved on the Republican watch. Just as many women and children live in poverty today as in 1964, substantively due to predatory federal laws that break up families on the false promise that it is somehow possible make the economics of two broken households work on the same amount of income.

The second Republican revolution can and will succeed providing it establishes a real Marriage Movement wherein economic conservatives allow knowledgeable social conservatives to roll out true pro-marriage policies. Congress has been unable to deal with health care and poverty because these problems are largely caused by non-marriage. These social disasters continue to drive the very federal deficits, and the national debt, that preclude affordability of these largely-reactive programs.

There is only one way to give everyone what they want and need. Anti-family federal programs must be ended and replaced with low-cost policies that expect marital responsibility of husband and wife, that will end entitled abortion of the American family and positively help spouses work through the normal processes and common problems of marriage and aging when help is asked for by a responsible spouse.

For example: family break-ups often involve abuse of drugs or alcohol by a family member. Most spouses do not want a divorce. They just want a decent marriage. Federal policy should fund state programs that help the responsible spouse get the troubled spouse into treatment when they ask for help. We can reduce federal expenditures by hundreds of billions, reduce divorce rates by half, and substantially improve marriage rates, by this simple change alone. But if the marriage issues are serious, then you have to seek help from Glen Burnie MD Divorce Lawyers.

75% of American women no longer believe that feminism is a good thing. Few men believed it in the first place. Why coninue funding radical feminist pork such as VAWA, and entitle permanent non-marriage, when feminists will never vote for Republicans? Why not fund policies that voters want and need, real marriage movement policies that will win millions of votes across all voting groups, restore the economically-stable two-parent heterosexual family, and make a balanced budget entirely possible?

The New Republican Contract for America:
Marriage is important!

David R. Usher is President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition


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