News stories citing and quoting a single individual (a self-described non-climate-scientist) make declarations about climate change and atomic weapons.
Are attempts to prevent climate change a colossal waste of money? An in-progress film makes that argument.
Politicians, having blindly parroted environmentalist rhetoric about green jobs, look increasingly foolish.
A UN survey of public priorities reveals some disturbing assumptions.
It isn't your imagination. You've been hearing that the world is "running out of time" for years.
What lessons will the rest of the world learn from Germany's renewable energy disaster?
If the IPCC was a scientific body, the science section of its upcoming report would be summarized by scientists and that would be the end of the matter. Instead, the science summary will be the battleground at a 4-day political gathering.
According to the vocal minority known as the World Wildlife Fund, governments shouldn't be placating vocal minorities.
When a single gray wolf crossed into California in late 2011, four environmental organizations took leave of their senses.
A new essay in the peer-reviewed literature searches for the secret formula by which to manipulate public opinion.
A free, shortish book defends - and celebrates - oil and coal.
29 people have submitted a statement regarding the Keystone Pipeline. Purely political opinions are being camouflaged as 'scientific judgment.'
The WWF thinks we should all "live in harmony with nature." Sounds great - except for the flies, wasps, venomous snakes, storms, and floods.
If a government minister thinks the media is paying too much attention to something, look closer.
 Obama diverted billions of dollars of taxpayer money towards private companies, such as battery makers (bankrupt “A123″), solar makers (bankrupt “Solyandra”, cost to The People, half a billion), or luxury car makers (Tesla; bankrupt Fisker). Result? NASA can find only $600,000...
Speaking of all that clean, green German energy.