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Give War A Chance

John Lennon sang, with a smug attitude: “All we are saying, is give Peace A Chance”. It could be argued that was justified, when...

Outlaw Carbon Burning

Great Acceleration: World Ocean Temperature Record, September 2014
Abstract: Uncertainties of climate scenarios from human pollution are so great, and potentially so catastrophic, that the only reasonable course is to outlaw carbon...

Obama Right On Syria

Might does not make right, but right needs might.My frienemies at the New York Times thought smart to pose as superior moral characters with two front...

Proof the UN Doesn’t Believe There’s a Climate Crisis

Five years after they said they'd get right on it, more than one-quarter of UN organizations have done nothing about their carbon footprint.

The United Nations Mindset

A UN survey of public priorities reveals some disturbing assumptions.

Have We Run Out of Time Yet?

It isn't your imagination. You've been hearing that the world is "running out of time" for years.

Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Be This Kind of...

A new essay in the peer-reviewed literature searches for the secret formula by which to manipulate public opinion.

Two Views on Science, Pollution & Pristine Lakes

Canadian greens say lake-destroying research is all about science - but how do we know for sure?

How Greenpeace Defines Happiness

Greenpeace says we should deprive ourselves and harm our communities.

The UN’s Food Police

According to a new UN report, your meat consumption is killing the planet.

The Climate Change Echo Chamber

Green activists want to restrict your ability to fly, but they themselves remain addicted to the UN's pointless annual beach party.

UN Bureaucrats Wield Science for Undemocratic Purposes

UN officials say we should listen to science. Don't be fooled. It's a rhetorical ploy, a cover for their own agenda.