Let’s see, Hillary was for the Dubai port deal before Bill was against it? No, wait, Bill was against it before he realized he could make big bucks being for it and then Hillary was for it but now she’s against it? Maybe Hillary knew Bill was for it and she was for it, for the big bucks, but she’s saying she knows nothing and she is against it. But maybe..oh forget it. Trying to work a Rubik’s cube in the dark is easier than trying to figure these two out.

I’ve got to hand it to them, entire civilizations have fallen over less division, and somehow these two manage to convince the world they’re still married. They are the Laurel and Hardy of politics yet their liberal Rock the Vote base continues to take them seriously. It’s breathtaking, really.

But I’m curious, in the unlikely event this country has another collective brain infarction like the one in ’92 and Hillary becomes president in ’08, will she tell Bill?

(Finding a picture of the happy couple together proved difficult. But I made due.)


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