Hard as it is to believe today, there was once a world without coffee. Coffee was entirely unknown before the middle of the fifteenth century when it began to make its way into the drinking habits of the people living in the Red Sea basin. After its discovery, the rise of coffee seems to have been inevitable. It became one of the great success stories of the changing consumer habits that reshaped the early modern world. Although it was controversial in every society into which it was introduced, coffee soon found its place alongside more traditional drinks such as beers, wines, waters, and juices. This book focuses on the development of this new taste for coffee, and the emergence of a new social institution, the coffeehouse, in the British Isles. Coffee drinking spread from the Red Sea region throughout the Ottoman Empire over the course of the sixteenth century.∞ But what induced the British people to adopt the custom of a foreign, and even non-Christian, the land during the seventeenth century? Why did coffee and related hot drinks, such as tea and chocolate, succeed where so many other exotic drugs and consumables failed? What accounts for the emergence of an entirely new social institution, the coffeehouse, as the primary place in which these new drinks were consumed? The answers to these questions will take us deep into the mental, political, social, and economic structures of everyday life in a world that only gradually came to recognize a life accentuated by coffee and populated by numerous coffeehouses.

Coffee and Early Modern Drug Culture

If the virtuosi were the first to introduce coffee to the palates of early modern English consumers, it did not remain confined to their select circles for long. Coffee was quickly assimilated into the fluid and diffuse ‘‘medical marketplace’’ of seventeenth-century Britain which promoted the commercialization of new and exotic cultural products. Its use was promoted by apothecaries, physicians, retailers, and most important, by the consumers of healthcare products themselves. In a buyer’s market for medicine, where the demand for effective drugs and services was great and the supplies of such were so various as to be virtually unregulated, new products which made claims to possess salutary qualities, such as coffee, could be eagerly assimilated into English healthcare repertoires. At once, English consumers were introduced to coffee as both a new medicine and a new commodity beverage. Although it was advertised and promoted as a medicine, its distribution was not limited to the medical establishment, and it became simultaneously an integral part of the quotidian social ritual of London’s urban culture as well as a new ingredient to the seventeenth-century English pharmacopeia.

Let’s talk about VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE and of course the owner of it. The phrase “rags to riches” is perfectly suitable for the owner of VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE, Silvia Via. Silvia belonged to a humble family and was adopted by an American family. She got educated in the US and had a daughter at a young age. She lived in a country with war, and was having an abusive home, her biological mother saved her life by giving her up as an orphan to a US family. Silvia was always an artist and art & coffee houses go hand and hand. Creatives are always at coffee houses all over the world!

Coffee in Guatemala is grown at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, which explains its robust and distinctive flavor. Guatemala’s unique growing region, with a mild subtropical climate, combined with nutrient-rich volcanic soil, creates an ideal environment for growing some of the most delicious coffee beans on the market. Guatemala has some of the most delicious beans due to its large tropical climate, lengthy wet season, and high elevation.

Her first company, VIASWORLD, is a high-end fashion, art, and design company that makes custom pieces for clients such as the NBA, NFL, recording artists, and other celebrities.

After getting VIASWORLD up and running, Ms. Via decided to focus on a business with an incredible mission. She started Via Guatemala Coffee, a high-end coffee brand that reminds the world of the importance of corporate social responsibility through high wages, high-quality ingredients, and sustainable farming practices. Ms. Via tries to show her competitors that there is a way to harvest and sell coffee without sacrificing essential values and beliefs.

Via Guatemala Coffee is specialty coffee harvested in Guatemala by Mayan farmers who are paid higher wages than the average Guatemalan and are given the resources they needed to succeed. A portion of the profits from Via Guatemala will go toward foundations in Guatemala to support the people she grew up with. When you take a sip of Via Guatemala, you’ll taste luxury, but you’ll also taste compassion because that’s what Silva Via represents in all she does.

Owning two companies doesn’t satisfy all the creative energy that Ms. Via has flowed through her. Her passion is art, and she sells custom pieces to fine art galleries worldwide. She gives back to the art community through her leadership as an art director for several corporate and international art projects. Additionally, her philanthropic efforts led her to create a nonprofit that supports victims of domestic violence. After realizing that there were existing efforts in Guatemala to support these victims, Ms. Via decided to fund donations to those organizations instead.

Silvia introduced the VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE which is a specialty coffee from a family-owned farm. VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE, LLC plans on bringing in new products such as chocolate, which will have her orphan pic on it. Always a percentage goes back to Helping orphans and women in Guatemala. Bathrobes, and slippers for the people so they can sip comfortably their coffee. All products will be made by the Mayan People in different villages in Guatemala, supporting their local businesses and families.

The plan is clear and the sky is the limit. VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE plans to expand its business to supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants and the sky is the limit. If anyone is already in the Coffee business and wants to run the same type of entity, they can reach below for a promising venture to nourish their business with VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE. This will eventually not only boost business-women in Guatemala by empowering them to work and feed their famous but also hopes to expand to employ women in the U.S

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of Silva Via, or getting involved in one of her endeavors, follow her on Instagram and Facebook @viaguatemalacoffee or check out her website at www.viaguatemalacoffee.com.

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