August 22, 2019
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The Climate Caper

Written by a senior Australian scientist, The Climate Caper explores some of the reasons why official IPCC science has become so pervasive. For one thing, it's affiliated with huge government agencies employing large numbers of civil servant scientists.

Pachauri’s Pal the Worldwatch Institute

Before the IPCC was even founded, the Worldwatch Institute had already declared that global warming was caused by fossil fuels. Surely that makes the IPCC chairman's decision to fraternize with this activist organization a bit awkward.

Bill McKibben Says It’s Urgent

In the world inhabited by this environmental crusader, climate change is "a crisis that's breaking over our heads at this moment," ExxonMobil peddles petroleum the way drug dealers peddle heroin, we "have no choice" but to turn our backs on fossil fuels.

Is Everything Really Getting Worse?

David Suzuki says the planet is in "far worse shape" today than 50 years ago. But a growing library of exhaustively researched books claim the opposite.

Why I’m Giving ‘The Hockey Stick Illusion’ for Christmas

It's difficult to read Andrew Montford's Hockey Stick Illusion book and not conclude that something is terribly amiss - in the world of science, in scientific publishing, and within the bowels of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Talking Jesus: Obama vs. Bush

There’s an important article in the Politico , titled, “Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush.” President Barack Obama, says the article, has mentioned...

What I Saw at the Rotunda (Carrying the Torch for America,...

I was at the Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, June 3, for the dedication of the statue to President Ronald Reagan. I...

Denise Noe toots her own horn – and asks for your...

As regular readers of this blog know, I am severely disabled and, as a result, have never been able to support myself. My principal...

Why Men Earn More

What follows is a series of video segments from Dr. Warren Farrell's 2005 speech at the Cato Institute entitled "Why Men Earn More." I...

The Most Useful Books for Christmas

Marriage-absence is the greatest social and economic problem we face. We often think of this problem in terms of its effects: father-absence, child support...

Framing as Strawman Politics

Has George Lakoff ever met a conservative? Read any conservative books? Actually sat down and talked over conservativism with someone who actually holds it...

Stalinism Still Lives Among American “Liberals”