December 8, 2019
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Is Everything Really Getting Worse?

David Suzuki says the planet is in "far worse shape" today than 50 years ago. But a growing library of exhaustively researched books claim the opposite.

The Sad State of the Debate

How equipped are meteorologists to talk about climate change? Should only climatologists be believed? Why do we spend so much time trying to disqualify people - rather than addressing their ideas?

World War II Rationing – the ‘Hated Sacrifice’

Some people argue that energy rationing of the sort imposed during wartime is necessary to save the planet. But World War II rationing made life miserable for ordinary people. It also nourished the black market & organized crime.

Monkeys Could Do This

Al Gore said global warming caused Hurricane Katrina and that hurricanes were going to get worse. This gave insurance companies an excuse to jack premiums by tens of billions. How embarrassing that US hurricane damage has since fallen to less than half the historical average.

Opening Pandora’s Box: Classifying CO2 as a “Pollutant”

A few days before “Earth Day” (which happens to be the same day as Lenin’s Birthday), America’s ideological greens and reds received a present...

Global Warming: Has Anyone Noticed that it’s Over?

The end of civilization as we know it, is not at hand. Dire warnings on climate change issued by Al Gore, based on an...