The 29-year-old CEO Faycal Hessas emerged 3rd out of 50 people for the most impactful creation, thanks to a 100% African project

December 16th, 2021 – F&Co Middle East is delighted to announce that it has received an award as the most creative company. The company’s CEO, Faycal Hessas, emerged 3rd from a long list of 50 people thanks to a 100% African project.

Through its humanitarian efforts in Africa, F&Co Middle East is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The digital marketing company has found the perfect balance between pursuing profit and maintaining a credible corporate social sense of responsibility. The marketing firm has chosen to deviate from the purely profit-driven lifestyle adopted by many of its competitors and is rather focusing on highlighting struggling communities in its region and helping them strive towards development.

The brain behind the entire affair is the 29-year-old Chief Executive Officer, Faycal Hessas, who is already creating an outstanding legacy that will immortalize the company for decades to come.

About F&Co Middle East

F&Co Media East is a digital marketing firm dedicated to empowering brands with the right tools to attract the necessary digital visibility they require to thrive. The company specializes in Marketing, Branding, and Digital Products.

“We are experts in making strategies, creative ideas, and making new techniques to help brands empower themselves and become unique in the professional domain. We at F&Co provide dynamic branding services currently providing best digital services in Sharjah-Emirates.”

The company was founded by the sheerly adept marketing pioneer, Faycal Hessas, who is strategically implementing his profound experience and exposure in digital marketing to help various brands and humanitarian organizations effectively communicate their services and missions to a global audience.

Faycal believes that finding the right marketing agency can open new vistas of success and mark new milestones for businesses that need help with creating a harmonious brand image.

For more information, please contact:

F & Co Middle East

UAE (Dubai)

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