How many of us over the years have talked with co-workers, families and friends and solved the issues that vex our existence? And not truly solve the problems, but saying things likewhat the government ought to do. And If I were President, as we discussed all the different ways we could fix our nation or the world problems? In fact, we see it every day with grass roots level writers tossing their opinions out in cyber space for all to mull over.

But sitting here on a Friday afternoon, I have paid most of my bills for the month, and as Spring approaches I wonder where the cash will come from to pay for all the grandiose schemes I have for maintaining my home, and have enough left over to maybe go somewhere on vacation. And I almost sigh with expectation that this year I can get some things done, and I open my property tax bill and sink back down into normal life where I will have to cut some corners again. It never seemed this hard years back when jobs were abundant and property was at almost an affordable level. But the past few years with rising costs all around me, I find my annual raises not keeping up like they used to.

And when I sit down and sip my imported coffee while surfing the web for news I can trust, I once again see America tossing cash around like a gold miner who just hit the big nugget to every cause and nation that asks for it. Billions upon billions of dollars within and without of this nation are being handed out like flyers at a Walmart opening. I started to dig for numbers and information that boggled my mind, and I took out my Windows XP calculator and did the math. Lets say it would cost 250 trillion dollars to provide a 250 thousand dollar home to one third of America. Using one third because I figure most homes have a kid or two. Just in Medicaid alone is 300 billion annually between federal and state. In 10 years of using that money we could have close to a tenth of that paid off, and STILL afford good medical insurance on an individual basis. With state and federal welfare costs, whether the people qualify or not, we see almost another 50 billion dollars annually, And STILL afford good medical insurance on an individual basis.

We see Social Security flying away from us as politicians play the shell game with our cash using it to bolster other programs never meant to be paid for with that money. An average 30 cent return for every dollar we spend on the program is a travesty at best.

8 billion a year goes for re-education of many of those recipients, who never seem to get out of poverty. In fact, statistics show that many of those who used up their welfare money suddenly became able bodied workers after welfare reform went into place. But it does not stop here folks, what about the billions annually in foreign aid? What about unpaid loans to other countries that tend to burn our flags after spending the cash we sent to keep them from starving? The condoms we sent to stem AIDS all over Africa have been used for everything else except their original use. The money we send to the Palestinians only feeds their children so they can grow up to be full blown killers with a hatred for us.

What about the millions and millions of money spent on the U.N., where they also in turn bad mouth us as they wag the dog to keep the media off of their oil stealing backs? The million spent for the endowment of the arts, so we can watch people paint pictures of nude children and blasphemous images offensive to our religions? What about the billions spent on charities, and the food sent worldwide that we could use to feed our own people?

If we took all these programs and ended them, in ten years we would have saved more than enough to buy each and every American a home of their own. A home they could sell, a home they could give to their children, a home they could have pride in owning. We could have enough cash left after that to provide better medical programs that are NOT run by the government. In fact, with what America donates globally on an annual basis, we could probably float a social system for health for those who did not work.

Then we could afford to buy Made in America goods, we could have cash left over to retire on, we could do the unthinkable here folks. We could all go to Disneyland every summer!

I know, this sounds a lot like Liberal social mumbo jumbo, but the naked truth here is that these are dollars already being thrown out that bring little if anything back to us as tax payers. They are already gone and continually going, so I figure why not keep the money in America? Nothing else is staying here except illegal immigrants, because our jobs and industry are sure not. I figure if I have to sit and watch America donate itself to foreign nations piece by piece, I may as well sit on my own porch and watch it go. I mean, if we absolutely HAVE to waste trillions in tax dollars, why shouldn’t we as Americans get to enjoy the excess? After all its OUR money, isn’t it?

This way, if someone wants to sell their home and move into a ghetto, let them at it. If they want to sell their home and move away, cool beans. Someone dies, the house goes to the new kid on the block, and I do mean legal kid, not the immigrants or a flop house for cheap imported corporate labor. These are just some of the dollars listed here, there are still many more being thrown to waste.

We end all of this giving and begin to feed ourselves, and build for ourselves, and plan for OUR future. If the Hollywood buffoons desire to fly off to Africa and donate billions from their own pockets, have at it! Just leave my dollar in the piggy bank. Some politician wants to promise a country somewhere they will give millions, then we either get a property lien or the politicians can pay for it themselves. By spending OUR money here, we could reduce stress related illnesses, heart attacks, the need for bankruptcy, then maybe after 50 years or so we may have our own people fed and clothed, and medicated without fear of living on the streets, and our debts paid.

I am no socialist, but if the money has to be wasted it should at least be wasted on those who earned it.


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