Food nuttiness to be restrained by the Feds
Forty-eight-year-old Actress Sharon Stone, who's starring soon in

Read Caffeine Warning Labels Now!

CAFFEINE WARNING LABELS NOW! Some call the people behind the Washington-D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest busybodies, but I call them...

Salt is Okay for Health

Salt OK for health Salt gets a shake in a large study, reinforcing previous research which questions the value of a low salt diet - and suggests it migh...

The Incorrectness of Salt

THE INCORRECTNESS OF SALT Since our blood has about the same saltiness as seawater, the claim that our bodies cannot handle salt safely is absurd. We a...

Death by Coffee

Oh, well, gotta die of something. Might as well be a tall latte. COFFEE drinkers who have more than three cups a day could significantly increase their ch...
Bad marriages bad for your heart in more ways than one: