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Torture To Death: Christ’s Crux

Force & the Sword, Justified & Practiced by God, Is The Christian Mood Which Seduced Constantine, Because So Was His Calling
Patrice Ayme’: The angry, cruel, somewhat demented, child murdering, jealous, holocaust-prone god of Judaism-Christianism-Islamism justifies bloody despots. (So does Literal Islam, and even much...


Systems Of Moods Overwhelm Systems of Thought.MOODS MAKE UP THE GENETICS OF LOGIC:Are we born with “instincts” such as “care”, and the like? Or...

PAIN & PASSION For Balanced Mental Diet?

Pope Gets Down To Business
Today Christians celebrate the suffering of Christ (that’s what “passion” means; the word was more or less created for this, the suffering of Christ, in 12C...