The US head of the WWF, when invited to choose a film to "help guide the way we think about the future," selected the intellectually vapid Avatar.
Back in 1990, the head of the UN said our planet was ailing. Fast forward a quarter of a century, and a Worldwatch Institute press release issued today continues the 'planet in distress' meme.
An organization headed by a senior IPCC official (Working Group 3 Vice-Chair, Carlo Carraro) has ranked TERI, an organization headed by the IPCC's chairman, first in the world.
It's 2009 all over again - when people got hysterical prior to the last-chance-to-save-ourselves Copenhagen climate summit.
When the World Wildlife Fund began, it aspired merely to ensure the well-being of particular species of animals. It now imagines that life itself would vanish without it.
Once again, people described as "leading scientists" turn out to be economists, UN officials, and those with links to activist organizations.
Five years after they said they'd get right on it, more than one-quarter of UN organizations have done nothing about their carbon footprint.
Environmentalists think Australian states can't be trusted to make their own decisions. They want them overruled by bureaucrats thousands of miles away.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds sacrifices today's birds in the name of fighting tomorrow's climate change. Not only does it provide cover for the wind industry, it cashes its cheques.
Activists & journalists insist that Canada's climate policies have destroyed our international good name. But survey results released yesterday indicate - for the 3rd consecutive year - that we have "the world's best reputation."
CO2: NOT JUST HOT AIR ECONOMICS. Warning: The essay below demonstrates, from published official data, that NON LINEAR EFFECTS are now ACCELERATING the CO2 greenhouse. This is no theory, but data that I observe. This is the major tipping point experts feared....
Supplying electricity to a typical family for 12 hours requires the pedal power of 80 elite cyclists. The same amount of electricity can be purchased from the grid for under $5.
Why would a president who says he's protecting our children use such odious language?
Truth squads. Pushing "bitter pills" down other people's throat. Democracy's new enemies are green.
If oil and gas is a profoundly dynamic phenomenon, then so too must be environmental risk and conflicts over natural resources-and we are not getting the full picture from the mainstream media, according to Michael T. Klare, professor of...
If carbon dioxide is pollution, every human being is a perpetual pollution factory. Every toddler in their sandbox generates CO2 every minute of every day.