October 18, 2019
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Margaret Atwood Should Resign From PEN International

As Vice President of PEN International, Margaret Atwood has pledged to oppose “any form of suppression of freedom of expression.” But she sits on a board directors with a man who says some people have no right to free speech. She has written the forward to a book by David Suzuki - who thinks politicians should be jailed for their climate change decisions. She has also encouraged her Twitter followers to visit a web page that says a TV station that hasn’t even begun broadcasting should be stopped.

Slaying the Unicorn (Part 1)

The campaign against 'Fox News North' threatens the intellectual freedom of all Canadians.

10-10 No Pressure Ad: If We Are Not Free to Disagree,...

The video in which people are summarily executed for questioning the need for emissions reduction is being denounced by prominent global warming activists. Organizations that have aligned themselves with the 10:10 Campaign - such as Sony, Oxford University, and UK local governments - also need to distance themselves from it.

Anti-Science Claim Is Devoid of Meaning

During the first half of this month, activist-scientist-blogger Joe Romm described other people as anti-science on 16 separate occasions. This is the equivalent of a toddler calling everyone from the babysitter to grandad a poopy head.