What is an NFT?

If you aren’t sure about NFTs, let us break it down for you in layman terms. An NFT or non-fungible token is essentially a digital asset that embodies real-world objects like music, in-game collectibles, videos, and art.

Transactions pertaining to NFTs are frequently sold and bought online, primarily as part and parcel of cryptocurrency transactions. People tend to think of NFTs as an off-shoot of cryptocurrencies. However, NFTs are usually backed by the same underlying software and many other cryptocurrencies.

Unlocking the treasure with Montenegro Luxury Association

Montenegro Luxury Association is proud to announce the first-ever NFT project in Montenegro with a multitude of innovative ideas down the line. However, this isn’t your regular NFT project; it’s an NFT project with a flair.

Collaborating with around 70 artists from around the globe, ‘Treasure of Montenegro’ boasts 777 lucky and exquisite artworks that glorify the aesthetics of Montenegro as witnessed from a distinguished perspective. Plus, with an interactive team, established brand and utility, and a beautiful marketing strategy, Treasure of Montenegro is the next-gen NFT project.

In addition to that, the Treasure of Montenegro, by flaunting the beauteous grace of Montenegro, seamlessly promoted tourism in Montenegro, winning awards from the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro.

A legendary tale

Did you know that there’s a legend that enshrouds the mystical realms of Montenegro? There’s a treasure buried in the depths of the sea – a prize worth more than the most treasured jewels of Montenegro. As enticing the glory is, don’t let it ensnare the greater part of you – it’s captivating!

The crafters behind this enthralling beauty resided in different parts of the world. However, since the pirates caught them ages ago, the secret is safe and well-kept. We have the map; all you need to do is be willing enough to explore the greatness. Guarding the treasure are vehement pirates, but you possess the valor to beat them – all it takes is a token from Montenegro Luxury Association to discover the hidden treasures and set the virtuosos free!

Treasure of Montenegro’ is a concept of 777 art pieces, that represent the beauty of Montenegro – the most breathtaking views, places, and landscapes you’ve ever seen. Aside from that, what contributes to its uniqueness is the collaboration with 70 artists (photographers, travel bloggers, designers…) from all around the world – whose art represents the beauty of Montenegro from different points of view.

As a buyer, you are not just buying a beautiful photo with no utility – you are joining and becoming an exclusive member to the MLA community. Being a part of such a community brings many advantages: from personal assistance around travel organization, special discounts in many 5* hotels and restaurants, all the way to the development of new NFT projects which will add to the technological advances in the tourism market

To make you feel proud of this project, we have some cool facts sheet to share with you:

Get the legendary token now!

Are you ready to set the artists free and claim the treasure? Get a token from Montenegro Luxury Association now and get the remarkable chance to become a treasured member of our association! Our legends are copyright protect and are exclusively available to you!

NFTs are the future – make sure you adorn YOUR future with what destiny has in store for you!

Our exquisite NFT collection launches on 2nd February 2022 – mark your calendars!

Fulfill your destiny of becoming an outclass treasure-hunter – The future is now!

Find out more about the Treasure of Montenegro!

Here is the link to our Opensea where you can find the Collection):

Here we go the most accomplished community of Discord;


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