November 21, 2019
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Green Energy Quote of the Day

What lessons will the rest of the world learn from Germany's renewable energy disaster?

Rajendra Pachauri’s Conspiracy Theory

It takes chutzpah to accuse other people of something you yourself are peddling.

No Wind, No Sun, No Power

Windmills and solar panels sound wonderful. Except that the UK wind isn't blowing and the German sun isn't shining.

Green Fantasies, Hard Realities

The only place wind energy is free and easy is in the minds of green activists.

Europe Today: Stealing Wood, Burning Wood

Green energy is expensive energy. In Europe, prices are rising and unintended consequences have followed.

Write a Heretical Essay, Win £8,500

Write an essay that pokes holes in a green myth, submit it by June 30th, and you could be $13,000 US dollars richer.

Oodles of Cash

Who knew that green groups - and those with business interests in renewable energy - have access to such obscene amounts of money?

No Harmony with Hogweed

People who think we should live in harmony with nature usually forget to mention poisonous plants.

The IPCC on Renewable Energy

The IPCC has released a 26-page summary of a new report 3 weeks ahead of the 1,000-page full document. This is an example of how the IPCC manipulates media coverage. Journalists can't compare the summary to the real thing.

A View from Portugal

Portugal's economy is in a shambles. Might that have something to with it's enthusiastic embrace of expensive, inefficient renewable energy?

Wind and Solar in Fantasy Land

A + B = C A: Certain companies produce wind and solar power. B: The rest of us pay inflated prices for this power. C: Politicians point to the above as proof that they're green.

Wind Power’s Double Standard

Wind power companies would never be allowed to set up shop in the first place - and could not remain in business - if they were penalized in the same manner as oil companies for the bird deaths they cause.